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  1. alex3d

    Subnautica - Ver 1.0 Out Now

    They didn't adjust the inventory system for controllers, did they?
  2. I don't care. Nintendo style games are okay, but I'm not spending a few hundred quid for something I touch three or four times a year. Ps4 and PC are more than enough for me. And why should I pay 30 quid for Diablo Switch when I can get for 10 on PS4?
  3. Their most profitable unit, second hand games, is slowing down though.
  4. https://www.mcvuk.com/business/gamestop-is-evaluating-all-aspects-of-its-business-after-third-quarter-losses-of-488-6-million Despite a 12.8 per cent jump in new hardware sales, and a 11 per cent increase in software sales, GameStop is reporting a $488.6 million loss across its third fiscal quarter. The company notes that the release of Spider-Man, Red Dead Redemption 2 and the revised release schedule for Call of Duty have contributed to a year-over-year boost in sales of 5 per cent, taking revenue to $2.08 billion, but this increase is tempered by a decline in its used good sales which have dropped more than 13 per cent to almost £397 million. (...) Consequently, the company has now revised its 2018 guidance and said it is talking with "third parties" regarding a "possible transaction as part of the comprehensive review of strategic and financial alternatives currently being undertaken by the company’s board of directors". The last sentence reads like they're looking for a buyer or an investor.
  5. alex3d

    Ys VIII - Lacrimosa of Dana

    Well, turns out this is fantastic. Love the combat system!! Story and dialogue are pretty bad though...
  6. alex3d

    Ys VIII - Lacrimosa of Dana

    Thanks. I know it's OT, but is there any game on Steam or PS4 that is comparable to Xenoblade Chronicles? I stumbled upon Ys because it was mentioned on reddit as XC-like.
  7. alex3d

    Ys VIII - Lacrimosa of Dana

    Is this somehow comparable to Xenoblade Chronicles?
  8. alex3d

    Rllmuk's Official Sales Figures

    Not surprised, but there were a couple of days of big hope when Shenmue entered the UK charts (it did, didn't it?) and the internet was full of hype...
  9. alex3d

    Rllmuk's Official Sales Figures

    Oh crap
  10. alex3d

    Rllmuk's Official Sales Figures

    Any Shenmue Remaster sales figures yet?
  11. What can you do with that custom firmware? Thanks.
  12. alex3d

    The Wire

    Yeah, the emptiness after having finished it was just huge
  13. alex3d

    Shenmue 1&2

    How has the collection done commercially? I read somewhere that Steam sales were only 20,000...?
  14. alex3d

    Microsoft’s xCloud Game Streaming Service

    I watched the trailer on Eurogamer and you can see how they play Halo on a phone and tablet. The tablet controls are on-screen, so is this then up to the developers to fine-tune game controls for all sorts of devices? If so that might never work. Even Sony's PS4/Vita remote play was quite an exclusive thing...
  15. alex3d

    The future of emulation

    I've literally just discovered Dolphin a few days ago and am a couple of hours into Xenoblade Chronicles with it... and... it's incredible. It allows you to configure graphics (resolution, speed, anti aliasing and many more) and sound and gamepad settings and whatelsenot. And there is a HD texture pack for Xenoblade which apparently some hobby modders have created - the game looks totally stunning with it. If this is what next-level emulation looks like, count me in.

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