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  1. Definitely. True, we don't know if Joel condemned civilization per se, but he certainly robbed it of any hope. Just like he robbed Ellie of her agency (and basically caused her PTSS). I personally really like that Ellie realised that her PTSS was caused by survivor's guilt instead of Joel's murder when she was drowning Abby and thought of the moment at the porch with Joel, finding some redemption at least. She already lost almost anything, but at least she found some humanity to cling on to. It's ironic in a way that if she hadn't left Dina and JJ behind to go to Santa Barbara, Abby and Lev probably would have died. She saves Abby and Lev and herself.
  2. I mean, how can it be viewed as anything but negative? Ellie murders tons of people who have nothing to do with this just to get her selfish revenge, while knowing that Joel was a selfish asshole who basically condemned civilization. She is so blinded by revenge, which she thinks will fix her PTSS, that she even alienates herself from her friends and the love of her life. Ellie is basically losing her humanity, which is also mirrored in her detoriating physique. It takes a broken Abby at her feet to regain some of that. Abby on the other hand realizes much earlier that revenge is a hollow victory and is basically going the opposite direction. Whereas Ellie is selfish until the very end, Abby is risking her life to save both Yara and Lev. Like Owen, she is tired of the fighting and only wants to fight to protect these kids. I don't see how anybody can view Ellie as more sympathetic. If people are still rooting for Ellie when Abby refuses to fight her and Ellie puts a knife to Lev's throat, they have a fucked-up morality.
  3. That video belongs in the spoiler thread. It's not a bad videi, I quite like it, but he completely misses the point of the ending imo.
  4. Gross confirms that “the title screen is an indication of hope,” saying: “Lev and Abby, in the true Naughty Dog way of not spelling it out, maybe they’ve arrived at Catalina, maybe they’ve found the Fireflies, maybe they found community and home. And a version of community and home that is more stable than what they’ve experienced in Seattle and more akin to what Abby experienced at the hospital. I think that’s the hope, but also leaving some mystery. But we also don’t know who the Fireflies are now, we don’t know what their focus is on. Is it still finding a cure? Or have they moved on? And why Catalina?”
  5. Nice to see Don Casanova batting for Huntdown.
  6. Came out this week.
  7. IGN's best games of the gen on PS4 list. https://www.ign.com/articles/best-ps4-games Not bad, and Bloodborne and TLoU: Part II would probably be in my top three as well (as 1 and 2 respectively) but I find GoW a tad overrated. Well-made for sure, but I'd put games like Astro Bot and The Last Guardian above it. As for third-party games, I'd add Prey and probably Sekiro as well. Indie-wise, The Witness and Cuphead for sure. And perhaps Towerfall Ascension, one of the greatest couch MP games ever made.
  8. I do have the next best thing. A calendar of all the events this month. DC Fandome will have the reveal of Rocksteady's next game apparently. In other news: looks like EA is gonna gobble up WB Games.
  9. Latest Last of Us podcast dives into the ending. Collider gave a summary of sorts. https://collider.com/last-of-us-2-ending-meaning/
  10. Yeah, I don't think GT7 will be a launch title. I still hope for Returnal as that game looks super intruiging to me, but that's probably not gonna make it to launch either.
  11. Regarding graphics, it's pretty impressive that Ghost is even mentioned in the same breath as RDR2 and TLoU2. Sucker Punch is a small studio in comparison to those and doesn't work with the mega budgets Rockstar and Naughty Dog have. They all have their strengths, RDR2 with its environments, TLou2 with its unrivaled character rendering and animation (and unlike RDR it also controls buttery smooth and has super fun combat) and Ghost with its style and gorgeous 'world in motion' aesthetic. Just imagine what these studios will achieve next-gen.
  12. Leak seems fake. The next CoD is called Cold War, not Vietnam. I think they will go in-depth on the launch games, reveal some system features (and perhaps the release date) and they'll have a surprise or two as multiple reliable sources have said Sony still has some stuff to announce.
  13. There's a Stadia version coming.
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