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  1. Please allow me to quickly interject. Knowing you have a partner tears the fabric of my forum fantasy in which you are optimally asexual. Forgive me, I’m thoroughly enjoying your posts these days, they’re increasingly harmonising with my cerebral and neural-esque circuitry, even confounding it in some instances, leading to humour and so forth.
  2. Pumping my fist at the screen at 4am chanting Smoothy! Smoothy!
  3. Boy did we hound the original thread’s guy off the forum with spectacular entitlement. Most of us aren’t the primary target audience anymore. This will probably be all tiktok and shit. We’re too old and should just die already before we suffocate any more people.
  4. An editorial csf leak. Despite repeatedly buying these yet barely touching the main quests I still get excited by news of new gtas for the spectacle.
  5. Even on this dreary day, the vibes here are exceptional. The facades of Miyamoto, Liam Gallagher and Barney the Dinosaur are transposed onto mine, tremulously shimmering like a deepfake as I survey these lists and images. Another belter by the gaming barbarian Wiper and esteemed contributors, thank you.
  6. Meat

    Oculus Quest

    Anyone know if we can use these now without a real fb profile? Reddit posts seemed to suggest people were doing this but can’t find a confirmation.
  7. The precariousness of loading. They say nothing worth having comes easy. A game used to be well earned, not only financially (?£60+ in today’s money), but it needed time and graft to run, from the program commands to the implementation of a vibration-free zone while the tape loads. And even after all that, it wasn’t guaranteed. Getting to the start screen was a victory itself, often surpassing the range of emotions the actual game evoked.
  8. Declare that one null and void pieces of shit!
  9. Can a mod please merge this thread with Triple A’s original one? I spot you @redbloodcel @Baring @velma !
  10. Forgive me my dude, I did a title search but didn’t find this, mods can you please merge? I’ll delete it regardless. @squirtle @bradigor
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