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  1. gizmo1990

    The 3DS Resurrection thread

    Everyone should be made to play through Kid Icarus Uprising at least once to experience a graphical tour de force. Technically and stylistically. I’ve still not been as dazzled by a title since then.
  2. @bradigor Thanks for that. I broadly agree, however I would say that depending on the licensing agreement, the developer should have some rights in the matter. Like all the best ideas, it seems obvious in hindsight, but aligning Tetris with the battle royale mechanic is genius. In this instance, if Nintendo drove the concept, financing and implementation, then I think it fair that they should hold a certain amount of say in its use elsewhere.
  3. @bradigor Cool, interesting. Yeah, I've seen that top vid before, the rights are a tangled web for sure. It was very well known back in the 90s. So I'm guessing it's being licensed by Nintendo. But how much control, if any, does that give them over this particular incarnation of the game? Since presumably as publisher, they financed Arika to develop it.
  4. What's the situation with the rights for this title? I'm intrigued to know if Nintendo can keep it on their platform, as it seems like it could be a break out hit for them.
  5. Yep. I was just mentioning it because Stirling referenced it in the last video.
  6. Sure, I understand that. It will always be the case. But if people stand together, then an employer can't stop you joining, simple as that.
  7. Got to say, Stirling is doing a fabulous job of going after this subject and highlighting the issue. I don't know what the solution is (I've always championed unionising but few others do sadly. Perhaps players' boycotting titles would be the only other feasible route?) but shinning a light on the problem is always a good thing. Edit: One thing I would pick Stirling up on though is his Unionising angle. In my experience, it's the employees sadly who are the major roadblock to its formation. People either baulk at the idea of paying subs (PAY for union membership!!??) or simply can't be arsed. It's a sorry state of affairs.
  8. gizmo1990

    Metroid Prime Trilogy (Switch) *unconfirmed*

    As in redrawn higher res pixel art? I would find that look horrendous. Now, a modest budget, brand new traditional 256 res Metroid adventure would bring me a lot of joy.
  9. Yeah, but they're a bit too nesy and famicomy! I'm just picky I suppose. It's a mame box for me and that era is defined by the 80s pretty much. I just want something that has that retro feel but isn't aligned to a particular system or game genre. Just a generic retro theme but with some style. One doesn't have to cancel out the other, you can have both. Carbon is generic overload with a style factor of zero. Maybe I'll have to look into editing an existing theme. But I'm guessing it'll involve code, at which point I'll likely bail.
  10. Cool, yep that’s certainly one of the better ones. It’s just a bit too snesy for my liking. My picade is basically a mame machine so I was hoping for a more generic ‘retro’ ‘80s’ ‘8bit’ feel.
  11. Yep. It's all sorted now though. The issue was having the OMX acceleration enabled. With that turned off the videos displayed all of a sudden. It's so much better with videos. Finally getting my head around the processes involved now. It's certainly a steep learning curve, for me at least. Now I just need to find a nice front end. Looking through the ones currently available, they all seem a bit gimmicky imo. I would have thought there'd have been a nice selection of generic yet visually interesting skins by now. Yet the default carbon seems to be the best so far. I wonder how hard it is to do your own or modify an existing one?
  12. I was fortunate to get one of these as a combined present for Christmas. It's lovely, I really enjoyed putting it together over the holiday. You can tell a lot of work went into its design and materials. Unfortunately, I only actually got it running recently, software wise. My goodness, what a faff! It's a nostalgia fix in every sense of the word, OS and UI included! Absolutely arcane stuff. However, once working it's amazing. And that curvy crt scanline shader..! I've been having trouble getting the front end to display screenshots or videos. I've tried the included scraper, useless. Then Steven Selph's, it got a few screenshots. Then Skyscraper, which seemed to install ok but didn't add anything at all?? By all accounts Skyscraper is the current 'favourite' but it's not working for me. Does anyone know of a guide other than the retropi.org and GitHub ones? I'm finding them quite confusing. For instance, I can't work out where the hell Skyscraper is actually installed.
  13. gizmo1990

    Hobbs and Shaw (Fast & Furious spin-off)

    Kinda reminds me of an updated Tango and Cash. Something which I can wholeheartedly get behind!
  14. gizmo1990

    Metroid Prime 4

    Didn't key staff go on to create Armature Studio? They did some Batman title and ReCore? Nothing to really set the world alight. A quick google seems to point to them doing Fortnite contract work now. The make up of a successful team comes down to a huge amount of interconnected details. It's very difficult to pin down absolute truths, such as 'oh it was that person and that persons input' etc. I wouldn't be too concerned currently that many of the old team no longer work at Retro. As is often the case, 'consistency' is as good a indicator as most and Retro seem to be doing well in that regard. Their help on Mario Kart seems to be highly regarded and Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze is amazing. At a guess, I'd presume their work on MK led the team to the pitch for this Star Fox Grand Prix title. It'll be fascinating to see what it turns out like.

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