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  1. Thanks for the heads up on this. All installed ready for my Saturday night while wife watches Saturday night guff on TV.
  2. MaltMan

    Nintendo Switch

    Impulsively bought Fifa on the switch. Think I'll regret it. Don't think it plays very well. Too fast and Jerky. Ultimate team doesn't seem populated enough so transfer market is slim pickings. Although I've been a pro evo man last couple of years. Think I'll stick to educated purchases. Just desperately wanted a football game for what has become my main console!
  3. First ever play of splatoon last night. Didn't enjoy the motion controls in handheld mode but it's a definite purchase for me!
  4. MaltMan

    Nintendo Switch

    Finally got my switch this weekend. With zelda of course. Anyone sitting on the fence has to get one an absolute joy to use. I can't put it down! Going to Pick up mario kart when it comes out. That little combo should keep me sweet till new mario game comes out.
  5. Just beat Father Gascoigne games starting to click and enjoying it. Never seem to use my gun and just rock a two handed axe. Great fun although admittedly I've had to use Google to prompt me through a couple of tricky bits. Going to try and refrain now.
  6. I think I'm playing this all wrong . Should I be levelling up before tackling the first boss. I'm probably answering my own question but I think I've been wasting my time constantly dying without doing any levelling. Then when I get to the end level boss I get smoked
  7. Ordered this off Amazon. Paid a bit extra to get it Saturday. Now Royal Mail have lost it FML
  8. Am I right in saying you cannot import option file on xbox one? So close to purchasing. Migrating back from from fifa things like this sway o it.
  9. MaltMan

    Xbox One X

    Has there been any info on Fallout VR. I'm hoping not a port of Fallout 4 rather have a new experience. For some reason I would prefer Skyrim VR personally.
  10. I'm excited about getting on the VR bandwagon. Current on an xbox one, just to decide which hardware to adopt Jury is out for 'project scorpio' Thinking about switching to ps4 depending on how this VR is received.
  11. MaltMan

    Clash Royale

    This app doesn't half drain the battery. Great fun though. Battles are on a knife edge a lot of times.
  12. Anyone read this article, I do worry at times but the lack of real AAA titles is usual at the start of a consoles cycle. http://www.digitiser2000.com/main-page/xbox-one-the-red-whiff-of-death-by-mr-biffo
  13. How is the Vita remote play working out for people? Has it improved or is it still hit or miss. Considering taking the plunge with ps4 soon!
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