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  1. The Master and Commander books are 99p today
  2. sandman

    Nintendo Switch

    Anyone else played Ni No Kuni on switch? Its an absolutely sumptuous port and looks stunning on the little screen. Because of its bright colours it’s perfectly playable in the sunshine
  3. Why? Do you think it doesnt look like a music video? Is this one of your holy grails than? Fair enough if it is, but I can only think of 2 people in RL who have ever seen the film and neither of them have mentioned it in the last 25 years. Is it really that well thought of? When most fellow film fans speak to me about Mann it’s mainly in relation to Heat.
  4. My faves the LOTR trilogy Kingdom of Heaven The Abyss Watchmen the Aliens one is an interesting curio, but a poorer film. Im going to have to watch Kingdom of Heaven tomorrow now
  5. Manhunter So, after watching Red Dragon the other week (and rather liking it) I thought I’d probably never get to see Manhunter ever again. But Sky One/Atlantic have been showing some interesting films since Lockdown and this was on the other night. My god, it’s so 80’s! Much of it looks like a music video. I thought that that the CSI bloke was nowhere near as good as Norton. Farina was miles better than Kietel though. Some scenes where much better than RD, some not so good. And I’m sorry, but while Cox is good, he’s no Hopkins. A good film, but it feels very dated. 3/5 Psycho After watching Manhunter and Red Dragon I thought I would watch another poorly received remake before watching the original. I avoided this on release as it was savaged by most critics. I must admit that I really rather liked it. Vaughan is excellent in what’s easily his best role. Heche is also on top form, I actually preferred her performance. Moore I didn’t like at all, she’s been much better. Macy is on autopilot as is Viggo. 3.5/5 Life An interesting film, not least because it’s bloody excellent and is easily Murphy’s most overlooked film. For once, a film that’s too short rather than too long. It’s kind of a more light hearted Shawshank. A great script and some first rate performances. Lawrence has never been better. 4.5/5 Dolomite is my name I think I really need to see this twice to properly appreciate it. Obviously it’s great, but I think I missed a lot of the subtext. Murphy is again excellent and shows that he can still put in a staggering performance 4.5/5 Haunted Mansion This family films goes badly off the rails about 20 minutes in. It’s an unoriginal premise but it’s interesting enough. Poorly directed, not even Stamp can save it 1,5/5
  6. Not exactly cheap is it - £50 on Amazon whereas both the Borderlands collection and Bioshock collection are both £35 for 3 games.
  7. Anyone played Riverbond or Earthlock? Fancy something that’s not too taxing.
  8. sandman

    Nintendo Switch

    Never been a fan of pay pal at all. Luckily I managed to get a £50 voucher in Tesco earlier today
  9. I think it’s probably BTTF. Not a lot of women I’ve known like Robocop.
  10. Rocky A great start to a great franchise. Stellar performances from Stallone (arguably never better) and Shire. A well deserved best picture winner at the Oscars. 4.5/5 Rocky 2 Possibly my favourite of the series, particularly the fight which is just spectacular to watch. A great sense of drama and Weathers really starts to shine as Creed. 5/5 Rocky 3 Or maybe this is the best one? Mr T is so awesome and just downright frightening. The film packs an awful lot into its running time, not much fat on it. Another brilliant fight at the end. It’s also got THAT song. 5/5 Rocky 4 I think this might be a bit of a forum favourite but I think it’s much weaker than the preceding three. Lundgren is, of course, plain amaze but the plot is thin at best. I was starting to wonder why Rocky kept Paulie around as he’s just a twit. And let’s not get started on the bloody robot. 3/5 Rocky 5 Perhaps the least remembered of all the films. What’s blaringly obvious on a rewatch is how Rocky is bit of a simpleton compared to his character in R4. I suppose it’s down to the Draco fight, but it feels very jarring. It’s one of two films I always think of when thinking of how an actors life mirrors the character they are playing on screen (the other is Betty Blue). Poor old Tommy Morrison. Still, I do like the film for the most part. 3.5/5 Rocky Bilboa Stallone wisely decided to bring the character back from the dead. It’s a great film and Stallone does a stellar job at directing. It’s a bit of a daft set up, but it kind of works despite itself. It dawned on me last night just how important the theme is to me. It’s so iconic and stirs all sorts of memories from the last 40 years. 4.5/5
  11. sandman

    Nintendo Switch

    My switch isn’t accepting my debit/credit cards on eshop after I shut down the one I was using. Ive tried 3 different cards and each time it says the card issuer won’t let me use it. I called one of the card issuers and they said there wasn’t any issue at their end. Anyone else had this issue? How do I fix it? Resetting the Switch hasn’t helped
  12. I wish Nintendo life would hurry up and review realMyst on switch so I know if it’s worth getting or not.
  13. Poor old Snyder, he don’t half get a hard ride on here. I would rate 2 of his films as 4/5 and one at 5/5 I think I’m going to set up a fan club for him.
  14. Is it now? No accounting for taste is there. anyhoo, onwards and upwards Nausicaa If somebody asked me my fave Ghibli a few years ago I would have said this. But on this rewatch I thought it was only ok. 3/5 Castle In the sky This, on the other hand has gone up in my estimation. It’s too long, but it has bags of character and the first half hour is pretty much perfect. 4/5 Princess Mononoke Again it’s too long. But this time it’s not so much of an issue as the film is so amazing. The animation is not just a highlight for the studio, but for the entire human race. Excellent English dub as well. Just a staggering achievement. 5/5 The Running Man A good film with a great score. I was thinking that with Verhoeven directing it would have been brilliant. What an amazingly accurate prediction of modern America this was. I think Fireball was actually a pretty decent bloke for a stalker and would’ve been a good dude to share a pint with. 3.5/5 The Expendables 3 The series finally gets good, mainly down to Gibson as a first rate bad guy. The young expendables have the charisma of a wet towel, but the oldies are so amazing you don’t really notice. 4/5
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