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  1. I have an untradeable 88 Pirlo alongside Allan as a playmaker but he’s surprisingly good at breaking up play compared to how his defensive stats indicate. BUT when I play games for my son on his Xbox account, he has Allan and Kante together (he’s packed Kante 3 times on two accounts) and it’s mad how great they are as a pairing. My main team is French player heavy so currently saving up for Kante to finally get Pogba sold. Pogba is good but as Mitch says, his size makes his movement a bit clunky.
  2. I’ve got a couple of main squads going just now, both with tactics set to switch to 442 or 4222. I’ve got some pace merchants on the bench, Sane, O Dembele, IF Orsic plus Partay to shore up the centre if I need to hold on. Ben Yedder has been brilliant for me, average of 2.5 goals per game so far.
  3. Defend with your midfielders and let the AI do it’s work with the defence. I still find that I need to switch and make the final tackle but their marking is good.
  4. The Akinfenwa objective was fairly easy, helped by a kindly person messaged me asking to let him score with a header then he’d let me win. I’ve started the French guy but only for the xp and packs now that I’ve got my rivals games played for the week. Ive got over 700 players in my club, would normally just go through and sell as many as possible but these objectives are keeping things interesting.
  5. I’m currently using this team. I’ve freed up enough coins to get Allan in to replace Partay (who is good but Allan looks better). Having multiple 5 star skills players is fun, especially for flick up volleys and rainbow flicks over the last defender to smash it in! After deciding to use Pogba he’s been a revelation in my team. Pops up with crucial goals and assists in almost every game at the moment. Got Ederson untradeable last week so bought Laporte to get him on chemistry after using Lloris and Sanchez for the Spurs link. Varane must be up there with the best CBs in the g
  6. I’m not gonna bother with the weekend league until they sort out it counting towards weekly rivals points as playing the full 30 would offer rank 3 or maybe 2 at best.
  7. I’m really enjoying the game so far. Got by far my best early stage team in any version since starting FUT. Packed an untradeable IF Ederson from rivals rewards but need to get a Man City CB to get him on a decent chem rating. After starting in Div 7 I’ve got to 4 now so think I’ll be at my level there. edit: Just packed Pogba from marquee matchups
  8. That’s the no loss loyalty glitch. If you don’t care about losses on your record just forfeit the game straight after kick off each time.
  9. I’ve done quite well from objectives this week. 88 Pirlo and a Varane but my rivals rewards were all trash.
  10. The Rodriguez SBC isn’t for a loan.
  11. EA have confirmed that weekend league games will give 400 rivals points and count towards your weekly 30 games for rewards. This means that unless you get a load of rivals played quickly on Thursday Friday then the maximum points earned from the WL is 12000, which is nowhere near enough to get rank 1. This seems like a massive screw up and will cause uproar in the community.
  12. I’ve done Rodriguez but using him and Pirlo in the same team isn’t an option due to both lacking pace and stamina. The silver objectives were fun, hopefully they keep doing things like that through the year. Im getting better at using Adama now, sometimes he’s a right handful to keep under control at full speed.
  13. Packed an untradeable 88 Pirlo earlier from a milestone reward pack, my first packing of an icon that wasn’t from an SBC. He looks to be one of those players that doesn't fit the meta but with 5* skills,4* WF and some great shooting, dribbling and passing I’ll be giving him a run out. Bought Aguero to play up front after selling Aubameyang and while he’s not as explosive his shooting and dribbling is great, currently on 2 goals a game for me.
  14. I placed in div 7 after making the mistake of jumping in without any real practice. Now in 5 so on the way up. Finished the Silver Beasts objective earlier and packed Varane (untradable) so he’s straight into my team on 7 chem. Sold Aubameyang for 350k but waiting to see if I get anyone decent in the Deadline Day pack tomorrow which contains loan OTW and an untradeable TOTW player. I’ll have another week of rivals before having enough points to try the weekend league. Im enjoying the game a lot more than 20, they’ve made a good move with these objectives that use things lik
  15. I’ve been playing the Live Friendly a bit (swaps game type) and in a game one of the three swapped players was IF Saint-Maximin. Probably the best player I’ve had the chance to use so far out with a loan Zidane that I’ve been using in friendlies. Been experimenting with lineups and after being inspired by a YouTube video I’ve got this 3-4-3 which is changed via tactics to 442 with Amama as an unorthodox RB. Despite his relatively poor defending stats the pace and power make him a good fit. The 3-4-3 is also good when goals are needed as the wide midfielders help to overload the attack.
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