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  1. I did almost exactly the same thing in Robo Recall on the Vive. Hit the side of my shed so hard everything on the slelf on that wall (approx 50 Lego Batman minifigs) hit the ground approx two seconds after I thought what the hell and one second after I wondered if I'd broken the controller.
  2. Bits of it were great. I loved the opening credits, Reynolds is fantastic, the script had more comedy moments than most comedy trilogies... but Deadpool was wondrous, 2 was just ok and I hated the beginning kill ‘em all scene, just that tiny bit too gross without any mitigating moments.
  3. Phantom Menace, Matrix 2 and 3, John Wick 2, Jurassic World didn't so much dissapoint me but they did bore me. Jworld made me angry with the ending I guess. Original Judge Dredd film was awful yet had so much potential. Covenant is a game of two halves for me. The set up wasn't great but was OK. The end and (shock) that twist were infuriatingly awful. Surely someone looked at the script and said Ridley this bit needs some work. I'd love a sequel though. Am sure I'd hate it but I rmdo really want to know how Scott would continue from that ending. Deadpool 2 I only marginally liked, absolutely loved the first one. Just seemed a little charmless in comparison. The films which I'd hold up as the worst for me are Prometheus, The Last Jedi and Watchmen. So much potential, absolutely top of their class visuals plus some excellent casting* yet absolutely bone headed in their scripted stupidity imo. Hard to pick one I hate most out of the three yet, strangely, they're possibly the films I've rewatched the most (as the imagery is so damn good). If you turn the sound off TLJ and Prometheus are masterpieces. *not aged Pierce and Silk Spectre 1.they were both terrible choices for casting/make up.
  4. Oh I could boringly go on for ages, and the worst part of the filmed Watchmen is the utter missing of the entire damn point from the scripted final third POV. Visually it's resplendent, a glorious translation of the comic to the screen, apart from the bonkers hatstand casting/make up of Silk Spectre which is utterly ludicrous. The directors cut also has possibly the single worst acted scene I've ever watched (the knot tops talking about Hollis' death). ... But the end of the film is a hateful, awful, Snyder power chord of idiocy. I can't tell if it or Prometheus are my most watched/disliked fillms... But it had and squandered so much. Ugh. BvS is.. Well... Nowhere near as terrible imo.
  5. So.... Um.... I know they're just silly social media rumours but blimey thought the thread might have been resurrected just to see what people thought about it? Imo can't imagine that Chibbers and Whittaker have walked, but the lack of official response and feedback makes me wonder if there's any truth in some of the story? That Chibnall and the BBC are at odds over an early screening and it's all gone a bit door slammy? Or is it all just made up drama?
  6. Oh i think they like each other, or used to certainly. But the banter section has morphed from the genuinely funny (bandana guy, toilet roll etc) to him saying 'this'll be crap, let's get it over with with no effort or interaction on my part...' No idea why he/they think it's better, if they do, but I find it sad/painful and a frustrating waste of the double act.
  7. I kind of like this series: Lou and Iain the stand outs for me but also I'm developing a crush on Sian (was utterly entranced by Kerry last series :)). But I've grown to alnost dislike Greg over the whole banter thing. It almost feels like bullying. Alex does the tasks, the scoring, the stage tasks and everything else. Greg just sits down and judges and can't be arsed to join in with the banter section. Drives me nuts. That said yes. Some very funny moments this year. Lou reminds me of a human version of Sackboy when she sticks her tongue out
  8. Um is it me or is that a truly terrible trailer? No flow, stutters from shot to shot, some way too short to be in as anything other than tick box addition and spoils way too much. I mean I know most people have seen the film but truly no mystery or anticipation building at all...
  9. If the leap between Go and Quest is a guide then Oculus will be the ones who release a high specc'd upgrade in a years time. I'm in for Quest, but will hang fire until Tiltbrush is released (hasn't got a release date to my knowledge yet?) and even then may wait til Summer as time before won't allow much play and hopefully there may be a deal. Maybe.
  10. I don't remember the film building up the mystery as much as the audience doing so.... And tbh sometimes the answers to a mystery aren't very successful (Dr Who and the Time War for example or Palps in the prequels IMO - although he was one of the better things about the prequels). My problem with TLJ is that I found the answers to the questions posed all entirely unsatisfying, a bit dull and, apart from the customary visual flair, a poorly constructed story. It looked better than TFA (Krait looked lovely) but it was a riff On ESB without any of the charm or character. TFA was serviceable, story wise, hardly ground breaking in terms of narrative, but crowd pleasing at times and hit the right notes in terms of a three act structure. It's kind of what I'm expecting from the next one - which will be a relief after TLJ imo. If Johnson was still connected with ep 9 I'd have waited for reviews and even then still possibly wait for the dvd. Still find Rey a bit dull, mind. 'Subvert Expectations' has become a euphemism for 'crap twist' that said so at least TLJ gave us something.
  11. c-cat114

    Nintendo Labo VR

    (silly q prob been answered a dozen times but if I want to play the elephant painting thing do I need the base kit and expansion 1? Or does the full kit have everything? Tired brain is small and confused....)
  12. Just watched the New Year special. Um. Was Murray Gold back for the soundtrack? Also another episode where almost all of the supporting cast endear me more than the 'fam' ugh. But..... Was better than 90% of the series I guess. I liked some of the direction and the Sheffield catacombs were lovely. 6/10 imo.
  13. c-cat114

    Illustration Club

    Doodled on phone while silently cursing my surroundings and very near neighbour.....
  14. well I think some people will tune in not that they know it's the Daleks.... But no I just wondered if they've seen the 'it had better be the Daleks or,....' tweets and thought they need to get the Twittering masses back on side. Total guess on my side, just wondered is all. Seems a bit of a 180 from thought processes up to now, but that said they might always have been planning a reveal in the days coming up to broadcast.
  15. Panic response to negative comments you think?
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