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  1. NEG

    Doctor Who

    Best season since RTD left. I mean there's been plenty of good episodes and stories since, but I haven't looked forward to next week all the time like this since RTD. The companions are a big part of that. They're more interesting than the Doctor. Never go back to 1 companion again please.
  2. Try Hardcore mode and doing a Level 70 Greater Rift on Torment 13 difficulty and above. Balancing resistances and defenses becomes hella important.
  3. NEG

    Toy Story 4 - June 2019

    I'd rather they didn't make it, but I can't give any flaws to the teaser. Warms my cynical insides it does.
  4. Well it doesn't make sense to count PornTube as well.
  5. A contrast from Rllmuk from the rest of the internet: RetroWorkshop 18 minutes ago Superb. I’ve spent some time today rummaging through bins as I’ve lost my wedding ring. All I could think of was Mr T. Looking forward to episode 2. x86.c0axial 7 minutes ago c̾a̾n̾ n̾o̾t̾ w̾a̾i̾t̾ Count Drunkula 2 hours ago If I knew how to work my penis this would have me very aroused! Matthew Long 20 hours ago Nine downvotes?! Who on Earth could downvote DJ Trendy Peanut? Earl Baker 2 days ago Loving the work so far! ajokay 1 day ago Definitely watching this over the Antiques Roadshow this Sunday. Actually it was just an excuse to post that first one about the wedding ring bins. Excellent.
  6. NEG

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Yes yes and yes. The new difficulty modes are coming out this week to coincide with the PS4 release so it's the perfect time, really.
  7. NEG

    Neo Geo Mini

    Is this the first christmas themed console ever? I do love the look of it.
  8. Very good point on games journalists insulting the very consumers they should protect. Constantly. At very opportunity. Sterling being his usual lovely self (when he's not giving Yooka a terrible troll score, sob). Main thing I've already said in the thread: Fuck corporations. 'Devs need to eat' isn't the philosophy with making mobile rubbish for these corporations.
  9. I'd definitely prefer the Lost Footage style (random skits but gaming) over this gameshowy thing, but I also realize that constant Mr T-like segments might go down even worse to all whom aren't me.

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