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  1. Really good. Had picked up on some of the themes in and around Robert Evans' podcast (the Black Panthers bit). Johnson's and Nixon's presidencies were toxic as fuck. It's both inspiring and equally sad that America's admirable culture of civil disobedience seems so at risk now.
  2. My wife and I couldn't make it through the first episode of world beyond. It was just dreadful.
  3. Bucky

    Nintendo Switch

    My Switch (a launch edition) is having a nightmare. The charger no longer works, I have two pairs of Joy-Cons all with drift and the cartridge slot has stopped recognising certain games (they work in my Switch Lite). Looks like I'm going to have to ship the entire lot back to Nintendo this week. Boooo.
  4. Bucky

    Nintendo Switch

    Has anyone has any long-term issues with the Hori Split Pad Pro? Aside from issues with Labo or Ring Fit, has anyone had any comparability issues. Obviously with Switch Lite out, all games should support this type of controller. I'm just sick of sending back Joy-Cons to Nintendo. I think I've had something like returns across 2 different pairs. I know Nintendo haven't commented on this issue, but are newer Joy-Cons still crapping out with drift? Touch wood, I've had no issues with my Lite, but my kids are getting bummed out that controllers need to keep on being s
  5. Starship Troopers 4/5 It's an odd fish isn't it? I think it's politics are incredibly prescient in ways that I've not appreciated even when I started reading it as a movie that was about more than just space Nazis. In some ways it actually super progressive isn't it? The soldiers are women, Sky Marshal Tehat Meru (who leads the successful invasion) is a lady Sky Marshal and the Captain of the spaceship is female. It's obviously also critical of American news media (it never tells us more). I can't tell if Verhoeven is in love with Denise Ri
  6. I've clocked it. I think it's super good for all the reasons previously stated but I've found it almost impossible to clear without the gun weapon. The others just end up in too much damage being taken. I can clear the first two worlds without taking a hit with the gun. At one point I thought it works eclipse Deadcells, but not quite for me. I'm really hankering to get back to that. It's a 100% lock for my number 2 GotY behind TLOU 2.
  7. Fucking hell. I think we had like 30% possession against Liverpool. 9 points from 3 games. It may say something about the past few years, but every step towards survival is the only perspective I have on this.
  8. Sorry. On the Switch when I press the "-" option, I'm shown icons of my Boons. By selecting one, a small round icon appears and these boons appear to the right of where they were, selected. It's almost like I keep having to activate them between rooms.
  9. QQ - it appears as if I need to keep selecting certain boons once obtained. Can anyone explain why this is? I'm playing on a Switch Lite and the text is super small.
  10. I like sexy karate lady with two guns and a garter belt. I may as well consign myself to the (horrible) history books right now. Conversely, I also think the new "00" looks cool as a cucumber. Maybe there's hope for me. Nah. I'm in my mid-40s. I'm the monster now.
  11. He had such poise and quiet strength on screen. My kids are going to be really upset.
  12. I'm rather fond of The Guardians of the Galaxy movies and I should probably be more positive but that looks shit. The cast is overwhelming (by design I guess) but aggregated over the movie it"ll turn out that we get less than five minutes with each character. The designs are horrible. Eugh. I do super love Guardians though. So fingers crossed.
  13. Another endorsement for this! It's just a perfect very little game.
  14. Two thumbs up for A Short Hike. It's so lovely and light. It looks beautiful as well at times. It's super short but it looks like there are lots of things to uncover and explore.
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