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  1. I used to hoover a fair bit of shit from ebay, bootsales and 2nd hand stuff from GAME. I stopped a few years ago thankfully. Like most people, I was starved of games as a kid. Picking up games easily was fulfilling the dreams I had as a kid and gave me a little buzz each time. Didn't play them much. Realising this made it easy to stop. I sold all my SNES apart from a handful of games that actually get me moist when I hold them. I kept all my gameboy carts too, as they only cost about 50p each, they are great for a blast, take up no space, and there's something really satisfying about a shoebox jammed full of GB carts. I'm still working on my arcade machine 'problem'... I've got a 4 cabs... but I'm convinced I'm done now. I've no desire for more and have started thinking about moving a cab on. Late 80s, and early 90's arcade gaming with mates is what I enjoy most about retro gaming - so I'm set up for that now. No way I'm getting into collecting PCBs. I'll make do with a couple of boards and MAME.
  2. Cool Bishi Bashi controllers. What's the yellow button for? I thought it was 3 buttons per player.
  3. This is one of my favourite cheat meals, and I'll have it when in a rush. It needs the parmesan (and butter). I think it's lush. yum yum!
  4. I get the same thing sometimes. Tv goes a bit crazy with interference, headset is ok. Turning the tv off and on again seems to fix it. I put this down to me having an ancient Panasonic plasma that’s fussy about hdmi strength, but maybe not if others have strange things happening too.
  5. zipper

    SNES Mini

    The latest Retroarch snes module seems great for filling the gaps where Canoe can't emulate properly (apart from the lack of rewind, which is fine). However, anyone else have this bug?: https://youtu.be/owULHM794Jc Basically - if you restart a retroarch save using the rewind button 'x' (e.g. because you thought it was a Canoe game)... it launches the game no problem, but then hitting reset doesn't give you the save icon to further save your progress.
  6. zipper

    SNES Mini

    CRT mode - especially for Castlevania, which wasn't supposed to look pixel perfect / like minecraft.
  7. zipper

    SNES Mini

    Do try CRT filter if you haven’t already. It really looks poorer in minecraft mode, but am really loving Castlevania with CRT on. Also, using the rewind feature feels like cheating - but I soon got over that feeling. Looking forward to using it on games like Super R-Type
  8. zipper

    SNES Mini

    Look at these 2 pictures. CRTs made the games what they were and artists worked with it. Personally, I’ll always play as close to CRT as I can and ‘pixel perfect’ can get stuffed
  9. zipper

    SNES Mini

    No doubt , and the slo-mo function is possibly the most useless addition to any pad in history. It's the *same pad* they released when I was 13 though. I thought it was going to be exclusive to Japan, so I'm chuffed to be able to relive the memory. Anyone interested / had one bitd can check out the article on it... http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2017/09/hori_is_reviving_its_fighting_commander_pad_for_the_super_famicom_mini
  10. zipper

    SNES Mini

    Royal mail just dropped off my Grainger Games order. Happy as a pig in poop. If it wasn't ugly and covered in buttons, the Hori pad wouldn't be authentic 90s . Controller cables across the lounge are a retro detail too far for me.
  11. zipper

    SNES Mini

    I just picked up the Hori wireless pad from Argos. http://www.argos.co.uk/product/7455407 . It's ace - can't wait for the mini to arrive. Due anytime now
  12. Cool - I hope subscriber copies are delivered today.
  13. I've just seen a HAS up for sale: http://www.jammaplus.co.uk/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=84795&title=has-supergun-arcade-boards ... Comes with RGB and power lead. You can plug NG controllers straight in - Just add a 1-slot. Never used one, but they have a good reputation. Have attached a pic of the setup you'd be looking for.
  14. Thanks - Mame even lets you use unibios and has memory card support, it really is pretty impressive when used with crt emudrivers. An old core2duo will run MVS at full speed. I'd rather have the real deal, especially AES, but when hiding traces of the computer away, you can get a pretty good illusion going.
  15. One day I'll get a real MVS cab, but for now I just finished converting a little Sega Dino King cab to a mini MVS-U4. It runs Mame (groovymame),which obviously isn't ideal, but it emulates a 4-slot really well on the 14" crt. It feeds the marquee and credit LEDs via Mamehooker and an arduino. 1p controls are hooked up with an ipac. I use a Neo Geo X USB controller for the 2nd player. It's in the garage at the moment, but it's a wife friendly size, and should be promoted to the house soon (fingers crossed)
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