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  1. hmm

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I think I find the honour system more irritating than the criminality side of things. The latter has less consequence if anything: I can mostly ignore bounties, apart from an occasional scrap with bounty hunters, and I have so much spare money that I can just pay them off whenever I like anyway. However, the honour system actually locks off some things - certain outfits, for example - once you drop below a certain level, and it generally seems like an unnecessary and wildly inconsistent judgement on how the game is being played. I would mind less if there was any genuine scope for playing the game in a good or honourable way, such as Dishonored being completable without killing anyone at all, for example, but there simply isn't. In fact, by far the worst things I've done have been in compulsory missions - massacring scores of relative innocent guards or workers just to complete some robbery - or haven't been punished at all, yet my honour is firmly down in the red anyway. I mean, I'm a bad guy, there's no two ways about it, but I feel the moral judgement and choices provided are intrusively artificial and I never felt that GTA wanted for them. At the least, I'd like to be able to turn off the UI that tells me about it.
  2. hmm

    Football Thread 2018/19

    What are you talking about? You asked where people might be getting the impression that decisions can be very slow and I gave an example. How does that translate into me suggesting VAR can never possibly work? Obviously it can be made to work in a less shoddy fashion than that, at least if you throw as many resources at it as they did in the WC. I think that some people are thinking it will solve more problems than it really can though, and it will introduce a few of its own. I think that overall we might be a bit better off with VAR, if well implemented, and it would definitely have prevented some of the famous glaring injustices in the past, but it's no panacea.
  3. hmm

    Football Thread 2018/19

    The fairly disastrous use of it in the FA Cup last season, I imagine.
  4. hmm

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Embarrassingly one-sided at the Etihad. For about five minutes after the penalty it looked like an actual derby might erupt - United briefly looked vaguely interested, a few tackles went in - but then normal service resumed. The United players would have been fearing for their lives after that under Ferguson, but now it's greeted with a shrug.
  5. hmm

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Our GD isn't significantly behind Chelsea's and I doubt anyone is going to match City on that front. Klopp has finally found some stability and control in games - I actually find it conceivable that we could see out a game 1-0 now, where in past seasons that would be the ravings of a mad man - and I think sacrificing that in a chase for bigger scorelines would be reckless. Our attacking players can certainly find a bit more form, and maybe then 2-0 against a struggling side will be 4 or 5 instead, but I don't see very much to worry about right now, as we continue to vie for first place, after literally our best start to a season in our not inconsiderable history.
  6. hmm

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Feels like a bit of a shame that your bond maxes out so quickly and then you can pretty much neglect it from then on. I wouldn't want hugely more micromanagement, but taking care of your horse occasionally is more interesting than having to clean your guns etc.
  7. Seems unusual for a major release like this to not see a post-release patch within the first couple of weeks. It seems more common now to rapidly iteratively patch, almost mobile app style. That said, considering the incredible scale of it, I've run into remarkably few issues, personally. I think I did have some people missing from the camp, after doing that Uncle quest, but they all seemed to return fairly quickly - it certainly didn't take until chapter 4, as I don't think I'm even there yet. Otherwise, my fishing rod stopped working briefly (fixed by reloading my save), a side quest with some railroad workers didn't seem to trigger all of its events properly (inevitably leading to a massacre), and once in camp I walked into the ground up to my waist before popping back out. Besides this, roaming far and wide over tens of hours, causing all manner of chaos, it's all been working as intended, as far as I can tell.
  8. hmm

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Early on in the game, this is an especially useful tactic when you actually have little or no cash. Your bounty is still cleared by your night in chokey, even if you can't pay it.
  9. hmm

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    As in the first game, the treasure maps are my favourite part of this. They're so well judged, in terms of how much information they give you and how distinctive the landmarks are. Earlier today I was riding away from an unfortunate incident, checking behind me to see if any lawmen were still after me, and the silhouette of the was suddenly in perfect relief against the evening sky behind me. And then an hour later I'm heading up towards one of the trappers and down to the side of the trail Just wonderful.
  10. hmm

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I don't mind the controls very much in general, but I'm putting out a hefty bounty on whoever decided that the same button should mean both 'hogtie person you're supposed to bring in alive' and 'kick said person to death' depending on a few millimetres either way in your positioning.
  11. hmm

    Edge #326 | Devil May Cry 5

    Sorry, quoting this for the 46th time, but I am a huge fan of how they've labelled the perfectly self-explanatory side vents, then left the holy-fuck-what-is-any-of-that front half of it totally unremarked. Beautiful.
  12. hmm

    The all new Wine thread

    I tend to concern myself with getting more air into a wine, not the opposite...
  13. Have you/they/whoever thought about some kind of 'pay as much as you like' digital sub option? I reckon quite a few people would choose to pay a bit, because they neither want to waste trees nor freeload (assuming it's any good, obviously, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt there with that cover).
  14. hmm

    The Beer Thread

    How was it? I went through a phase of trying various different alcohol-free offerings a while ago - Nanny State, etc. - but failed to find anything that wasn't just a disappointing imitation of the original. In each case, they tasted like exactly what they were: a similar but sanitised version. None of them were terrible beers as such, but I'd find it hard not to buy the superior sibling instead. It was mainly the sourness or bite of the alcohol that was missing, I think. Seeing as they're not even as much cheaper as it seems they should be without the punitive tax, I figured I'd rather just drink a bit less, but drink well when I did. There are lots I didn't try though - it was just a handful that Sainsbury's happened to stock - so perhaps there are some out there that I'd enjoy more.
  15. hmm

    House of Cards (US) (Netflix)

    The last season would have been terrible even without the Spacey issue, given the steady decline that the whole thing has been on ever since season 1 or 2, and I wouldn't really expect a last minute, forced change of protagonist to improve matters. The quality arc is definitely reminiscent of Dexter, now that Meh mentions it, and I think that for me the final season here will go just as unwatched as the innovative serial killer / lumberjack crossover did.

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