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  1. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Maybe he's faced racial abuse in similar situations in the past so jumped to the wrong conclusion?
  2. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Is assume Holgate doesn't understand Portuguese so perhaps thought what was said to him was racist hence them saying it was made in good faith.
  3. Pokemon Go

    For the first time ever I remembered to go to a Gold gym on my 7th day Pokestop spin: Magnificent.
  4. Football Thread 2017/18

    Nice one and all that but surely you've been done over with those odds. Wigan to win was 17/1 pre-match when I checked and 1-0 was 80/1.
  5. Surely they'll add BoTW's Champions to the playable character roster. Right? And Hestu. And Beedle. And Kass. And Kohga. And Purah. And Bolson. And Kilton. And a Lynel...
  6. Pokémon Switch

    That monkey is clearly a lemur
  7. Pokemon Go

    Will need to make sure I'm out and have my portable charger with me on Saturday then. Only have 37 caught for dragons. Have 3 Dragonites currently but two of them are crap ones I caught (including the 48 CP one). My good Dragonite is 90 and I have an 89 Dragonair possibly lined up to evolve (unless I find better during this event) which I was close to being able to do as currently have 91 candy. Shiny Dratini would be sweet, not that i'd ever get one.
  8. Pokemon Go

    I've no shiny Pokemon, nor any 100% IV 'mon. People in the Raid Group Chat keep sharing images of their Shiny or 100% collection and it's no fair. I've caught 378 Magikarp, admittedly not a huge amount but when I see people with 4 or 5 red Gyarados you'd think one of the 300-odd karp I caught would have been golden. What are the details of this Dratini event?
  9. Football Thread 2017/18

    The ref really didn't want to blow the final whistle
  10. Nintendo Switch

    Rime goes back onto the to buy list then. Said list is already out of control...
  11. Pokemon Go

    Was hoping it'd be better than that. Already caught and transferred a fair amount of 71-75%ers.
  12. Pokemon Go

    Have you been doing Swablu raids? I've not done any but was assuming/hoping it'd be easy to get a good one that way. That not the case then?
  13. Pokemon Go

    Decent day for Pokemon go. Got my first Absol from a raid. Then caught my first Rayquaza from another raid - third Rayquaza raid I've done and managed to catch the stupid big plastic snake this time, first ball nonetheless. Only 87% but just glad to have it. Also hatched a 95% Lotad and am over a quarter of the way to getting enough Swablu candy to evolve one - once I've got one worth evolving.
  14. Bayonetta 1 & 2 - Nintendo's Witch

    I'll need to git gud at games anyway for when Dark Souls Switch arrives. Don't plan on giving up on that again...
  15. A movie watchers blog

    Plus; The Good, The Bad and The Weird, The Host, Thirst and I Saw the Devil.

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