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  1. I've set up the basics of this following the first post and with a few selected games and all seems to be going quite well - so thanks for putting this together! When it comes to emulating the Amiga is there a best way? Or is it easier to stick with the default emulators? Also when emulating things like the Amiga, Amstrad, Spectrum - is it best to use a USB keyboard rather than joystick/pad? or depends on the game?
  2. Inept Pig

    Vegetarian / Vegan recipes

    A year and a bit later and I finally got around to trying this - the picture of the Guardian website doesn't make it look very appealing (can Nut Roasts ever look appealing?) and with the amount of Stilton the recipe calls for I can't imagine that it's too healthy calorie wise, but as you said - it's really, really nice.
  3. Thanks again - I actually had one of those Competition Pros! Although for the life of me I do not know where it ended up. Makes sense to stick with the 360 pads as I already have them, and then maybe look into getting something like the arcade stick if I actually use the retropie more than once a year... Are the Mayflash sticks any good?
  4. Fair enough, may still keep an eye out for a stick though - just for old times sake - I have a few 360 wireless pads and a dongle for these that I use on the PC; any good for this?
  5. Thanks - I saw those, thought they were great, but was going to look around and see if there were similar joysticks (as opposed to pads) that exist. Most of my retro gaming was done on a variety of joysticks; the pinnacle of which was the Zipstick Pro (however, that would lack sufficient buttons to emulate a lot of games outside of Amiga/Amstrad territory) - I recall that SEGA did an stick for the Mega Drive that combined all the buttons and a stick (instead of pad), true, it was a bit clunky, but to have the option would be nice - imagine that there's going to be something similar for anyone playing older fighting games? Or does everyone just use pads?
  6. Hurrah! I am a bitter old cynic and will look forward to getting the kit for this for Christmas. Now just to find a decent joystick...
  7. I have been tempted buy this as a cheap and cheerful way to play retro games, but... it's going to look rubbish on a big screen isn't it? What was once a technical marvel on the PS on my small CRT will not translate well to a much larger screen... However, that said, how well does it cope with couch co-op games? Is it fine with multiple controllers? Could I play older versions of Mario Kart without much issue? I am also slightly concerned that I'll go through the effort of setting it all up and then just add it to the things gathering dust under my TV (such as SteamLink) Sorry if this has been covered in the numerous pages previously...
  8. Inept Pig

