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  1. i expected a film focused on zilla and the other monsters beating the shit out of each other and thats what i got
  2. i think they are past little ad snippets all put together cool stuff though done by the guy who did the sprites for the scott pilgrim game
  3. Pacific Rim And Aquaman are must haves
  4. the showing i went to was pretty quiet although there was a standing ovation for the credits
  5. to add to the list of hidden gems i wanna say Shadow Of Rome and Taito Legends 1 and 2
  6. played some god of war this morning and a little strange brigade before dinner dipped into hitman 2 (which is bloody good) played a little fallout 76 (still on the fence about it) and now im playing a little shadow of the tomb raider
  7. Definitely Christmas Nights into dreams for me introduced the missus to it this year and shes been playing it on and off all month
  8. not had anything saturn related for a while picked up Space hulk and last bronx last month off a mate but thats about it
  9. got hitman 2 and god of war waiting for me under the tree so probably those and maybe strange brigade
  10. i always find myself going back to Tiger woods 2004 on original xbox
  11. even though i watched it on iplayer that was pretty bloody good just regret not watching it live
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