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  1. Not a fan of super hard games anymore (if I ever was). Give me a nice bit of Spider-Man or Far Cry New Dawn any day. Games I can play that are just challenging enough.
  2. sandman

    Far Cry New Dawn

    How do you get the dog?
  3. Yeah, I've said to all few people "did you notice the de ageing CGI" and the response has been "he looks like he normally does" from everybody
  4. sandman

    Just Cause 4 - After Rain Comes Explosions

    As an alternative opinion - I'm loving it! i didn't get on with JC3 at all, just kept dying all the time and the mission objectives were often unclear. I am finding this a real return to form and have put 10 hours in in the last 48 (can't recall the last time I did that)
  5. I loved this apart from a pretty dull opening 20 minutes and some poorly shot action. Perfect casting and production design. Great pacing and plot, you know a film is good when I can resist going to the loo. Annette Benning is getting old! When Carol let rip my jaw dropped. Really nailed her powers. Never heard of the directors before. Is this their first movie? I felt the influence of T2, the X Files and (!!) Phantom Menance.
  6. sandman

    Kindle shop Recommendations

    I was just coming to post that! NOS 4R2 is great so far. (I didn't get on with The Fireman at all)
  7. sandman

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    Battle for Los Angeles is utterly without merit. Perhaps even worse is Monsters Dark Continent which i found offensive Skyline isnt much better. But for for well regarded films it's certainly Gravity for me. Just bollocks with a weird looking Sandra Bullock. a few years ago I would have said Highlander 2, but I rewatched it recently and the ending is actually pretty decent. and Heat is a masterpiece. Inception is in my top 10 films of all time.
  8. I cannot stand the DS4. I cant think of a single thing I like about it - its uncomfortable to hold, the options button is tiny and impossible to push easily, the totally pointless touch pad, the stupid light. I don't like the way the sticks push in either. Just a horrible horrible pad. A real case of the Emperors New Clothes for gamers
  9. sandman

    Nintendo Switch

    So, I treated myself to a Pokemon switch yesterday (secondhand, £240 off a mate). What to do with my old one? I could sell it on here, or gumtree, but I looked at CEX and they give about £100 trade in for the nunchucks and base unit. I was thinking maybe I could keep the old screen as a spare in case anything happens to my new one. Crazy idea which will mean I'm a bit worse off or sensible option? What do you guys think?
  10. sandman

    Line of Duty (BBC)

    Cannot wait for this - one of my fave british tv shows of all time
  11. I think Malek is a great actor, but a Bond villain he is not. Stunt casting says I
  12. sandman

    Far Cry New Dawn

    Yeah, it's miles better than FC5
  13. sandman

    Far Cry New Dawn

    This is an amazing video game. It's such a joy to play. For a game I didn't know existed 2 months ago it's such a treat. For those of you that loved FC2 I would say this is the closest to it since then but with the annoying checkpoints removed. Could easily be in my top 3 at the end of the year.
  14. My appreciation for Quantum has really grown over the years. The car chase at the start is magnificent.

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