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  1. Marble Blast Ultra... So many good memories of that game, loved the PC incarnation prior... So much fun time on xbox live on the 360. Now the games delisted and theres no way to redownload it unless you bought it - and i cant remember my login details of the account that bought it. So forever sad
  2. Follow instructions in OP to hack a Wii and Step 8 shows how to install Priiloader, which can enable backward compatibility on boot (amongst other system stuff) (so im told, havent tested it dont think lol) Should take less than an hour to hack wii (use a <2gb card) but maybe goodbye save game?!
  3. Thats awesome, I remember reading about this in NOM with the cool screenshots. Didn't get into SFA too much but DP looked great! Though the screenshots have Fox McCloud with a sword in em! Didnt think Fox came in till the GC transition, this must be a late state proto
  4. :O Wow, this and the Arkham Asylum on Wii are cool.
  5. I heard this can be done; @dumpster did you happen to make a guide on how to legitmately put Retroarch on Xbox One/Xbox Series ? That's the biggest appeal for me! And gamepass.
  6. Thats kinda nuts - i remember that 'leak' that looks identical to that. I wonder if leaks of proto-type consoles get purposely leaked to throw people off scent https://www.romhacking.net/translations/5702/ This game got translated! Im excited to see what full games people make out of the leaked demos/prototypes!
  7. I'm also in this camp - also chuck in Bootlegs there to! Such as Sonic on NES (which is awesome, more than playable and really fun now!) Final Fantasy 7 on NES Which also got a english translation & gameplay/music/graphic improvements (making it a good game now!) and a myriad of Pokemon RPG's on NES My personal faves I get the most playtime out of are: Sonic Classic Heroes (3-Player version of Sonic 1 and 2 combined into 1 game) Heroquest - NES - 2 Player (still a b
  8. So this one almost needs a topic on it's own. 'This is an entire game built around the Spaceworld '97 Demo of Pokemon Gold & Crystal. A preview build of the final game we got, but naturally with many differences. However, because the entire list & designs of BETA Pokemon for G/S (including many never seen before) got leaked about a year ago; the romhackers kept true to the BETA designs and included all the BETA Pokemon and a whole game based off of the knowledge or what they had. Crazy. https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/5522/
  9. Play it 2 player on Wii/Wii U, it's so so so so SO GOOD 2player and you will have a blast
  10. Except the Vita can't do Video-Out as easily/readily as a PSP. Literally the only downside :< But yeah, Vita rocks.
  11. Mines were cheap from ebay, but i saw ones on amazon about £15 and reviews vary as well. Some say crap, some say 2-4 hours.
  12. Try Gauntlet 4 Mega Drive, its so much fun - the Quest Mode. Easy-to-play Diablo-like RPG with items/upgradeable stats/multiple castles/puzzles/epic music etc. REALLY GOOD MUSIC. So addictive, seriously. Arcade Mode is also good and has completely different levels from Quest Mode, but doesnt have buyable items/stat upgrading like Quest Mode. Theres also Dungeon Explorer for Sega CD, SNES, 1&2 for PC Engine (5player); and they're ALL DIFFERENT from each other, but all multiplayer. They are leagues harder though than Gauntlet and not as reccomended for casual pla
  13. Where do I find a PSP battery that actually holds charge ? I bought 2 shit ones from eBay and they 1. Dont really hold a charge 2. Randomly move out the holding, powering off the PSP 3. Fiddly to get the charger to even charge it. Anyone had sucess? I got 5 PSP's and 1 official battery.
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