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  1. What if we get a penalty?
  2. 2005 1. A Bittersweet Life 2. Lords of Dogtown 3. A History of Violence (4. Serenity 5. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) 2006 1. The Prestige 2. The Host 3. Lucky Number Slevin (4. Crank 5. Kenny) 2007 1. Hot Fuzz 2. Eagle Vs Shark 3. REC (4. The Mist 5. Zodiac) 2008 1. The Good, The Bad, The Weird 2. The Dark Knight 3. In Bruges (4. The Wrestler, 5. Let the Right One In) 2009 1. Thirst 2. Moon 3. In the Loop (4. Black Dynamite 5. Adventureland)
  3. Azrael

    Pokemon Go

    Have they increased the chance of going lucky friends in this? After not having one for ages I've had one a day for the past 4 days
  4. FFS De Gea has got himself injured tonight, guaranteed cleansheet for Romero as he proves to everyone why he should be their number 1.
  5. Really liked it, good to see Jesse again. Was it needed? Not really Was it good? Most definitely
  6. Easy, never in doubt....
  7. We're Spursing this game.
  8. Spursing it properly tonight.
  9. Fuck me that was a stressful and difficult game. Well played to Sheffield United, very unfortunate to not get anything from that. 6 points from 2 games where we've not been all that good is brilliant but not my my health.
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