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  1. I’ve barely played any fifa recently but did a Buffon SBC tonight. Was worth the sacrifice of my unreadable TOTS Alisson
  2. AlfromSleep

    The random discussion thread

    My best solo in Fortnite is a 2nd place and it was my complete inability to build that cost me the win in the end. It really is off putting so anything that balances it may tempt me back
  3. Two more SBCs done and up to 8 icons in my starting 11, Puyol and Klose on the bench. I saw Germany pop up and hoped for Matthaus but it was a duplicate Klose
  4. I’ve only played a couple of games since doing the icon SBCs but my fave so far is Mr Crisps himself, Lineker, a great all round striker. Blanc at CB is something special too, especially with a pace boosting chemistry style.
  5. I’ve burned through 500k but have run out of high rated duplicates and now running low on 83s to be able to churn out more icons so going to quick sell the chaff from my regular fut club and get some more packs bought.
  6. I’ve done a few, best has been Maradona.
  7. The best I can do is an Italian team, all my best cards are assorted nationalities. Could also do Argentina but would mean having to buy a whole back line plus keeper and defensive mode. Does it include subs?
  8. I’m not sacrificing any of my remaining TOTS as they fit my team so think that’s me finished doing anything more to my squad. Now to offload my surplus players, it may take some time...
  9. My luck today continues, this time in World Cup mode with Ronaldinho now in at CAM behind Hernandez.
  10. Had to revise my team to fit Messi into the starting XI so ended up buying TOTS Gomez to play CAM so Lionel is in there on 7 chem. I’ve got 87 Icardi which would give Messi full chem but Tots Ilicic is better so it’s a sacrifice worth making.
  11. Yep, that’s the 51 packs I was referring to, bag of shite other than that TOTS card.
  12. 51 packs and TOTS Debuchy was my only pull over 81
  13. My 10 year old son strikes again with a duplicate Messi, the lucky wee shite!
  14. Ive spent 310k on mine so far. Got TOTS Debuchy from one of the normal FUT packs so will recoup 30k or keep him for recycling into Ultimate TOTS

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