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  1. No VvD, no Alisson, no authority. Clyne and Matip looked lost.
  2. Why I really liked Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back: - Stupid nonsense plot - References and callbacks to previous View Askew films - Cameos Reboot seems to just be more of that so that's good for me.
  3. Azrael

    Pokemon Go

    I don't like the new appraisals because I need the numeric value of a Pokemon that you get from Pokegenie.
  4. Would be a decent option coming off the bench I guess.
  5. Who got injured? Any highlights videos about?
  6. Is Yasuhito Endo still playing too? He was boss a few world cups back
  7. And Nakamura is joining Kazuyoshi Miura: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48948303
  8. Divock's signed a new long-term deal
  9. Even if it isn't overturned (probably will be) they still have Pulisic coming in and like a thousand other players available to them that have been away on loans.
  10. Watched it tonight and really enjoyed it all apart from
  11. Overall i'd rate them: 1. Dare Devil 2. Punisher 3. Jessica Jones 4. Defenders 5. Iron Fist 6. Luke Cage But they're all flawed and had such potential to be great. Regarding S3 of JJ:
  12. There's six showings when including 3D but then also 5 3D Toy Story showings too.
  13. Danny Ings sold. Shame it never worked out for him with us, always liked him and hoped he'd succeed with us. All the best to him. £20m for him and a further £5m for Camacho is some good business. Now just need Lovren and Mignolet sold and some new players bought in.
  14. Has this been given a small release or something? Looking at listings for the local Cinema and there's 3 screening tomorrow (only one in the evening) yet at the same time I've counted 20 Toy Story 4 screenings in one day. WTF MON?
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