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  1. womble9

    Virtua Racing - Switch. It's really, really good!

    Pretty sure I read the other day that it’s due out over here before the end of the month. Infact I know I did as it was that that made me hang back on setting up a Japanese account .
  2. Can it download things in the background, ie when you're already in another game?
  3. Thanks . For anyone that's thinking of grabbing a chromecast to stream to their telly, I've just seen that you can stream to an Nvidia Shield. I'll report back later as to how well it's worked with mine.
  4. Ok so bit of a newbie question but does Oculus have a friends list (I don't recall seeing anything in anyone's signatures) and do games have leaderboards / achievements?
  5. I bet he's awesome good at Crazy Taxi!!!
  6. I'm sat at home (working really hard, honest) and my normally ace DPD driver is about a 10 min walk away yet I'm delivery 100 and he's currently on 16!! Would it be wrong to nip out in the car and accidently bump into him on his next delivery?!?!
  7. So, it's DPDing its way to me as we speak, I'm working (ahem) from home tomorrow and Mr DPD is normally round this way before lunchtime . So Chromecast wise to get it up on my telly, does the Ultra offer any benefits over the standard one which is around 2 games cheaper? Oh and whilst battery life at 2 hours will I'm pretty sure be fine, is there any reason as to why you can't pop a powerbank in your pocket to keep things going a little longer?
  8. Resogun is a cracking shooter which also happens to look and sound fantastic too. If you do go for it then take a few min's to work out what you need to be doing, it's surprisingly deep and when it all comes together is very rewarding .
  9. Cheers guys, I did take a look at Game and at the time and they didn’t any available so perhaps more stock has come in. Also didn’t want to miss the day one hype in this thread so managed to get one put on order at Overclockers . Even better it was one whole pound cheaper than everywhere else too, so that’s Oculus Quest Tuesday and Chips sorted .
  10. Hmmm I’m very tempted to dive in. I really enjoyed the VR experience when I dashed and bought a PSVR at launch but found both the camera and the move controllers to be a bit shonky and personally I was always very aware of the cable. This though seems to solve all of those issues and whilst I’ve got some (mild tbh) concerns about its graphical capabilities I’d also be the first to admit that the immersion will more than make up for it. So, it looks like I’ve convinced myself that it’s a must buy, anyone know where the 64GB ones might be available (I’d much rather spend £100 on games than storage)?
  11. womble9

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Not sure how much of a chance you’ve given it but the same happened to me for about the first 8-10 hours (I only stuck at it because it of it’s universal praise) but then it finally clicked and became fantastic.
  12. womble9

    Nintendo Switch

    If anyone's after a nice carry case for their Switch then the one I personally use (the medium sized one) is currently on offer (use the code 5BIGFCCK to get the discount) with it coming in at £7.99 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0768CDBMS?th=1 Saw it on Hotuk deals and here's what I said about it after someone queried that a few of the reviews mention that it smells a bit!! "I got one and can confirm that it does (well did) smell very strongly of something pretty nasty when I got it. Not exactly cigarette smoke (though close enough and that's what sprung to mind for me at first) but it's certainly strong / took a bit of getting rid of (fabreeze, some old aftershave I had and in the end a good soaking did it) and I'm now very happy with it. Mines the smaller of the two and with the foam insert removed (it just lifts out) and carefully packed it takes my Switch, 10 games, two (modded so a good bit bigger than standard) Joycons, a powerbank, pro controller, headphones, charging cable and a flip grip (soooo neat!) or a hori stand. Great piece of kit imo and I'm tempted to get another one for my Go-Pro and accessories."
  13. womble9

    Nintendo Switch

    Lovely isn't it .
  14. womble9

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah I saw that. Kind of gives me hope that the colour oddities are perhaps some sort of a glitch / error that will get sorted.
  15. womble9

    Nintendo Switch

    Virtual racing looks superb! As someone who used to get two trains (one into Leeds and then one over to Wakefield) just to play in the two player sit down version that they had and also managed to convince the pub owning parents of my GF to get a stand up one in the pub they had I think you’d be hard pushed to fine someone that loved it more. That said....the colours?? What’s that all about?? And yes, Sega Rally next please. For me it’s got a fantastic feel of weight and inertia that’s yet to be bettered .

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