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  1. So there's no hope this is just prep work and they are still readying them for release?
  2. Argos is currently saying add to checkout for me but then says there was error when adding to checkout every time... Does this mean they're gone?
  3. Completed my very first run today. Felt like absolute magic. So satisfying. Didn't have anything too fancy going on so was mostly just an ironclad strength focused deck. My character was basically getting strong and stronger as the turns went on until he'd one shot them.
  4. Anyone played this on series s? How is it?
  5. Yeah literally just RWD. I think I might have to do this as they are so difficult to drive on ice
  6. God damn! I cannot do the RWD ice race for the life of me. Best position I've gotten to is 2nd. Does anyone have any tips for this?
  7. @metallicfrodo I'm quite interested in Lies Beneath. What started to fall off for you near the end?
  8. 60fps mode on series s makes massive visual compromises as expected. And some weird visual bugs too such as polygon warping on the ground for me where there are mud tracks...
  9. Can confirm rez infinite is awesome too
  10. Anyone know of any decent cheap portable headphone amps?
  11. I had the same experience. Tearing can be fixed by enabling v sync in the options. This is clearly just the pc version lashed on series. It even has the mouse pointer to select options in menus
  12. I'd probably play reach last. So order of release. It has a much harder hitting storyline that way I'd say
  13. Hmmm I seem to be able to run my series s patched games from external storage?? I've tested this with a patched Apex Legends and State of Decay 2. Is this normal? Edit: Shimmyhill sorry I missed your post above. Yeah I'm finding this too...
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