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  1. MatOfTheDead

    Retro Revival 2018 - Tickets on Sale

    im gonna be there Saturday
  2. MatOfTheDead

    Friday the 13th - Te-te-te-ah-ah

    single player is coming soon
  3. MatOfTheDead

    Cheap PS2 Memory Cards (eBay)

    they are 2 for a fiver at Thats Entertainment if theres one near you well they was when i went last in a few weeks back
  4. MatOfTheDead

    Cheap PS2 Memory Cards (eBay)

    ive got one of the 64mb memory cards seems okay but i wouldnt rely on it as a main memory card just use it as a temp go between and pick up some cheap official cards when they pop up in cex etc
  5. MatOfTheDead

    Ghost'sn'Goblins Amstrad128 port

    thats pretty impressive
  6. i realized my error after reading through the guide again was going from memory of when i last owned a wii thought it was a choose and download type affair
  7. any reason why nothing shows up when i boot the homebrew channel just some bubbles
  8. MatOfTheDead

    How to get the best out of my CRT

    ahh nice one saves me having to buy cables with photo cables for my saturn and gamecube
  9. MatOfTheDead

    How to get the best out of my CRT

    would those phono ports let me output from the switch to a amp?
  10. MatOfTheDead

    How to get the best out of my CRT

    charity shops are worth a look too i grabbed a decent manual one from a local charity shop last year that i use on my smaller tv but yeah maplins should do the trick
  11. MatOfTheDead

    GAF Meltdown - owner accused

    just says down for scheduled maintenance still
  12. MatOfTheDead

    South Park: The Fractured But Whole

    no the xb1 version is the xbox one edition of stick of truth the leaflet inside is confusing says play on xbox one and 360 but it downloads a xbone version
  13. MatOfTheDead


    so the double down has hit the uk. anyone tried one yet i grabbed one this morning really enjoyed it
  14. MatOfTheDead

    SNES Mini

    Super Fire Pro Wrestling X premium works but the sound has issues is this because its not a US rom
  15. MatOfTheDead

    SNES Mini

    mine got delayed till monday for some reason gonna email them tomorrow see whats going on

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