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  1. Ta. On PS4, so bugger all I can do.
  2. Ha. Literally didn't read @Hodge comment.
  3. FWIW, my current thought is around temporal anti aliasing. Ghosting in other places when moving around, can be seen around the gun.
  4. mmmmm, doesn't look like that is the issue to me. Does the following when scrolling, then gradually fades to a sharp version if you leave it still.
  5. Could someone check something for me please. Go to any terminal and get a message on screen - scroll that message up and down - does the text blur and then slowly correct itself? Trying to verify if it's my TV or not.
  6. Simply games just delivered. Getting on this tonight!
  7. Disaster averted?
  8. Black out now. "Your SimplyGames order for The Outer Worlds has now been despatched via Royal Mail 1st Class post. Many thanks"
  9. Excellent. Thanks - done the same.
  10. Where are folks pre-ordering this from at this point? (and more importantly, where is likely to deliver a day early?)
  11. Eurogamer's issue is that they reviewed it on the PS$
  12. Any early word on how this performs on a base PS4?
  13. How many of you are playing 2d vs 3d?
  14. Not sure I'm afraid. We've never used them and probably never will. The leaves have been put away in the stock room somewhere. Email Natural 20s and ask them. I had a long back and forth with them whilst ordering.
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