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  1. It's bizarre how this has developed both a positive and negative following. Part of me can certainly appreciate the lust for a cute electronic 'thing' and especially Japanese packaging design, but this is still just a total fail for me. It's fundamentally broken by being utterly unusable, even for a young childs hands! If they'd have at least gone the GBA micro route and made it 'just about' useable, fine! But this is straight up daft. Such a missed opportunity too. I would absolutely love to know who came up with the idea though. And what the conversation was within the team to follow it through to manufacture.
  2. Yeah, I don't believe the films were divisive at all at the time. They were met with almost universal acclaim. The only dissenters were a tiny tiny group of beard stroking book readers who didn't want any changes. But that group was so small as to be negligible. You only hear about them now because the internet (like it has done with so many things...) has amplified their voices. Anyway, what a wonderful time it was, having those films every Christmas was an absolute treat. The perfect trilogy imo.
  3. Yowsers, ouch!! I had a lovely collection of Amiga titles which I had to sell to get a pc. Really regret that, since a lot of them are now weirdly expensive. I did get a lot of them back in the early days of ebay though. However, Turrican and Rick Dangerous 1-2 alluded me even then and are the ones that really really annoy me!
  4. It'll be six 35 min shows apparently, with fx redos AND extra scenes being shot. The main mover behind it is to push HBO Max subs. I don't know the background behind the movie but wasn't the original recieved extremely poorly? With Snyder being dumped off the movie for Whedon? This sounds like at the very least it could improve on things so I'm interested to see how it turns out.
  5. The best bit about that, spoiler for the ending... What a fucking ace game! Good times.
  6. It's a cute idea for sure. But I can't help feeling it's quite a sad state of affairs too.. It's so soulless and an admission of where we are currently I guess. Staring at 3D representations of what were once such ordinary physical objects. I suppose the same could be said for Greek vases, except they were hundreds/thousands of years old before we'd reached that point.
  7. No one watching White Lines? Watched the first episode last night and it was very very enjoyable. Looking forward to rationing out the rest.
  8. Absolutely this. Customs charges have now meant that it's become absolutely prohibitively expensive buying overseas. What annoys me the most is the fact that they factor in P&P costs. That takes the absolute piss. Goodness only knows what will happen next year... people will get what they voted for I guess. Regarding retro prices in general, I feel sorry for anyone trying to get into it now. My only (ebay) tip would be that if you can wait, then you'll occasionally find things for sale by sellers who actually 'need' to sell. Only then will you maybe find a reasonable buy it now price or OMG(!) an actual auction!
  9. I'd buy that! A nice Switch update would be amazing. I got a lot of enjoyment out of Hunters and a move to a console with 'proper' controls would make it much more welcoming. What a wonderful project that would be for a dev to convert.
  10. The cloud generation they've come up with is gob smacking. I'm so happy they've put so much money into bringing this back properly. It does still look like Flight Unlimited though, am I right? Still can't beat that game for the initial 'blow your socks off' visuals!
  11. Finished this last night. I know it's a family show but good lord it was daft as a brush wasn't it!? The amount of times I facepalmed/shouted at the screen, "WTF!?" "why don't they do/say that!?" and "Hang on, what happened to X!?" was almost a record for me. However, looking past the at times utterly nonsensical decision making and drawn out mawkish sentimentality (Americans!) there were some nice hooks. The actors did a nice job, especially the kids imo. Although Will almost made me turn off at times. Parker Posey also grew on me eventually, despite some of the utterly illogical and stupid things the writers made her do. The sets were great and it was nice seeing a big group of people in space together, rather than just the Robinsons. Anyway, it's a big budget sci-fi show so I'll watch! Roll on season 3, let's hope they can stick the ending.
  12. Yeah, no reason to not have Snipes back. He was fantastic then and still is now, especially after Dolemite is my name. Charismatic and scene stealing as fuck.
  13. I think sadly that the word 'accessible' here is very time period specific! Can you imagine a 5 year old today attempting to figure out and play Gunship? I'm not sure I can.
  14. This sounds like someone trying to piggyback the name to generate clicks and interest. Unless it has some core original members attached then it’s pointless. As a boy I think I must have singlehandedly kept them in business, the amount of titles I bought! Think I still have a copy of my letter to them asking when Silent Service was going to be released for the 464..
  15. As an outsider looking in, I thought Bumblebee pretty much nailed its Transformers CGI renditions. I still haven't finished the movie, but I was really impressed. The only other time I've seen Transformers done properly (imo) in cgi was some obscure video test I saw yonks ago. Anyway, I wonder if this is 2D or cartoon cgi? I'd presume cgi which is a shame. A 2D prequel with animation by Toei could be amazing.
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