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  1. I'm really enjoying this so far. I've just got the Medieval era in my first game. The Huns were a fun choice for the 2nd era: you can't build cities any more, or attach your outposts to cities, but if you get an outpost to 4 population, you can instantly spawn an army of 4 of your unique unit horse archers, and then they can multiply themselves by looting from combat or ransacking. My Mayan neighbours did not enjoy me finding all of this out.
  2. Yeah, I’ve only played around 50 turns or so, but Humankind seems really good so far. (And if anyone else runs into the issue where the “how many 4X games” tutorial setup screen disappears when you go back to the main menu, I think all this screen is doing is setting one or two of the options in the Settings menu, it’s under something like “tutorial level”, so you can just start a normal game and then set that option to whatever you like afterwards and still get the tutorial.)
  3. Oh, maybe that's PC only.
  4. It's one of the options in the Accessibility menu - the same place where you can adjust the enemy/player damage.
  5. I’d written this ‘Xbox pads don’t work over Bluetooth’ thing off as an old wives tale, since mine seemed to work fine connected to a cheapo BT dongle for months after I bought it, so I more or less forgot that it was a thing that could happen. And then I bought AC: Valhalla and found that it had constant slight frame rate drops and then would occasionally drop totally from around 60FPS to multiple seconds per frame, and get stuck like that until I turned off the controller. With the official wireless adapter it runs at 60FPS the whole time.
  6. Anyone thinking of taking the Dagger Dealer perk, be warned that you can't pick up your knife after you've thrown it. I literally just threw a thousand eurodollars away.
  7. A keepsake will become unselectable during a run if you've already used it once in that run and switched away from it. I think you can always start with whatever you want.
  8. I bought that hidden aspect and I kinda regret it. Feels like the possible healing doesn’t really make up for the health penalty. That said, I only tried a single run with it.
  9. IMO the Evergreen Acorn is better than the Skelly Tooth, unless you regularly use death defiance outside of boss fights. You can only benefit from the tooth once per run and it only gives you 100HP, whereas the Acorn works on every boss fight, and can potentially save you losing any amount of HP.
  10. If I remember right, you can just find the Pope, and it's one of the options when you right click his portrait. Though I think if you're not being prompted that you can do this via the help suggestion thing at the top of the screen, you probably don't have enough piety. If you select one of your vassals, I think 'modify feudal contract' is an option in the right-click menu on their portrait. Your ruler can only do it once per vassal* though. *Or maybe it's per title, I don't remember exactly.
  11. Zag will say something if he sees a fishing spot.
  12. Escape attempt number 25 and I beat the last bo...
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