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  1. This thread continues to amaze and confuse! The Amiga was a completely different beast to the 16bit consoles of the time with a breadth of genres the consoles could only dream of having access to. Of course it couldn't hold a candle to the likes of SMW or Contra etc when they arrived, but it was never designed with those in mind. Factor in the fact that tech was moving at such a breakneck speed back then, so the 4-5 years between the machines was practically a light year. Oh and I still adore Rick Dangerous! You know a title did something right for it to still be so fondly remembered by so many. Although, I certainly wouldn't hold it up as a title only the Amiga could do, it is still a damn fine game.
  2. Couldn’t find a Bladerunner thread.
  3. Spoilers obviously, but there's some choice stuff there!
  4. This tickled me. Obviously not a personal video but might be interesting for readers of this thread. Mr Berry doesn’t sound too arsed does he.. Mega! https://youtu.be/A-BPDdbih0o
  5. May be a good thread for this? Would love them to do one with David Whittaker too.
  6. I guess that the string is there to provide an absolute vertical central line and the lookalike booster rockets are actually tubing, maybe for air flow for the lights.
  7. Good call! Goes to shelf and pulls out issue 17, finds article, smells paper. (Yes, I'm weird) What's really interesting (and what I find a lot now) is the way old computers like the Speccy were mentioned back then, as though they're machines from a far bygone age. Some of the computers we used then are still around today! When in reality it was just a few years! Correlate that with today when say 2015, doesn't feel very long ago at all. It's very odd and imo driven a lot by the pace of life now and tech bombarding and connecting us. Sorry, getting a bit off topic now..
  8. Are there actually that many of them though? Most of the vocal backlash seems to be directed at TLJ and to a lesser extent Solo. The rest of the films seem to get a good spread/mix of likes and dislikes.
  9. Nostalgia is a hugely powerful emotional draw, especially nowadays. I think a lot of people thought the bubble would burst at some point (not just talking games either) but tbh, I think it'll keep growing. Yoyo'ing between plateaus and jumps, as each subsequent generation (trends/hipster chic etc) looks back.
  10. Ahh some Valérian love at last! Whilst this isn't the thread to wax lyrical on the film's amazingness, it's good to see some appreciation of it here. I would say though that comparing it to Avatar is a little unfair. Stylistically they are poles apart and Avatar could never hope to emulate in one film the genius that Mézières created over many many years. I certainly wouldn't call Avatar creatively bad. Personally, I feel they simply wanted to create a more grounded hard aesthetic, within a single coherent world/climate. And I think they did that very well. The problem with the movie was the script was just pretty hokey, imo.
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