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  1. I really liked this movie when it was released. A nice surprise but (shock horror) I found the book to be so much better.
  2. This popped up as a recommendation for me. Loving them so far and reminds me a little of Desmonds if translocated to Canada. Definitely has a good bit of heart rooting it all together.
  3. Can anyone recommend a decent one on switch that gives that great twitch gameplay without being an actual nightmare bullet hell? Like Smash Bros I usually struggle to follow the action when shit is flying everywhere. The last game of this ilk I enjoyed was Resogun as a marker of how hectic I can take on.
  4. Was surprised to see Gilly in this from GoT and one of the main cast from Booksmart too.
  5. Detroit Been on my list for ages. Quite a long film at around 2.5hours but it flew by. Very tense and urgently shot. A hard watch at times which felt a bit like a horror movie in parts - particularly at the futility of what the people would have been feeling. Quite harrowing but could not turn away. 4/5
  6. I’m looking forward to this on the basis that Marvel are fairly reliable on making films that may not always be shit hot are not usually entirely trash. Loving that there is more and more of this kind of thing out there now. just seen that KimsConvenience is on NF so will be checking that out and just bought Warrior S02.
  7. Predestination Not what I was expecting at all. Real head scratcher and I imagine quite under appreciated when it was released. 4/5
  8. C’mon Nintendo. I don’t want a new colour I want a whole new Switch model!!
  9. Yes. I would strongly agree he has and that is before considering anything he has treaded the boards in too. Side note - I would love to see him play Glokta in any adaptation of Joe Abercrombie’s books too.
  10. WTF is that? Is that the Cameo service for private messages from celebrities? atrocious - it is very clear he has no idea who he is talking about at the end.
  11. That looks nice and smooth. Looks to be a nice change in scene for games of this type too.
  12. I quite liked the back to the future game for only one level. Think it was where you had a top Down view of the McFly house and you had to get Jennifer out before anyone saw her. The rest was shit. Turtles in Time was great and special mention to the Looney tunes game on the SNES.
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