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  1. We have a corner sofa, and when you sit in the actual corner, you are too far back from the coffee table & we don’t have anything behind it to put drinks / food on. assuming this is as good as it says it is ( fat chance ), it’s the solution to all my problems!
  2. ph0rce

    Pokemon Go

    The site Stopharage linked is brilliant, I did both Legendaries in about 10 minutes yesterday afternoon without leaving my house.
  3. Jeez, that’s ridiculous!!
  4. If I forget about the add-ons, it's 27 models in the base game ( you can see them from the link above ), mostly 'figure sized' with 5 larger ones for the bosses. I'd want them to be done to look like they do in the game, so definitely not cartoony. As far as time is concerned, however long it takes is fine with me, if it takes the best part of this year, then it wouldn't be an issue. If anyone is interested, drop me a PM & we can discuss it further. Thanks for replying Nicky.
  5. I backed this years ago when it was on Kickstarter: https://steamforged.com/games/dark-souls-board-game So I've got the normal game, plus loads of additional models, etc. If I wanted to get someone, with the kind of skills I see on show in this thread, to paint them so I can put them on display somewhere; what's the normal going rate for doing something along these lines? Is it usually priced per model, per set ( ? ), based on the size / complexity of each model, etc?
  6. Turns out, from a quick Google, there’s another ten books after I obviously stopped reading! I’ve kept the first book out, might give it a re-read & see how well it holds up now that I’m nearly 40.
  7. And here we go, first time out the box in what, 25 years:
  8. Man oh man, I also loved these books. I’ve got most of them in a box in the loft actually, think my son is still too young to appreciate them properly though.
  9. ph0rce

    Pokemon Go

    I finally completed the Melton quest a few weeks ago, is there a way to get the Melton box without having the game on the Switch?
  10. Pulled Diona yesterday, and it seems from some brief research that she could be pretty useful with Xiao in terms of dropping her healing skill before I activate his skill. Trouble is, I'm having to level her from scratch, plus relevant artefacts. She's definitely more useful than Bennett from that point of view, so that's who I've dropped. Currently running Xiao, Diona, Fischl & Xingqui. Nice to have water / ice back so I can freeze again. Xiao is at 80 now, as is his Jade Spear, so don't need to worry until I hit AR50 for him but I do need to defeat the
  11. Gave me the same error as you, I think it’s because we’re both on PlayStation as there were a couple of posts about that when I did a quick Google. What’s your PSN?
  12. AR43 here, halfway to 44 which is proving to be a massive slog as I’ve basically done nearly all the world quests & story stuff. Xiao is at 80 now, his ult is disgusting! If I put Bennett’s down first, he barely loses any health either. Got one more Liyue shrine to find & a couple of world quests to track down but it’s mainly about farming domains for talent books & materials. Once I hit AR45, I’ll go back to artefacts but it’s quite nice to have broken the back of the game, for now & not feel like I’m trying to do 100 things at once.
  13. Man, I don’t think I’d want to pull another 5 star in the next couple of weeks if I’m honest! Power levelling Xiao this week has exhausted most of my resources & I’ve been grinding specific bosses repeatedly. It’s probably not been helped that I’ve chosen to level a new weapon as well, and that Xiao is tied to the new Primal world boss. Now that I’ve got him to a good level, he’s doing some real damage. Unfortunately I’ve run out of talent books, and Sacrifical Knives ( and Qixing flowers, etc ). However, I’d take another Xiao though so I could ge
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