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  1. Completed marquee matchups and was pissed off at another week with no walkouts. Got a nice surprise when finding that 84 rated Lucas Hernández was worth 60k. Ive not played all week due to moving house, I presume the game is still sluggish?
  2. I’ve not been able to play much this week so have been using the same team for the last couple of weeks. Have 200k sitting plus a massive number of players to sell. Not packed anything above 84 for ages now which is doing my head in.
  3. Im almost there but unlike 19 when I could beat legendary opposition every time I’m struggling on world class. After that I’ll need to buy up some decent Ligue 1 players to get goals in rivals games. I’m keen to finish it though as I’m using his normal version (good as a second cdm) so having the option to sell that one would be handy.
  4. Pukki is excellent, a very well rounded striker. 12 goals and 8 assists in 11 rivals games for me so far so he’s been worth doing
  5. For a 79 that is unlikely to get many informs and the associated OTW boosts…
  6. All done. 2 walkouts in the form of TOTW Thiago Silva and gold Hummels. A few boards but nothing spectacular so I’m glad it wasn’t my money being spent on the packs!
  7. I’m opening 12k worth of packs in a few minutes, link below!
  8. Boras with tutorial gold as usual, I’ve played a few games since watching it, the lifted through ball is glorious!
  9. Callum Wilson has been banging in the goals, he’s really good for a relatively low cost striker. TOTW Tammy Abraham, with a style to boost his pace and shooting, has been linking well with Wilson in my team, with Josh King at CAM in behind them.
  10. While the game does sometimes have issues with responsiveness I’ve been enjoying it a lot so far. Attacking is really fluid and while I’m still crap at defending, improvements are slowly coming. I’ve been populating SBCs on the companion app rather than on console as it’s much more user friendly and familiar. They’ve tried to make the squad menu look better but have ended up with a rather clunky system with the selection wheel. Got the 12000 fifa points that I won on twitter, waiting until OTW hits tomorrow in the hope that they release some promo packs for me to splash the virtual cash on
  11. Yeah, I’ve had some good luck from SBC packs so far. Getting Martial and Pepe to use as wingers in my team much earlier than anticipated.
  12. Finished off Hybrid Nations, got Rabiot, Kimpembe, Cuadrado, Davinson Sanchez and Martial over the last two packs
  13. Just got a notification that I’ve won 12k fifa points in a Twitter giveaway, that’ll come in handy!
  14. Marquee matchups packs made my mind up by supplying Kepa for less outlay than his current lowest price
  15. What is the consensus on the most important goalkeeper stats for FUT? I’ve been using Romero as I got him as an untradeable but he’s not been the best so going to upgrade. Based on my budget, I can choose between Kepa and Leno at 84, Pickford, Schmeichel and Patricio at 83. Thoughts?
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