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  1. That sounds ideal fo me as I'd rather play and pick up tips as I'd likely forget forget what I'd seen learnt in the tutorial! I'm That's just what I wanted to hear!! I downloaded a Solitaire game a bit ago on the switch and whilst yeah it's solitaire the feel of it left me vey cold. I'm a bit funny like that!! Oh and it's a top game, someone who's a bit of a beginner can indeed do rather well if the dice go their way. off to Splendid, thanks. It sounds great! buy this now .
  2. The enthusiasm / positivity being shown for this has got me interested. Can anyone vouch for Solitaire and Backgammon as playing well as I love both games yet the feel of them can make a big difference as to how they play if that makes sense!! Is the play style / feel of all games similar? as if so I’ll give the demo a go. Also do all games have a decent tutorial with them? Rather embarrassingly I’ve yet to learn to play chess and would love to get stuck into it !
  3. Aw bugger. I've never played the game in my life and have probably barely played a fighter since MK1 then 2 in my local / Powestone on my DC so I'm likely knackered with this one!!
  4. I'm free tonight for us to give and take a few victories to each other?
  5. Thanks, I’d not noticed it happening before .
  6. Yup. There for me too. The two daily quests (login to game pass app and play a game pass game) aren’t showing for me today though??
  7. womble9

    Playstation Now

    Bugger, had a mail today saying that my PS+ had expired and having seen the Shopto PS+ offer dived in and grabbed it. Thinking now that I too should've just gone with Now as I barely play online. I guess with that though, all the PS+ games I've previously downloaded won't be playable?
  8. womble9

    Xbox Game Pass

    Whoa slow down / don’t jump!! What you really need to know (and I REALLY mean really!) is that there’s a £1 trial of ultimate on your dashboard. Best of all when you take it, it then converts any Gold membership (up to the date at which it expires) into....Ultimate at no extra cost to you!! So, max your Gold membership out first (you can stack up to 36 months of it) and then take the trial and bingo bongo, up to 3 years of ultimate for £1!! Gaming deal of the decade?? I’d say so .
  9. I’d not even heard of it till you mentioned it but it sounded like it was right up my VR style street too so took a look. Read one review (Forbes) which was rather positive but did mention that it needs some work doing on it to rebalance it (which apparently the one man band developer will be doing in accordance to feedback) and that other than that it was great. Then found a shocker of a review (same issues again) and then watched a bit of a video in which the AI just demolished him on the straights, rammed into the rear of him (there was a mention of the slipstreaming being very strong) and the HUD also randomly disappeared. With a bit of work it’ll probably be pretty decent / I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on it but till then I’ll give it a swerve, hope it gets sorted though! Oh, and the music on the videos I saw was (imo) terrible.
  10. I was an Astro Wars kid too!! I remember nagging the hell out of my dad to get it for me and I'm glad to say it didn't disappoint either!! .
  11. womble9

    Xbox Game Pass

    No, you need ultimate to get gold (and also access to PC games) included. If you’ve not had Game Pass before then the “Mega Gaming Deal of The Century” deal is still running whereby you take out a Gold subscription and then take the Game Pass ultimate trial (priced at a mere £1) and it then converts whatever length of Gold that you’ve got (up to a max of 36 months) into gold for that single measley quid that you gave them. Crazy crazy value IMO!! Personally I love GP, with it having introduced me to some cracking games that I’d have otherwise never bothered with .
  12. womble9

    Xbox Game Pass

    IIRR the developers just stared that it wasn’t coming then (when it was spoken about it was as if it was imminent) which left people saying that it was penned in to happen at some point. Most likely it’ll be the day after you buy it!!
  13. Ah so that's what's going on there!! How about Biolab Wars perhaps? https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Biolab-Wars-1683045.html £1.79 (so kind of free with PD if you buy it before PD) and it gets pretty good reviews too. https://twobeardgaming.com/2019/11/biolab-wars-nintendo-switch-review/ https://midlifegamergeek.com/2019/11/17/biolab-wars-switch/
  14. £22.49 for me too. Loving the sound of the improvements though the rectacle being in the wrong place was a real WTF detail that I just know I'd have struggled to unsee!!
  15. womble9

    Xbox Game Pass

    Just googled it and found the following piece from the creator, which in itself has made me decide to give it some of my time:
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