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  1. RDR 2 is perhaps too obvious for me. My most anticipated game of the last 10 years and it was....ok. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is a recent one for me. They upped the difficulty around 300% from the last 2 games. No idea why, but the game simply isn't good enough to spend hours upon hours grinding on.
  2. Here's my thoughts after 2 weeks of use..... I didn't know I even wanted a switch lite. I only bought one as it was the limited edition Pokemon one and I have all the other limited edition switches. Turns out, it's an utterly amazing machine. My switch use has increased maybe 200-300% since buying it. It's now my console of choice rather than the Nintendo console that I sometimes play in Starbucks. It feels so natural to hold in the hand, like an extension of your hands. It's perfectly balanced and an utter revelation after the always uncomfortable to hold 3ds. I haven't used any of my other switches since I bought this. I am picking up Witcher 3 for it today and if Fallen Order was on it as well I think the only reason I would have to own a ps4 would be Death Stranding Utter perfection and probably the greatest handheld console of all time.
  3. sandman

    Google Stadia

    One of the most amazing things is seeing how many forumites have pre-ordered one. Its look liked absolute dog shit to me from the beginning and I bought an Ngage. Twice!
  4. Loving this, an interesting mixup of Uncharted, God of war, the Force Unleashed and Banjo Kazooie. Not an original idea in sight, but it’s very nice to be playing a good SW game at last
  5. Well, this is fucking lovely so far. I'm not hardcore so maybe I don't get why this is shit? Fuck those haters - if you are after a fun game then get this!
  6. Whats dexit? is this game any good or not?
  7. The review embargo is worrying me a bit - why so close to release?
  8. If I were 12 I would think that was an amazing trailer As it is, I’m just too old for it.
  9. sandman

    Nintendo Switch

    To my old eyes it looks better than the original
  10. I'm finding the family stuff incredibly boring
  11. sandman

    Nintendo Switch

    Yep, got mine Saturday
  12. Wait a minute, is this supposed to be a hard game like that Sekiro thing? christ, I was so looking forward to a decent SW game, but don't want anything taxing. oh well. Another 15 years to wait then.......
  13. sandman

    Nintendo Switch

    I'm seriously impressed with the lite. The original switch now feels clunky and heavy in comparison. The lite just feels lovely to hold and it's incredibly ergonomic.
  14. sandman

    Xbox Game Pass

    Yep, classical all the way for me
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