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  1. I'm very tempted to pick up a Series S, as I'm not getting a 4k TV any time soon, so I'm not too fussed about the smaller graphics card. But I had no idea about FS being on it as well, which makes it even more tempting.
  2. It's really dirty for Nintendo to drop Kirby on the same day that Rivals of Aether came out. They've been working really hard to get that game over to the switch, and to have Nintendo release another platform fighter on the same day? Man, that must really sting.
  3. Are a load of us still on dreanor? Currently guildless and was wondering if we had any plans to do stuff in Shadowlands?
  4. Are a load of us still on dreanor? Currently guildless and was wondering if we had any plans to do stuff in Shadowlands?
  5. Are a load of us still on dreanor? Currently guildless and was wondering if we had any plans to do stuff in Shadowlands?
  6. I've just moved south of Elgin, in Aberlour. This place is absolutely stunning.
  7. Just want to say thank you to the advice I got earlier in this thread, I was going to reply earlier but I've been in the middle of a house move to the highlands. Will be joining you PC buddies once I've got my first paycheque from my new work!
  8. We're just about to move house as the missus has finished her vet degree and got her first job as a vet. In the car yesterday, she ordered me to actually get myself a decent PC for once. So, I've got a budget of £2k (No monitor needed) with the following two caveats: It has to be "funky/pretty" It has to be orange (or has LEDs that can be switched to orange). This is vitally important, I'm sure you'll all understand. As I've never dealt with LED wizardry before, I'm just going to go for a pre-build. So finally I get to the point of this post. What's the best UK site for t
  9. How many pages has this gone on for today? I'm finding this argument to be completely disengenous to the point of near fanboy-baiting.
  10. How is this "complicated" at all. It's there, right at the top: That's all the average user needs to look at, and if they're buying a game digitally, then they'll only be shown products that are compatible with their system. The public are used to buying the "iPad", which has been a different product on a yearly basis with EXACTLY the same name. There's no issue, there will be a marketing campign that will show an oblisk with xbox branding, and that will be enough information for your average consumer to go into a store and buy the right product. Most people will just call it "The new xbo
  11. I previously linked a fextralife review as being the review that was closest to my opinions on the game. I'm now going to change that to this: As this is pretty much 1 for 1 with my own opinions. (Although I'd still argue it's too graphical with its violence, and the casual pacing of the first 10-ish hours is almost to the point of tedium)
  12. I've got so many issues with this game, that honestly, I don't know where to start. And looking at the replies in the main thread, I really don't have the will or energy to fight for my opinions, as I just don't think this product is worth that effort. In short: But looking at the vast majority of the posts in the other thread, I feel like I've been experiencing a completely different game to everyone else. I've read a lot of reviews from all over the spectrum over the past day, and this one is the one that is very close to my own opinion https://fextralife.com/t
  13. Hyper violence to the point of titillation.
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