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  1. Sold all kits, badges and players that I’d not have any use for then did a few early SBCs and picked up some bargains on cheap bids.
  2. I’ve managed to bag a few quality budget players that will be good for the first few divisions (Soares, Juan Jesus and Alex Teixeira) until I’ve got more coins to load my squad a bit more. Packed one of my favourites from FIFA 17, Inaki Williams, from one of the SBCs so he’ll be a good option off the bench.
  3. Yeah man, 2 packs per week for 20 weeks, I got a reasonable haul from them last year.
  4. I had a £20 amazon voucher to use, wasn’t paying full price for it
  5. The web app has caused me to cave in and cancel my pre order of the standard edition. Ultimate edition inbound instead.
  6. The "legendary" J Haythwaite, who I've since replaced with his cleaner cut Brazilian cousin. Seemingly a lot of the bronze mangers are made up. Probably someone at EA's fat uncle.
  7. Two player pack from the starter SBC threw out an unreadable Sanchez. Shame it’s on my Xbox account which ain’t getting used this fifa
  8. Valero was my top pull, sold already. Built a basic team around Brazilian players, only had to buy LB, LW and RB for hardly anything. Roll on next week!
  9. I’m trying to resist cancelling my standard edition pre order and going ultimate again, damn you fifa. Still no sign of the web app, refresh central on my phone!
  10. TOTW1, some amazing informs from the off!
  11. I’ll be refreshing my browser all day in anticipation of the web app going live, then it’s the slow process of trying to grind coins on it daily until the game comes out. I hope you all pull Messi or Ronaldo from your starter packs (it will be more like Bas Dost however) 30 games is great news, I was hoping they’d add an extra day but it’s unlikely.
  12. Found this on Twitter, weekend league tiers have changed drastically. Maybe a number of games to play is changing?!
  13. If I match my starter pack on 18 that contained Nainggolan (opened while walking around Asda last year) I’ll be delighted but not expecting a repeat of that!
  14. What’s everybody thinking for FUT squads at first? I’m thinking about going Brazil or French nationality heavy to allow for a lot of league flexibility. Having the Chinese league means that Hulk is back!

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