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  1. sandman

    A movie watchers blog

    Great review, but what is it actually about - some sort of massacre?
  2. sandman

    Games you keep buying despite not liking them

    I am trying to resist the urge to but the new upcoming Darksiders and Just Cause games - played all the other entries in both series and never got more than 20% through most of them.
  3. sandman

    Is Read Dead Redemption 2 any good?

    Couldn't disagree more with your opening statement. i do this thing where every Sunday I play 7 different games. Today it was RDR2, Prey, Outlast 2, Horizon 4, AC Origins, halo wars 2 and Spider-Man . I find SM incredibly frustrating to play with terrible controls. If it wasn't for my love of SM I would have traded it in ages ago. RDR2 is sublime to play in comparison on every level. SM is the ps2 game with fancier graphics and no originality at all. RDR2 was on another level to the other 6 games I played today ( and I blinking love H4, Prey and Outlast 2). The only negative I can level is the lack of fast travel so far. By far the best non-Nintendo game this gen.
  4. sandman

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Brilliant stuff this, even if it makes no sense
  5. WHAT BLOODY PLATFORM??????????????
  6. sandman

    A movie watchers blog

    Wolf This forgotten vehicle for Jack Nicholson made for an interesting rewatch . I can't really think of anything else quite like it. It's very slow and seems to take itself far too seriously. But it also has fantastic performances from Jack, James Spader and Christopher Plummer. It feels very much like Hitchcocks take on a werewolf movie, perhaps deliberately so. But Nichols is no Hitchcock and has none of his mastery of the thriller genre. Morricones score also echoes Bernard Hermann. An interesting curio that kept me entertained throughout. 3/5
  7. sandman

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    People moaning about the controls in this need to go and play a game with ACTUAL bad controls for some context. I was playing Luigis mansion earlier and it felt like I was fighting the controls the whole time (great game though) i am am loving this. It's so much better than anything else release this year by a country mile.
  8. sandman

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    A few B&M prices £49.99 Sainsburys (first time I have EVER seen a standard game that high in price) £49.99 Argos £47.99 HMV (cheapest again!)
  9. sandman

    Dark Souls Remastered

    I MUST avoid buying this on the Switch - I am just terrible at video games (currently really struggling on Assassins Creed Odyssey on the easiest setting!) And I got about an hour into the 360 version before giving up (same with Bloodborne which I really loved)
  10. sandman

    Dara O'Briain's Go 8-bit

    Yep, agree with all this, particularly Ellie twatface and the terrible jokes
  11. sandman

    Dara O'Briain's Go 8-bit

    Couldn't agree more with this. God, what an awful show
  12. sandman

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    Finished. Stupid stealth sections! Other than that it was brilliant fun to play. Erm, can somebody explain the story to me
  13. sandman

    Luigi's Mansion - 3DS version

    Blimey - tried and failed to pick up a physical copy of this in town on the way to work. 3DS is dead at retail - I hadn't realised until today!
  14. sandman

    Ash vs Evil Dead - Season 3 Feb 25th

    This doesn't seem to be available on Netflix, Sky or Prime without paying extra. Shame, I was hoping to give this a go after seeing the original film for the first time last week

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