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  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Bosch is really magnificently shit but intensely watchable bilge. Great stuff.
  2. Eyepatch McAccent Face shark jumped. Edit: also, why is Deanna Troi an evil Borg butcher?
  3. Sounds like Affleck was going full on Dark Knight.
  4. 1917 It all had an odd dream like quality to it. Maybe it's because all of it felt so observed and shot in the first prison. Maybe because of the time compression (you could imagine fade to blacks in certain scenes like the truck or floating on the river). Roger Deakins deserved the cinematography Oscar. The night scenes were beautiful and ethereal. 4/5.
  5. I know someone who genuinely, credibly, points to the Karate Kid as the film that saved his life during a highly traumatic and chaotic childhood.
  6. Maybe she just needed to be relocated so she should grow space vape. Which was probably illegal. Maybe the space magic rules we learned from a TV show spin off of a TV show spin of an original TV show changed.
  7. Saw this on a flight. It was brilliant with some really nuanced performances in there. Waititi's Hitler becoming darker and more malign as JoJo's innocence is stripped away is actually very fine work.
  8. I loved Quantum Leap as a kid but for a science fiction show it got a bit mainstream, Highway to Heaven, preachy at moments. At one point the producers were definitely trying to Jesus me up and I knew it even then.
  9. Robocop Is ace. But it's too violent for 12 year old me. It's too violent for 44 year old me.
  10. I think the first two are magical. Hit both my brother and I at the perfect age (dunno, 12ish) where they were violent and adult enough for a thrill, but nothing too dreadful (RoboCop, I'm looking at you). We both agree we feel sad thinking watching them now because Mel Gibson has turned it a big racist dick and it really eats into the perception you have of their friendship (which really is the heart of them). What a bum head.
  11. Almost everything about Goldeneye is broken; the sexual politics of Bond fighting for a kiss, the shitty computers, Xenia"s sexy moaning whenever she inflicts violence or has violence inflicted upon her. That dreadful music during the initial car chase sequence. Even the Broz's shitty massive blazer was crap. I mentioned this in the rate the last film you saw thread, it's still Goldeneye but boy does it stink out the joint these days.
  12. I fly more than I should and I was gagging for something, anything, to pass the time with and even in this mindset, I landed just about here. There were moments that were interesting, the initial setup one fire escape, the shoot out at the end, but the villains they dredged up out of a horror story (yeah, I guess that's the point) and the long periods of dialogue with unsympathetic characters didn't help. I guess you need to be looking for something specific. I "liked" Bone Tomahawk for what it's worth but like that, I'd definitely not be in a rush to see it again. Ever.
  13. Amazing Grace. The audio recording is superlative. The rough, handheld footage allows us to intrude on moments of beauty as the audience and the choir are taken from moments of openly weeping at the unshielded beauty of Aretha's voice, to moments of spontaneous exultation propelled by the same instrument. And then Franklin really opens those pipes. At moments even her conductor and piano player, James Cleavland, is brought to tears incapable of playing. Awestuck. Destroyed. Only seconds later to rally his choir who are close to rapture to bring them back to harmonies. It's beautiful. So beautiful. 5/5 openly weeping middled aged men out of 5.
  14. That was great. Stewart can convey such warmth and kindness so readily. There was a bit of that Borg speech steel in him from First Contact as well. Isa Briones was great as well.
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