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  1. Waiting on the next FUT Swap card and finishing off 16 games (current method is playing the TOTW on beginner, score a goal then walk away to do something else) to be able to get the 88 CF Insigne ahead of a possible weekend league campaign.
  2. Two more swap cards available through weekly objectives, play 16 matches in any mode and win two squad battle matches on professional or higher. Doing these will leave me one short of Insigne, hopefully a nice simple SBC pops up to complete it.
  3. Punted Hart and Hazard, another 45k into my savings for TOTY time.
  4. I packed IF Joe Hart and Thorgen Hazard from MM packs last night, sell now or keep for the future?
  5. Had my biggest win on 18 so far earlier, 11-2 in division 4 against a 5 Icon, 88 rated squad. Dunno how the guy kept going after the 5th or 6th went in early in the second half!
  6. Cheers, so it’s seems achievable for me to get to seven.
  7. I’ve been back on fifa and have earned three swap players now. I’d like the Insigne for seven swaps, does anyone know how many more are likely to be possible to earn?
  8. I’ve not played a single game in over two weeks with being busy during the kids Easter holidays. They go back tomorrow so will hit the DKT to see how I get in after a break from the game.
  9. I’ve got base Mertens and Dybala on the bench, only got Andersen in there for the special card factor
  10. I’ve not played in a couple of weeks, might try to qualify for the WL tomorrow but kinda lost the fifa itch during this break. Only 3 players away from a full special Calcio A starting 11 now.
  11. Had my best ever WL start, 4-1 then proceeded to lose 5 in a row. That’s me done for this week as I go on holidays tomorrow and won’t get back to finish the other 30 games so will be back into the DKT for the first time in ages
  12. They do have slightly dodgy work rates for defenders but are fun to use!
  13. The random discussion thread

    Cheers @Jamin, will give you a shout if I get stuck again. I’d farmed loads of blood echoes to be able to level up to 18 which seemed to give me that bit extra power to beat him. I used the graves to good effect along with the music box. Proper fist pump moment when he finally went down for the count!
  14. IF Koulibaly is a great Calcio A CB and FUT Birthday Bruno Peres is an ideal (expensive) replacement for Florenzi.
  15. I finished on 13 wins but wasn’t able to play the last 11 so could have been better. That’s three weeks in a row I’ve not been able to finish up the 40 and won’t be playing this weekend. Managed silver 1 monthly which is fine by me. Had a bad Friday which ended up 6-14 but managed to win 7 of the 9 I played on Saturday so definitely making some progress after a change in play style.

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