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  1. MatOfTheDead

    PS2 Appreciation Thread

    try it with open ps2 loader
  2. MatOfTheDead

    PS2 Appreciation Thread

    to add to the list of hidden gems i wanna say Shadow Of Rome and Taito Legends 1 and 2
  3. MatOfTheDead

    What are you playing Christmas Day?

    played some god of war this morning and a little strange brigade before dinner dipped into hitman 2 (which is bloody good) played a little fallout 76 (still on the fence about it) and now im playing a little shadow of the tomb raider
  4. MatOfTheDead

    Hitman 2 (2018)

    yeah you can delete the first game
  5. MatOfTheDead

    Christmassy feeling games and sharing experiences

    Definitely Christmas Nights into dreams for me introduced the missus to it this year and shes been playing it on and off all month
  6. MatOfTheDead

    Sega Saturn for Beginners

    not had anything saturn related for a while picked up Space hulk and last bronx last month off a mate but thats about it
  7. MatOfTheDead

    What are you playing Christmas Day?

    got hitman 2 and god of war waiting for me under the tree so probably those and maybe strange brigade
  8. MatOfTheDead

    Golf Games

    i always find myself going back to Tiger woods 2004 on original xbox
  9. MatOfTheDead

    Inside No.9

    even though i watched it on iplayer that was pretty bloody good just regret not watching it live
  10. MatOfTheDead

    Red Dead Redemption 2 - Single Player, NO SPOILERS thread

    my shopto order just landed on the doormat
  11. MatOfTheDead

    N64 Appreciation Thread

    I might have to look into a ntsc console then thanks
  12. MatOfTheDead

    N64 Appreciation Thread

    only wanna play a few import games ill keep an eye out for one thanks mate
  13. MatOfTheDead

    N64 Appreciation Thread

    how hard is it to play Import Carts on a uk N64
  14. Cex the thread???? but seriously my local cex is a bugger for this stuff like mega drive carts in the windows and ps1 games
  15. MatOfTheDead

    N64 Appreciation Thread

    Great Console but only really Play F Zero And WWF No Mercy on mine
  16. MatOfTheDead

    Retro PC Appreciation Thread

    i had one of those for my old Athlon XP machine lovely monitor
  17. i dunno mate might be worth a look
  18. yeah ive been trying to find one local but not had much luck so far
  19. been after a pvm for a while just to tinker wtih
  20. now bear in mind this is for my tv and might be a little bit out for yours but its useful as a rough guide for Ps1 and PS2 Sony Trinitron KV-14m1u these are the service menu setting for 50hz Ver. Size 38 Ver. Breath 00 Pin Ampl 00 Par Tilt 00 V. Linear 00 Corn Corr 00 Vcen or EW 00 V. Position 35 H. Centre 30 Blue HWB 11 Green HWB 18 Red HWB 29 B&W Delay 00 60hz Ver. Size 30
  21. tidy little set that if you need some settings for the service menu etc lemme know as ive got a text file with the settings i use for my KV-14m1u
  22. MatOfTheDead

    Currently playing...

    Fire Pro G on PS1 been revisiting some of the older fire pros in preperation for World at the end of next month
  23. MatOfTheDead

    Let's Play: Persona (1996)

    finally got a PS1 sorted to play this is there any differences between the Japanese and Us Versions i should be aware of
  24. MatOfTheDead

    Far Cry 5

    How is the pacing compared to Far Cry 4 i found FC4 really dragged on mid game and i got bored easily

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