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  1. 12 or so hours in. Random thoughts. - I am in love with this video game. - It is ridiculous that a company like Activision has published a video game that is this difficult in the year 2019. The amount of people who are going to bounce off this in the first few hours and trade it in is... well, I think it's going to be more than average. - As others have stated, seriously - don't worry too much about the Dragonrot mechanic. It seems to be real periphery, side-quest related stuff, and from what I can tell, nothing ever gets locked out permanently. Some stories might just be on hold until you decide to reverse the rot - but don't hold me to that. - It definitely gets easier (or at least, less painful) the further you progress. Based on nothing but my own personal experience, I think there are two major roadblocks early on, and I will refer to them as The Butterfly and The Bull. Those are the two instances where you really have to just learn the fights, and execute. There are no tricks, you can't really level your way out of them - you just have to throw yourself at the wall until you break through. Once you do, you start to get a lot more in the way of varying paths, and options for what you do next. - Further to the above, after those hurdles, you do find little areas that make for good XP/Sen farms for when you just need to stock up a little. The Ashina Resevoir is a nice little spot. - You don't have to fight everything. Dumb to say out loud, but worth remembering. If you're just trying to get to the next save statue, just zip away. - Save up for the "15% health back on every Deathblow" skill. You wont regret it. A large part of me thinks that should have just been a mechanic baked into the game from the very start, akin to Bloodborne's health recovery system. It's borderline essential to making meaningful progress. - No multiplayer is going to hurt a lot of people. Say what you will about the alleged difficulty of the Souls series, but for every boss in that entire series, you had the option of calling for help when it all became too much. No such luck here. - Anyone else get a strong feeling that a lot of the staff who worked on Dark Souls 2 were put on this? There are areas where the lighting and texture work of the environments esepcially just screams DS2. Which, at the risk of stating the bleeding obvious, means that a lot of other From staff are working on something else... - I don't blame anyone who decides that it's all a bit too much, but I cannot overstate how rewarding it feels when everything finally clicks. You really do have to unlearn a lot of bad habits before that happens - you have the most powerful blocking ability, with no stamina bar, and the most generous parry window of any Souls game to date, and you have to remember that at all times. Nearly every stupid death I've succumbed to so far has been some variant of me not taking advantage of those basic, fundamental concepts. - Running through the early areas when you're a few levels higher is gleeful. It takes that feeling of running through Undead Burg with your level 100 character, and unshackles it completely, before handing it a grappling hook. There are areas where, 5 hours ago, I was cowering in grass waiting for an enemy to de-aggro before trying to move on. Now I'm a spinning maelstrom of death, and a zone that would have taken me 20 minutes early on is now over in seconds. For me, this is easily up there with Bloodborne. Any reservations I had around them moving away from the tried and tested formula have been dispelled completely, and that From Software can now effectively make a game in any one of three different series, and have that idea be equally as exciting to me... I can't think of many developers who have that at their disposal. What a game.
  2. lewismistreated

    Destiny 2

    I've reached the point now where I've stopped paying that much attention to levelling up efficiently - as you said, there's no realy incentive or urgency to get to 700, with The Reckoning really the only activity I'm locked out of right now. Part of me is also wondering whether the Power Surge bounties are going to be a regular thing with every new expansion that comes out in the future. Which gives even less of a reason to be spending time levelling up now... In any case, it's now perfectly possible to just dip into a couple of activities on a weekly basis to make some slow and steady progress. Skipping from Gambit to Crucible to Strikes to Flashpoint to Xur bounty to... other stuff feels pretty darn satisfying. The only thing I'm staying clear of is the Dreaming City weekly bounties - far too much effort for the rewards on offer.
  3. lewismistreated

    Destiny 2

    Fuck that D-grade Matthew McConaugheyalike. Vanguard for LIFE. I dunno. Weird part of my brain feels like Bungie picked up a couple of the Telltale staff after that studio imploded. A lot of "Drifter will remember this choice" vibes. The change in dialogue that you get in Gambit matches is a nice touch though, and the quest is relatively straightforward... but it's all a bit lukewarm, which pretty much sums up this season overall.
  4. lewismistreated

