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  1. First half of this is completely right second half is completely wrong
  2. Season 3 might just be one of my favourite tv seasons of all time Never seen another show rise so spectacularly from the ashes before. If season 2 was fifty shades of grey then season 3 is lord of the rings
  3. Kill bill 1/2 followed by my super ex girlfriend awesome double bill of the lovely Uma
  4. Sounds right up my street! subscribed
  5. I loved Starchaser as a teenager. Even saw it in 3D at the cinema! Shame they buggered up the blu Ray. American Tail 2 is an under appreciated gem of a film. Miles better than the first one.
  6. If she was in captain marvel then she made zero impression on me. She looks plain wrong. Why the fuck not just go with Harris? Great actor, attractive and already in the damn movies
  7. So far, season 3 is approximately 1 billion times better than season 2. But Dustin has go to to, Christ he’s annoying in every scene he’s in
  8. Fantastic actor. But he looked ancient in Firefox. He must have lived to a grand old age
  9. I was convinced it was "an ejector seat, you must be joking" and used to quote it endlessly. turns out I was wrong, its "an ejector seat, you're joking"
  10. Wait a minute, The Orville is actually good? i had written it of as a ST parody (I'm not a fan of parodies at all). Is that not the case then? Oh, I fucking hate Burnham. She can fuck off and die. What a detestable character
  11. I rewatched the 2016 one the other day. It's half a great reimagining and half an awful ad lib "comedy" What an odd, if interesting film. I did hate the Hemsworth character though, I just wanted to punch him the whole time he was on screen
  12. Am I the only one who really likes Brodericks performance in the original?
  13. How about The Underground Railway? £1.99 on deal of the day. Any good?
  14. So, I had avoided watching this due to its poor reception, but needed a third film to go with my Jackman triple bill and decided on this. I loved it! Just a fantastic film apart from some silly plot bits. I loved all the performances and felt each one fitted its part well. I loved Chappie, from the performance to his personality. I was fully invested in his story and the journey he takes. 8/10
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