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  1. They just HAVE TO give the SP to backers. I don't care about Steam vs. Epic but denying backers the SP would be the ultimate dick move.
  2. Oh god. I hope this isn't turning into a huge catastrophe for all parties involved (Yu, fans). News certainly aren't good at the moment (first Epic and now this) According to the resetera thread GiantBomb also don't like it. Others (IGN...) don't seem to be as negative about it though.
  3. Oh God, no He has to bring it to an end.
  4. Yeah, that's what pisses me off too and I'll definitely never participate in a Kickstarter again (had one failed campaign already).
  5. I haven't been able to finish even the VERY FIRST LEVEL (forrest)... after 15 attempts or so... ooooookay O__o
  6. Nope. You haven't read Kickstarter's terms and conditions. You did NOT choose. You contributed to FUNDING a product which might look different in its final form than the Kickstarter campaign suggested or which might never be released at all.
  7. So, did the hack yesterday with an Rcm dongle and the sdsetup.com Kosmos package and I love using RetroArch on the handheld @dumpster Thanks a lot for this thread. Also, the homebrew scene is remarkable in its creativity. Using a jig to short pins in order to load stuff on the Switch... unbelievable stuff.
  8. Did Steam come with all those features from the start?
  9. Is this realistic? As in Yu using assets he might have developed back in 2001/2002 just before Dreamcast died?
  10. Banjo and Kazooie is for SSB? Oh, FFS! I thought it's going to be a full game
  11. Yeah, which is why I hope Yu will end the series with Shenmue 3. It's not going to be a massive success.
  12. The game looks like a modern Dreamcast game --> perfect!
  13. Does F2P mean you can play it without PS Plus on PS4 (similar to Apex Legends)?
  14. Pre-owned revenues year-on-year declined by 20%. Dividends cancelled. Not looking good overall: https://venturebeat.com/2019/06/05/gamestops-future-is-grim-as-its-stock-price-crumbles/
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