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  1. Hope it goes well in the new jobs for the three of you.
  2. Pre order packs were absolute dogshit as usual but I did pack gold Hamsik from playing 4 squad battles matches.
  3. That’s IF Meunier bought, his stats are mental all round. Could feasibly play anywhere but goalkeeper.
  4. Yeah, that’s my likely route, if there was a dipsy, po or tinkywinky in the game Lala would be in for sure
  5. Thoughts on these right back options? I’d need Kimpembe to make SIF Lala work but IF Meunier looks amazingly rounded. Talisca and Fabinho would be switched via tactics.
  6. In addition, it’s bloody annoying that OFFLINE squad battles don’t work when they’ve disabled matchmaking. When I want to play it for the first time on 19
  7. I vowed to kick the FUT addiction but it’s too damn strong. Right now I’m pissed off because online matchmaking has been disabled by EA when I want to give IF Hulk and Buffon their debuts...
  8. Decided to stick with most of what I have but with a change of formation and a couple of personnel differences. Will see how it works in Rivals this week before I decide whether to do the WL next time or not.
  9. @Chewylegs86 Telles is great, if you like to bomb forward with your full backs his crossing ability is incredible and he’s able to track back easily. Only issue are his work rates, which means he drifts out of position easily, and the league which makes linking to non Brazilian players a bit tricky.
  10. Thinking about some modifications, thoughts? Starting for chemistry: switching to using tactics:
  11. TOTW Neto? He’d been great for me up until this weekend where he had a nightmarish Fut Champs. Can’t find a better option though, Buffon is the closest that fits with my PSG centre backs.
  12. Finished my weekend league already, silver 1 after a disappointing run of results. Feeling like I’ve stagnated a bit with my Brazilian team, tempted to try something else. As great as IF Talisca and Paulinho are, their league makes it hard to link with other nationalities. Currently on just over 1m with this lot tradeable Decisions, decisions...
  13. Yep, I redid the same as before and got nothing better than Rafinha from Barca
  14. @ryanskiyou have to register before it starts to get access
  15. I was looking at the basic Roberto Carlos but Telles was 600k less and better stats for being a defending left back.

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