    The Greatest Games Systems Of All Time

    I've not got ten, can I still contribute? In my defence for lack of diversity, I went from Amstrad 464 to 6128, and then Amiga 500 to 1200 (to 1200 with a hard drive...) - fiercely brand loyal (although not really, more about wanting to keep hold of amassed game collections, SWOS was never better than on the Amiga, and the sheer number of Amstrad tapes I had (even if rarely played) was something that I couldn't let go until the bitter end). 1. Commodore Amiga (10) - never replicated fully, emulators don't do it justice, fond memories of the games of Team 17, Sensible Software, Bitmap Brothers, Gremlin, Psygnosis, Infogrammes, Bullfrog... (and the excellent box art! and instruction manuals!) - plus an excellent demo and public domain scene, also tied in nicely with my mid-teens and having more free time. Black and yellow zipsticks are king. Too many titles to mention, would be updating this post endlessly with titles that I recalled throughout the day and get nothing else done. The graphics/art style/music all still hold fond memories for me. 2. PC (9) - as it has been for the past few years, massive online libraries of titles available, good abilities to replicate older DOS titles, diverse selection of mods... free online play and although that is now limited for me because I have family commitments, some of my fondest online memories came from BF1942/Desert Combat, maybe it was just luck, but the randoms in online games seemed much nicer back then. 3. Xbox 360 (8) - I thought the introduction of achievements was fantastic (a way to prove all those playground boasts of years gone by), the ability to play SWOS and Gauntlet online with friends? Amazing! The cheaper titles (either retro or indie) that harked back to the Amiga days (for me) were great too - loved Geometry Wars more than some of the full priced games I bought. However, some excellent full price titles Red Dead Redemption, Modern Warfare, Assassins Creed 2, Bioshock and Gears of War (although I only ever played that co-op with my wife, so my memories are probably tainted a bit by that) 4. Amstrad CPC (7) - as my first introduction into games it's bound to hold a high place, hard to pick a few games when I loved so many, introduced me quite young to the basics of coding. The coloured keyboard of the 464 was lovely, but the 6128 and it's disk drive were obviously the better. The joy of watching a loading screen develop a line at a time, the pain of a Read Error appearing so close to when the game was about to finish loading. Notable mention to The Scout Steps Out which had lovely theme music, but a game that I cannot recall ever getting that far beyond that. Also had a Konix Navigator with this for a while, but it rubbed away the delicate skin on my thumb quite spectacularly, not recommended... 5. PsOne (6) - from the Amiga to this was a massive leap - first titles that come to mind are G-Police, Colony Wars, Ace Combat, Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Legacy of Kain; plus endless two player late nights on the likes of Micro Machines, various football titles with ISS being king, various fighters with Bushido Blade being my personal fave. So many titles, so many hours spent, and one console that lived through all of this without a single RROD. 6. PS3 (5) - probably unfair for it be so far down this list, but came to it late and only really used it for the odd title - of which though The Last of Us was outstanding, were I younger I am sure that it would/could have beaten the PsOne, but as it came during a time when I had limited time to spare it meant that I only experienced solo games and as I had the 360 it meant that I only played used it for PS3 exclusive titles. 7. Mega Drive (4) 8. SNES (3) 9. N64 (2) - amazed when Mario first loaded up, too much time spent on GoldenEye, just not enough games to make it quite as exciting as the others.
  9. Inept Pig

    Retro Hardware Projects

    Has anyone got personal experience with Arcade World? I've always thought about setting up my own cabinet, but to see them being sold as a flatpack is almost too good a deal to resist (although a four player flatpack, that would be the ideal...) - thought it would be worth a quick check before I spend too long adding various parts to my Christmas list...
  10. Inept Pig

    Vegetarian / Vegan recipes

    Thanks for the suggestions (the Goodfood link doesn't work, but they do seem to have a wide variety of things to try on the site) - will give some of these a try over the coming days.
  11. Inept Pig

    Vegetarian / Vegan recipes

    Does anyone have recommendations for recipes/cookbooks for when one person loves meat, and the other is going off it? Bit of a weird one I guess, but over the past months I've gone off the idea of eating meat and my other half is not quite in the same place (fair enough, each to their own) - I'm not smitten with the idea of meat substitutes and would prefer to try alternative meal ideas. Any suggestions greatly welcomed!
  12. Inept Pig

    First Game You Can Remember Playing

    Either Way of the Exploding Fist or Harrier Attack on the Amstrad CPC 464 - probably around 1986ish? From roughly the same period I recall The Scout Steps Out, but that's perhaps more to do with the music than actual gameplay...
  13. Inept Pig

    Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    Thanks fo those - x20 or rx100 look like a potential; also wondered about Panasonic TZ40 (or similar) given that it boasted touch screen (they've been using an iPad for photos recently, so should be able to manage that) and had a reasonable looking screen on the back. I think I'll have to find a local camera store to see which is most easy to use and idiot proof though as the reviews don't seem to cover if my parents would be able to use it...
  14. Inept Pig

    Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    Hi all, I'm after a reasonably priced (let's say £350 tops) digital camera for my folks to use; is there any stand out recommendations for cameras that are easy to use but still deliver a good quality of picture? They're currently using an iPad for their photography, which is fine up close and in ideal light, but not for much else. I doubt they'd spend the time learning the intricacies of any new tech; so something straighforward and easy to make zoom/shooting mode adjustments would be great - also bonus points for anything that's clearly marked so that they don't spend too long squinting at it whilst figuring out how to turn it on/take a picture/zoom. Cheers

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