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  1. Purin

    Monster Hunter: World

    Ah ok. Do you know how near I am to the end... I think I have a while to go. This game is huge.
  2. Purin

    Monster Hunter: World

    I'm HR12 and need to be HR16 to do the Witcher stuff. Highly annoying that they don't let people that have played 60 hours access new content. Anyway, what's thew quickest way to get up from HR12 to HR16?
  3. Purin

    Weezer. Does anyone like them?

    I think the Teal album is great fun!
  4. Purin

    Star Trek Discovery

    Keep going. Sounds like the fanfic I'm waiting for. Love Tilly.
  5. Purin

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy

    It wouldn't surprise me at all if this is a trilogy about the broom kid from the end of TLJ.
  6. He has, and they are! Will buy Mirage myself I think, looks a lot of fun.
  7. My son was signed in (Xbox) and spent his pocket money to get 1000 coins (he wanted Mirage). When I signed in as myself I also have 1000 coins in my account. Is this a glitch or something?
  8. This is amazing. I laughed with disdain during the Direct, but it's amazing fun. Started off in the 70s, 80s, and now my best is 6th.
  9. Snapchat's logo is a ghost. I sense a marketing opportunity!
  10. Thanks for the tips. It took a few games to even be able to see other players. Getting better at that now, so hopefully my ears will get more atuned. As an aside, my son has been hooked on Fortnite for a long time. He thinks this is miles better. It's the only game he's played for more than a few days before going back to Fortnite. He doesn't want V-bucks anymore, he wnats Apex Dollars or whatever they're called!
  11. What should I be looking/listening out for when people are close? Can't hear footsteps, and people appear behind me OUTTANOWHERE quite often.
  12. Purin

    Name the 90s chillout album

    What's my prize?
  13. Purin

    Monster Hunter: World

    Got back into this recently, finally got to HR and am loving it.

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