    Destiny 2

    I think I end up killing myself 9 out of 10 times whenever I try to use Wardcliff. Wondering whether non-cluster bomb rocket launchers are going to be viable now, considering the damage buff they received. 30% increase for trace rifles too. Are we back to the Coldheart meta...?
  5. lewismistreated

    Fils-Aime to retire, Bowser new president

    My uncle.
  6. lewismistreated

    Crackdown 3

    Loving this. Too much fun. Only gripe - playing on PC, the game seems to stutter for a few seconds every time I pick up an orb. Anyone else seeing this?
  7. lewismistreated

    Best airplane table games

    100% thought this was going to be a Wings of Glory thread. I'll see myself out.
  8. lewismistreated

    Destiny 2

  9. lewismistreated

    Destiny 2

    Highlighted the important part there. I would take a couple of C-tier story missions and a few new exotics over Black Armory. Every time. Black Armory, day one, asked me to continue grinding out existing weekly content in order to see one or two glorified Horde modes, and some other stuff around the periphery. And as Bungie still - still!! - have not come up with a good answer to get more individual players into accessing new raids, I have no desire to engage in any of this. I was on board with them trying new things. Probably shouldn't have spent money on it before seeing what that looked like exactly, but fuck me I guess. But I really hope they change course at least somewhat for the two remaining releases.
  10. lewismistreated

    Destiny 2

    Yeah, fuck all of this. I'll take a Curse of Osiris-level disappointment over whatever the hell this is any day of the week. At least with that, I paid for it, I played it, and moved on with my merry life.
  11. lewismistreated

    The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    Honestly, I've no idea. I know there are services/companies out there that do that sort of thing - maybe Etsy would be a good starting point? https://www.etsy.com/listing/260191861/custom-painted-miniatures?gpla=1&gao=1&&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=shopping_us_e-toys_and_games-games_and_puzzles-board_games-other&utm_custom1=a2c9d516-457a-478c-aaa9-124d148d7c87&utm_content=go_304504715_51594849071_233324591408_aud-318756285347:pla-314262775187_c__260191861&gclid=Cj0KCQiAsdHhBRCwARIsAAhRhskyvBOX_2eaQeOxpE42TieLQKIanzmr38huJwlEetDmIPRgEgTTP-saAsLuEALw_wcB Of course, the real answer is to pick up a starter Vallejo paint kit and get cracking yourself. I was hopeless at this stuff a year ago - now it's one of the most rewarding and relaxing things I do. You'd be surprised at how good even a simple base coat and a quick wash can look.
  12. lewismistreated

    The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    Yeah, they're not bad at all. The only thing that went slightly awry is the basing on those silver knights - I wanted to replicate the Kiln of the First Flame area from the end of DS1, where they're basically standing on a ground made entirely of ash. So I figured i'd just layer on some grey flock using PVA glue until I got to an amount that worked. The theory was sound, and it does look okay, but now I have six minis that are basically leaving little deposits of flock wherever they go. Kind of a pain. The stuff is just too fine to stay completely stuck, so I'd probably do a standard grey base with some minimal coverage on top of that if I did it again.
  13. lewismistreated

    The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    It is indeed! I backed it on Kickstarter, and even though I received the base game over a year ago (and all of the expansions since...), I never got round to painting any of it until now. My number one takeaway - when in doubt, drybrush something.
  14. lewismistreated

    The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    'twas the season... to paint a bunch of Dark Souls minis! Learned a bunch during the process, and tried some new basing styles out (including treating myself to a few of the GW texture paints). Pretty happy with the results...
  15. lewismistreated

    PlayStation VR

    Yeah, finally managed to hook mine up the other night. Wipeout VR is just something else - this thing is in my home. I can play this incredible racing game that feels like it fell out of space and time whenever I want! What a world. Tetris Effect is wonderful, and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is fun as hell, even if we've played it before. Really impressed by Statik too. Definitely worth the $6 or so I spent on it.

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