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  1. And I’d absolutely love it! Loved that era of film tie ins galore. Get Sega to develop it and US Gold or Ocean to publish. Take my money. Alternatively throw some money at me and I’ll dev it. What we’ll actually get is a cynical cash grab mobile iap gameplay devoid app.
  2. I think the helmet is basically ‘Hollywood’ license. The proper super hornet helmet, which tracks targets etc pretty much obscures the pilot’s face. So they’ve just gone and retconned some other design. It’s an odd design choice as it’s far too small but hey ho I can live with it. The neck ring is an odd one and does point to some pressurised malarkey. I hope we’re not going to go down a too implausible route (of course, within the bounds of a film about an aging top gun pilot who flew upside down a meter above a mig). There’s plenty of topics they could cover yet still keep the tech and mechanics of flight reasonably accurate.
  3. Looks great! CG looks on point too as far, especially Coulter's monkey and Iorek, which is crucial.
  4. Just as a side note. The Tomcat at the end was the only downside of the trailer for me. It's very obviously CGI and really detracts from the absolutely marvellous other shots. The rest of the trailer tho, so so good.
  5. It's still a cracking plane. Maybe Tom pops over to Iran and nicks one of theirs?
  6. I fucking knew they'd use Hornets! Thank fuck no F22s. Bloody brilliant, I'm so so SO in!! Not this hyped for a film since LOTR. Bring it Tom!
  7. Let's go again! You can tell he likes it, 2 videos in a row.
  8. gizmo1990

    PC Engine Mini

    AFAIK yes. They did a stealth change in which you are charged the full amount 5 days after you placed the preorder... One more reason not to use Amazon!
  9. I'm more with Mike. It's a terrible awful idea, but the least terrible awful idea given the circumstances. The Ewoks' would be amazing though.
  10. As soon as Mike said his terrible idea, I face palmed. Then I thought, oh shit, they're gonna do it! Great video.
  11. Gorgeous presentation. Fighting looks a little samey tho.. Would have liked a more interactive(able) backgrounds too. They look a bit sparse and lacking life. Can’t believe the desks can’t be thrown/smashed in that first section for instance. Still, I’m looking forward to more impressions.
  12. Yeah, this looks all kinds of amazing. They absolutely get it. Great review from NintendoLife too. This is definitely going on my Xmas list. Would love a physical copy though. http://www.nintendolife.com/reviews/switch-eshop/blazing_chrome
  13. Tbh, I just want the collection of his complete works. That sounds absolutely fantastic.
  14. @sofasurfer Yeah, it's a massive shame. I was looking forward to owning all of them too. They're glorious things, best in class. I don't know why the guy hasn't ended up self publishing or crowd funding them. There would surely be a huge English translation demand in this nostalgia riddled age. Perhaps the rights are tied up somehow, Nintendo poking its oar in even? As I mentioned, I seem to remember there being legal issues which resulted in a long wait for vol 2.
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