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  1. Not hard core. My ma is
  2. I'm having a weird issue with my Xbox One S. When watching a Blu-ray, Netflix or YouTube the idle screen is not being blocked so I'm having to press a button on my pad every 10 mins or so. My Xbox is also going into sleep mode when doing the same. I don't remember this being an issue previously. Has anyone else had this happen?
  3. Alan Wake for me. Whenever I play it I just get completely absorbed in the world. Makes any other issues I have going on at the time completely melt away. Love it
  4. I'm getting a weird drift issue with the joycons connected to my switch. I'm sure I read in here something related about dust in the joystick. What s was the fix in the end?
  5. Quick question, my brother has a HTC Vive and we were wondering what the best games were to play cross platform. We were playing Sports Bar VR last night which was great. Had an amazing experience and this is pretty much a game changer for us as I only see him every few years as he lives in America. Are there many others games that would be easy for us to get setup with?
  6. Having never played The Witcher 3, I recently bought the GOTY edition to play over Christmas. I wanted a fair bit of time free to become absorbed in it. I'm so looking forward to it.
  7. Ah yes you're right. My apologies! Just assumed you could..
  8. Quick question, I'm considering getting a Bluetooth headset for my Xbox. I just wanted to check if there is any improvement in sound quality via using Bluetooth rather than the sound from directly plugging into the controller?
  9. Is anyone else concerned that an all digital future would mean the impossibility of preserving these experiences for future generations? I know, same old argument against digital but I for one find this disheartening. Some people aren't interested in replaying older games but I definitely dip back in to older experiences if the mood strikes.
  10. Oh really?? That sucks...
  11. If you go back to where you die you fight a shadow version of yourself which when killed returns the essence you lost when you died. Of course, if you die before managing to kill this shadow you you lose the essence a la dark souls.
  12. 150 at the moment I think
  13. I really really love this game. I think the art style, gameplay and challenge are great. It's hard to find such a combination in this day and age. But for fuck sake! I wish they put benches closer to the boss rooms! My sub conscious is trying to make me quit playing because of the laborious travels between benches and boss rooms on the tougher boss battles..
  14. So am I correct in thinking this new update doesn't support HDR on the Xbox one S? Doesn't appear to be available on mine.... Baffling!
  15. Argh me hearties. I'm not sure if there be a crew available who would take on me peg leg but I crave me some shipmates to sail the high seas. Argggg! Or are there any groups on here id be able to join in some adventures? All my friends have ps4's and while I'm enjoying this id love to be able to play with people who don't keep throwing me in the brig!
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