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  1. Ok ta. As he’s now burning through Stranger Things I guess it’s a no brainier he’ll be ok on this.
  2. I’ve found them to be great. i ordered something a while ago - a repress of Le Sato which is a right old lp that’s probably a crap pressing to start with - and it was a bit noisy at the start. I rang them and they sent me another no charge, no quibble and without returning the first one.
  3. Oh good - would’ve been a bit rum to try and claim that.
  4. That used to be called Loopz on I think the Atari ST - great game. Yep - Here it is.
  5. Can’t help on the sample but what a film. I’ll remember Maximilian drilling through that book the guy holds to his chest for the rest of my life.
  6. Back to ‘89 people… I don’t think I’ll ever tire of this, or the cover. And none that The Source feat Candi Staton cobblers..
  7. Dr Nookie


    Evening coffee kids. I’m about to run out of my current batch of Brown Bear Mount Kenya which I must say I rather like. It’s mid strength and I guess mid cost at about 20 quid a kg. I’d like to try something else but could do with a suggestion or two. Not looking for stronger, just lovelier Up to say 25 or 30 quid for the beans.
  8. Never owned a PS anything. Had a few goes on a PS when they first came out and later on a PS2. It nothing else. Never liked the controller so always went for the X. Obvs there’s been a Snes, 64 and GC but that’s it.
  9. Yeah I think so. I’ve got that 12 and love it.
  10. 3 Days of the Condor - currently on Netflix. Great spy thriller, with a splendid Robert Redford and a very groovy theme tune. 4/5.
  11. I’m not reading through this thread to check so probably common knowledge, but there’s a doc on Prime called Elstree 1976 with a load of interviews with bit part actors from StarWars. Only half way through, but well worth a look.
  12. I try to never watch any clips of this as I don’t want to be reminded of it. I want the memory to fade so I can play it again as fresh as possible. 5 secs in to that and I’m coming over all peculiar…
  13. I wish Louis Theroux would team up with someone called Thelma just for the series title.
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