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  1. Dukesy

    Nintendo Switch

    To everyone who recommended the Satisfy Switch Grip, thanks. The wife got me one for Christmas and it’s brilliant. Haven’t had chance to have a long session on it but even with limited play time, I’m impressed.
  2. I used to have this and it often led to gaming decision paralysis where I either didn't play anything because the choice was too much to deal with OR I'd have a couple of game on the go and I'd try and split my time between them. All this led to not enjoying games very much and almost never completing anything. These days I only really play 1 game at a time and I try and stick to only owning one physical game at a time, I'll play through something and then sell/trade it and move on to the next. If I'm playing something I'm not enjoying, I get rid and move on. I also delay listening to gaming podcasts by a few weeks, it means I don't get into the Day 1 need of things, makes games cheaper and more reliable (Day 1/ week 1 patching) and lets me still enjoy being part of the conversation while I'm playing through a game.
  3. Dukesy

    Nintendo Switch

    Noooooo bought Steam World Dig 2 last night at full price. Balls!
  4. Dukesy

    Xbox One X

    I got in straight after that launch live stream.
  5. Dukesy

    Xbox One X

    Sorry to do this Amazoners but mine has arrived from Shopto and I can't even play with it until Christmas Day as it's a present from the wife. I feel awful....
  6. Arrived from Simply Games. What a weekend ahead.
  7. Dukesy

    NFL 2017

    I'm headed to San Francisco in September on Honeymoon and managed to score some tickets for 49ers V Rams at Levi Stadium. I can't bloody wait. Really wish it was the 2011/2012 49ers team but I'll take it.
  8. Same happened to me yesterday when I wen't get Horizon Zero Dawn. I was trading in Forza Horizon 3 and asked for a price match to be told it's ended. CEX price was £21, Game prince was actually £24.
  9. Amazed at how much I remember. Spectrum - Colin the Cleaner. Had a tonne of games on a tape pack but this is the only one I remember. NES - SMB and Double Dragon GB - Tetris and Super Mario Land Game Gear - Columns and Batman Forever SNES - Super Mario World and Mario Kart Gameboy Colour - Tetris DX and Turok 2 Playstation - Destruction Derby and Fifa 94 Saturn - Athlete Kings and World Star Soccer N64 - Mario 64 and Waverace Dreamcast - Sonic Adventure and Sega Rally Championship Playstation 2 - Ridge Racer V and SSX Gameboy Advance - F-Zero, Tony Hawk 2 and Super Mario Advance Gamecube - Luigi's Mansion, Rogue Leader and Monkey Ball Xbox - Halo, PGR, Rallisport Challenge and JSRF Xbox 360 - PGR3, Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo Nintendo DS - Mario 64, Warioware Touched and the Metroid Prime Hunters Demo Playstation 3 - Motorstorm, Resistance and Ridge Racer 7 PSP - Everybodys Golf, Lumines, Wipeout and Ridge Racer Wii - WiiSports, WiiPlay and Twilight Princess 3DS - Tom Clancy Ghost Recon : Shadow Wars, Ridge Racer 3D and Pilot Wings WiiU - ZombieU, New super Mario and Nintendoland VITA - Everybodys Golf and Uncharted Xbox One - Forza 5, Dead Rising 3 and Ryse Playstation 4 - Killzone Shadow Fall, Battlefield 4 and Assassins Creed 4 Good Lord, I've spent a lot on this hobby. Bring on the Switch
  10. I finished over the easter weekend. I'd had both the Wii and GC versions but didn't complete either. Took about 45 hours in total, god knows how long it would take if you wanted to collect everything.
  11. I'd love a preview invite as well if possible. Gamer tag: Dukesy
  12. Dukesy

    Nintendo 3DS

    I need help. I still can't decide between New 3DS and the New 3DS XL. I've currently got an XL and I like it but I prefer the styling of the New 3DS. Is there anyone on here thats made the switch from XL and can speak on how comfortable it is to use?
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