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  1. alex3d

    Shenmue 1&2

    How has the collection done commercially? I read somewhere that Steam sales were only 20,000...?
  2. alex3d

    Microsoft’s xCloud Game Streaming Service

    I watched the trailer on Eurogamer and you can see how they play Halo on a phone and tablet. The tablet controls are on-screen, so is this then up to the developers to fine-tune game controls for all sorts of devices? If so that might never work. Even Sony's PS4/Vita remote play was quite an exclusive thing...
  3. alex3d

    The future of emulation

    I've literally just discovered Dolphin a few days ago and am a couple of hours into Xenoblade Chronicles with it... and... it's incredible. It allows you to configure graphics (resolution, speed, anti aliasing and many more) and sound and gamepad settings and whatelsenot. And there is a HD texture pack for Xenoblade which apparently some hobby modders have created - the game looks totally stunning with it. If this is what next-level emulation looks like, count me in.
  4. Music in JRPGs is way too important for such odd "solutions" to be worth it.
  5. This will definitely not be available on PS4, will it?
  6. alex3d

    Shenmue 1&2

    Anyone else experiencing the cutscene bug? Had it three times now and am gutted https://www.trueachievements.com/gameclip.aspx?clipid=126546325
  7. alex3d

    Shenmue 1&2

    It's not stretched. Saving and options icons are VMU and Dreamcast
  8. This is Groening's regression to the mean. Totally boring and flat.
  9. alex3d

    Shenmue 1&2

    ... Where did you order it from? Still happy for you
  10. alex3d

    Shenmue 1&2

    Alright, thanks. I can live with that. Have it on preorder anyway and can't wait.
  11. alex3d

    Shenmue 1&2

    Can you please elaborate on that?
  12. @Nequests Where in China are you? Will be there soon (Shanghai and Beijing) and would like to buy one or two. Can you send me a PN please?
  13. alex3d


    This actually makes me sad I used it a dozen times over the last 15(!) years or so, basically started when I was a teenager. Fuck
  14. Fuck this! Why no PS4 drums
  15. alex3d

    Shenmue 1&2

    F*CK! I feel the same I have it on preorder but aren't sure at all. Something in me tells me to just remember the experience... I'm not sure I am patient enough for the forklift job in 2018!!

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