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  1. Chooch

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - December 7th

    You where always going to beat stoned Mario.
  2. Chooch

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - December 7th

    They'll be closed on Christmas.
  3. Chooch

    Be a thread starter!

  4. Chooch

    Nintendo Switch

    Joy cons are brilliant. I love them attached to the unit or in their holder. Use them for a while before considering a Pro controller. Lots of people will say the pro is essential but they are wrong. Certainly don't spend the money on one until you have tried the joy con.
  5. Chooch

    Metroid Prime Trilogy (Switch) *unconfirmed*

    Did Nintendo announce anything at the Game Awards show last year? Could this be the SHADOW DROP this year?
  6. Chooch

    All Time Favourite Gaming Mission

    The Dam from Goldeneye. Running through it on all the different difficulty settings, speed running it, playing with the guards, deliberately setting off alarms to keep killing wave of wave of soldiers. At one stage I probably could have completed it blindfolded.
  7. My dad would get very frustrated when the Spectrum used to be set-up in the kitchen. Telling me to go outside and play all the time. When we got a TV in the bedroom it didn't seem to bother him so much.
  8. Chooch

    Nintendo Switch

    I think you'll find it was a separate 'drop'.
  9. Chooch

    Metroid Prime Trilogy (Switch) *unconfirmed*

    I never finished 2, I'd like to try it again.
  10. Chooch

    Christmas Fixin's 2019

    I'm doing a Christmas dinner on Saturday for friends and I'm wondering what I can have prepared on the morning: Ham can be boiled and left ready to be glazed in the oven for 30 mins Brussels Sprouts blanched ready for frying Par-boiled spuds ready for roasting I'm going to roast some carrots and parnips too - should I par-boil these beforehand as well? Does that all sound okay?
  11. Chooch

    Nintendo Switch

    Buying another set of joy con instead leads to the potential of 4 player Mario Cars. So obviously better for that reason alone.
  12. Chooch

    Football Thread 2018/19

  13. Chooch

    Rllmuk's Official Sales Figures

    Does this mean consoles are here to stay even in the face of smart phones?

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