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  1. Decided to give the WL a bash, had a terrible start, losing 4 of the first 5 but am now on 11 wins with 10 games to go tomorrow so hopefully will get to gold 3 without too much difficulty.
  2. No weekend league rewards for me, took untradeable rivals rewards though. One 86, an 85 and a couple of 84s plus two informs (82 & 81) so more SBC fodder.
  3. Got it complete and made 18k selling two Polish rare gold from Serie A
  4. This guy. Yet another effective supersub or 8 chem starter if I use base icon Lineker and 89 Socrates.
  5. One or two but I got a couple more goals to force the quit. Only one game went into the second half.
  6. I’ve got Neres via the first goal wins method, didn’t take long.
  7. Can you make sure Aberdeen have left and right backs in FUT next time
  8. The weekly swap objectives were nice and simple this week, managed to do II and III at the same time using the best MLS players I had sitting in my club to get the assists. The other was just needing my non starting tots players coming off the bench to help if Tawamba wasn’t looking like scoring. Tempted to try the online singles with a silver team to get tots Neres but it looks a bit of a grind.
  9. I’m not bothering with this one, will wait for Serie A and Ultimate tots
  10. Mid icon or Sandro then sell 88 Telles.
  11. TOTS Moments Casemiro is now in my squad, looks like a good addition.
  12. Got Sarabia from the La Liga, looks like a quality super sub for very little outlay.
  13. Ive got over 1000 players but it takes so long to go through them to sell
  14. I bought Matuidi for about 70k I’d make profit selling the players I packed but will keep hold for TOTS SBCs. It felt a bit wrong spending so many coins for a player to submit but it was doing my head in and I have over 800k so it’s not that bad I guess. I feel for people without a lot of coins though. My untradeable Jesus went into the other one.
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