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  1. Have we visited, can I post to you? Otherwise I’m in work now, should be home just before 1’ish. Though if it’s dry and looking like staying that way I might go out for a pedal on my bike for a hour, then could get on and open for delivery or collections after that.
  2. That’d be about right...purple windflowers appear to despise me, but my one blue rose clones itself on its very first night
  3. I have the retro gas pump in red/yellow/white/black if any those be of use to that project. Also cones in red/blue/reflective and caution striped varieties and the OK Motors sign from the AC Pocket Camp promo items, if you don't got them unlocked yourself?
  4. Doing my morning patrol to see what new flowers have sprouted (unsurprisingly no purple windflower ) Then I go up to my top little area to find... ...first blue rose Is something shit like a 1% chance of those weak hybrids reds producing a blue, so a very nice result there. Especially from just my own watering. Now you go get busy cloning yourself little one!
  5. I like Deirdre lots, but she’s really not the smartest it seems. I gave her an apple TV a couple weeks back which she loved and put in her house. With the screen facing up against a wall. Now I’ve gifted her a tiny library and she’s done the same damn thing to it. Also the cute stereo is suffered the same fate
  6. Redd also here today. I've bought his only legit piece I believe, the fruit/veg headed man, but if anyone wants a fake Serene, Wistful, or Famous painting then you're welcome to visit. Antique bureau and blue throwback mitt chair available in Nook's. All I ask is while visiting you please go water my big grid patch of red windflowers up in the north west back far corner behind Cookie's house (and any other smaller bunches of them round the land you come across). My green Mum's are breeding/cloning for fun, but it seems them Windflower really don't like giving me purples off just my own watering
  7. It was indeed hard work and took a good few shovels. I didn't realise quite how many of them red windflower pairs I'd got around the place. Went from this below... To... No success for the first couple of nights, but with the assistance of a couple of visitors watering last night we now got two purples
  8. Err yeah, not sure if that was me. I remembered and then went to the tab to go leave it, but had already been booted. Rookie mistake, sorry
  9. Cheers! Yeah, I think you suggested that a couple weeks back to me for be lumping all the hybrid red roses together trying to get a blue from and mixing them up around every couple days in case any of them were the duds. I been doing that with those red roses I've got, but then decided to scrap that low percentage method for the longer more complicated higher percentage 'paleh' method. But I kept them ones around in case they got lucky. I've been thinking to try the same with these Windflowers seeing as they're all same colour and type, but it was just the issue of free space to do it and was easier to slip them in to the pairs layout spots I'd already got set up. I reckon I can probably shut down the green mum breeding and some others now though, then reorganise whats left all together and make some space free to put all those red Windflowers in a grid of some type. Sounds like hard work. I better go craft some load of shovels
  10. Has been some occasional friend watering, but as I’m not been in any great rush is mostly just me. I know my output will be slower and lower like that, but with enough flowers down I’d hoped for at least one or two by now. For the planting patterns I’ve had them as alternate pairs mixed with a different species pair either side and making sure the next row over with touching diagonals is also different species. Sometimes just two or three pairs shoved in a corner where there’s space... or also I have bigger plot like... I got the blues from pairs of seed white and now have them blues paired with seed red. Hard to say how long it’s been, probs a couple of weeks now since I started, with adding more red pairs each time I get any new produce off them blue/reds. Like there up on the right towards the back in that pic two of those blue/red have today sprouted up what I’m assuming and hoping is the special hybrid reds I’ve been pairing up hoping for purple out of, so I’ve taken them away and paired them up somewhere.
  11. Yeah I got the gold house trophy thing two weeks ago then nothing last week but they were back on today with letter, including a tip for matching colours for better score. No gift though. Got plenty of green Mum’s now and my first few purple Pansies came this week so I should get a bunch more of them cloned and grown over the next couple of weeks. Also I did decided to try the more complex but higher probability route for a blue rose and just got a few of the special purples now and currently test breeding them with some seed yellows, hopefully they do the right thing. Is the purple windflower supposed to be such a bastard to grow? I followed the recipe correct from what I think is one of the top guides. Two white seeds paired for a hybrid blue, that hybrid blue paired with a seed red for a special hybrid red, two of them special hybrid reds supposedly for a 6% chance of purple. I know I’m not guaranteed success instantly, but I think I’ve got about 17/18 pairs of those special hybrid reds about the place and none have given me a purple yet
  12. I have all six if you need any more? That weather calculation predictions site is scary good. Just got back in from work before and happen to have a meteor storm on so logged the times for a few mins, let it work it’s magic and then checked against the times it showed. Bang on. No need to water my flowers the next couple of days by the looks of it then at least And I know it’s been mentioned before about some of the cool little audio touches in the game. One I just found while moving some bits around, as I dragged the den chair across the room instead of the normal sliding noise you get the sound of it’s wheels turning, which then changed as it moved off the rug onto the hardwood flooring
  13. 192 OK for you? Gates open with Dodo 5R7KC if you want. Please mind the flowers
  14. I like to mix it up and try keep my guy looking fresh with an outfit change every day or two. Been taking a little snap shot of this last weeks looks... Exploring nature... Rock n Roll star... On my summer hols... Manual labouring... Weird....well I don’t know what happened here. I swore I took my guys pic, but I can’t see him anywhere in there
  15. A measly 34 here, running on a small spike week according to the guide thingy.
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