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  1. To anyone that missed it, the NES Controllers are... Seriously?
  2. NEG

    Katamari Damacy

    Yes. It does.
  3. NEG

    Great Gaming Shortcuts.

    I stared at the tips N64 Magazine gave for hours, never managed the wall hop constantly enough alas, but it has always felt the pinnacle of shortcuts for me since. Unintended yet not outright breaking the game to achieve.
  4. NEG

    Nintendo Switch

    New trailer and friendly reminder:
  5. Too many to pick, just know my opinion is right, and yours is wrong. Halo is rubbish. Botw is a 7/10. Diddy Kong Racing is better than Kart 8. Shooters haven't been bettered from Goldeneye. Digitiser is the pinnacle of gaming journalism. S3&K is better then Mario 3 and World combined. Dark Souls is rubbish. Witcher is rubbish. Banjo-Kazooie beat Mario 64 in many ways. Wetrix should have sold millions. I could go on.
  6. NEG

    Neo Geo Mini

    Worth noting: the seperate controllers stick is no longer clicky like the originals Can notice from here: Probably still a lot more reliable than a lot of third party stuff (and a lot cheaper at £25), but disappointing nonetheless, could be crap for all that I can tell.
  7. NEG

    The Random WoW Thread

  8. NEG

    The Random WoW Thread

    ....Warfronts give loot every time you go in. 340 loot, that can of course titanforge. This has to be a mistake. Because it renders the whole game pointless.
  9. NEG

    The Random WoW Thread

    It'll also affect good dungeon runs at a guess, as people will be less patient with content that isn't as rewarding (mythic0 only going up to 355) leading to the hell that is 'tanks a bit slow let's pull everything for him and oh hey we can't even die without the tank now thanks to our 370 year lawl'. Person I partied with for the warfront got a 370 wargraive. Me? I was still rocking 325 blue weapons. The ease of epic access is also going to destroy the economy for enchants pretty damn fast. It's like the expansion being around for 3 weeks with proper gear progession flow was too much. They have no concept of gradual curve gameplay flow design now. Ps. I didn't hate the warfront, I like the idea that everyone can do their own thing to advance/help out, though if you can flat out not lose that certainly sucks. As far as a feature to excitedly log in for? They could tie the allure of loot to anything and it'll get the participation metric they desire. But Warfronts as a concept? Not bad. It's nice to see old zones utilized. I get the feeling if they had the tech/systems they have now during cataclysm, we'd still be able to switch to the old zones. Even without the flying, what Cata did is a lot worse than the current model.
  10. All of NEG's love (priceless) if given to him for the price of postage?
  11. NEG

    Nintendo Switch

    You didn't have a choice, nor did you have to PAY TO PLAY ONLINE AT ALL. The sub-par service of the last 15 years (Gamecube and up, and people who cared still did complain) compared to the competition was acceptable because IT WAS FREE. Issues have been reported since the day the Switch was released. Bendgate of 2017 and cracks on the top of the air vents in 2018. It has been covered over all major gaming sites.
  12. NEG

    Nintendo Switch

    No saves for Pokemon, a game millions of fans play for hundreds of hours years after release, makes the Online Service pointless to me. Online play won't improve, because this is Nintendo. 35 year old NES games that they won't allow us to buy/keep. And now no cloud saves across the board. For a device that already has design flaws from it's controllers to it's heating. Sony and Microsoft have been managing this for over ten years. This is no longer a case of Nintendo being slow but pure incompetence and sheer nerve to charge anything at all. Stick your €20 yearly fee up your arse, useless dipshits.

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