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  1. Seems those coordinates point to San Diego Comic Con, which will be held July 18-21. Trailer and release date will be my guess.
  2. Ninja:
  3. Here we go: https://m.ign.com/articles/2019/06/21/elden-ring-is-an-evolution-of-dark-souls-says-creator-a-e3-2019?sf104471595=1
  4. Miyazaki did an interview with IGN Japan and some guy over at Era did a quick translation job of some bullet points: - Elden Ring is developed in a game field that is much larger than previous titles and some gameplay aspects will change naturally as a result of that. - In addition to the complex and interconnected dungeons there is an open field between these points of interest. - There were three main reasons for going with a more open world approach. 1. To show the story and the world on a larger scale. 2. To increase the depth and feeling of exploration. 3. To make the battles more open. - Horse is used for traversal and you can battle while riding it. - With having wider areas, they hope to expand on the ways you can approach enemies/bosses. He name-dropped BotW and how the environment can be used to defeat enemies. Edit (unclear if it's the author of the article or Miyazaki name dropping BotW) - Following the same structure of telling the lore as in Souls but on a bigger scale. There may be side quests that don't involve any type of battling. - (unclear here) They are not including high populated towns and villages cause the game is already a big enough challenge for them to tackle. They are focusing on their strengths and high density towns isn't one of them. The game will stick to classic FROM levels (dungeons, ruins, castles). - While they take inspiration from different open world games, this is FROM's own unique take on it. They are trying to be as authentic and original as possible without being too influenced by other works. - Main story by Miyazaki.
  5. They'll release it to the public at PAX West if I'm correct, not Gamescom as originally believed.
  6. It seems they're going for more systems in Cyberpunk, inspired by immersive sims like Deus Ex and Arkane's body of work. The whole idea is that, based on the background you picked, the choices you make, the clothes you wear and the upgrades you invest in, you can tackle the game in a variety of ways, including non-lethal playthroughs. Also, this is their first game that has actual combat designers, which explains the less than stellar combat of TW3. https://www.vg247.com/2019/06/17/cyberpunk-2077-combat-designers/ Not sure if posted already but Easy Allies' almost an hour long impressions give a great overview of the demo.
  7. It's not that easy, but it's the mindset you should have when playing. I was observing a friend of mine who was playing this for the first time and she was playing it like Bloodborne. Dashing in for a few hits, dashing backwards to avoid attacks instead of parrying/countering them. She was having so much trouble with the white mini-boss with the spear in Harata because of this. This game is about all-out agression, not defense. When it clicks fights go a lot smoother. As for the prosthetics, I like that they're optional. You can miss them, but searching for them is definitely recommended because the prosthetics make your life a helluva lot easier. I like that they're not mandatory, but fun to experiment with. Also, can we talk about how good the is? Spoilered it in case people want to be surprised when they get this.
  8. Circle is important because the Mikiri counter is extremely valuable in destroying posture, but yeah, you should definitely not play it like DS. Jump in (literally, the jump kick is very effective), slash, slash, slash, parry, parry, slash, Mikiri counter, death blow.
  9. I'm generally not a huge fan of open worlds, because there's always something that suffers. In terms of systems, freedom and exploration BotW is easily the best. The only thing it's really lacking is the series trademark tightly designed dungeons, something for the sequel perhaps. And I guess story if you're the type of gamer who really values that. Purely mechanically I'd say The Phantom Pain wipes the floor with everything this gen and it's also really cool how enemies adjust to your playstyle. The world itself isn't that interesting though. Curious what Kojima will do with Death Stranding. We don't have much to go by, but Elden Ring is easily the most exciting open world game on the horizon for me. Based on the rumours and some of the things Miyazaki said, it seems to offer a dangerous open world that can be tackled in any order (similar to Zelda), filled with structures that have From's quality level design (confirmed by Miyazaki) and tons of lore from Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin to unearth and piece together, which is my favourite form of storytelling because it's doesn't force you down a critical path and doesn't have the ludonarrative dissonance of an urgent main quest in which the PC constantly gets sidetracked with other quests and busywork. I seriously can't wait for that game. It seems that with Elden Ring, Cyberpunk 2077, Death Stranding, Watch_Dogs Legion and Breath of the Wild II, there's something for everyone and all of these games seem ambitious as well: a few notches above most open world games of this and previous gens. Oh, and I guess Bethesda has two open world games coming but I can't get on with these at all: jack of all trades, master of none as far as I'm concerned. TLDR; What I'm trying to say is that the future looks neon bright.
  10. Definitely. I prefer this as well. For those who want to dig deeper into the lore, Vaati posted a new video.
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