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  1. I've not actually played either of them (1st one is in my pile of shame) but yeah, there's a world map type thingy and yes apparently plenty of hidden stuff to make revisiting levels worthwhile. One big difference is that the first one's 3D and the second one is 2D. If you've got an Xbox and Gamepass then the first one is on there .
  2. @Dr Nookie How about one of the yooka Laylee games? Bright and colourful platforming at a very fair price, the second one has had very favourable reviews.
  3. @Revival That looks and sounds jolly nice doesn’t it . Can’t say I’m 100% happy with the perspective (TTTP would be better imo) and is there a reason why the person playing it seems to largely avoid combat? Oh and lastly at 1:49. Pots. Two rows of pots, and what do we do when we see pots in a video game. Smash em to bits! But here, nope, just walks on by, same again a bit later on too?? Anyway, enough of being a grumpy bugger who’s only awake at this time because he can’t sleep. Any idea when’s it out (all I could fine was July ‘19) and is it coming to Gamepass?
  4. That'd be nice. Despite being a big fan of the Halo series I wasn't looking forward to Reach that much at launch but it turned out to be a good game and one that I'd happily play though again. If it doesn't materialise then it's given me the slight KUTA that I needed to play through ODST again which (IOM) was superb.
  5. Good news, despite them not having any signs up in the shop about it anymore (apparently the pos stuff gets changed weekly) a helpful chappy in the Leeds store very kindly nipped into the back, grabbed and scanned an Elite 2 and yup, the deal’s still on .
  6. It was in hot deals a week or so ago and towards the end of the thread 5 some guy said he couldn’t find it online (and indeed the link that was on there now just takes you to a full price pad with no mention of the upgrade offer) but since then a guy has said he did the deal instore. A quick word or warning for if you are gonna take it in is that it has to be truely complete even down to the usb charging cable. I’ll be near my local game around 10am this morning if you want I can pop in and see if it’s still running? BTW I didn’t own an Elite 1 so cant compare it to that but I’ve got one of the new ones and it’s bloody lovely. Hair triggers set to min movement are so so much better on Hollow Knight .
  7. womble9

    Nintendo Switch

    @skittles if you’ve got Hollow Knight then I’d implore you give it another go / a bit more time. I played it for a while and it didn’t click with me but there was something nagging at me that made me give it another go and oh my days, it really is very, very good . I saw that someone mentioned Rogue Legacy earlier and that too is superb.
  8. womble9

    Nintendo Switch

    My pro controller has been superb though doing the d pad mod (it was fine but I was bored!) did make it feel a bit better. Oh and incase you didn’t already know, the battery on them lasts for an insanely long time .
  9. Was it just regular Gamepass (not ultimate) that you had? If so then I'm pretty sure (though check to be sure first) that the Ultimate / Gold upgrade offer is still running. Firstly stack as much Gold as you want to (up to a max of 36 months) and then take a £1 for a month Gamepass Ultimate offer and it'll then apply Gamepass Ultimate to all of the Gold subscription that you stacked, potentially giving you up to 36 months Ultimate for £1. It's crazy value and it certainly worked for my Godson about two weeks ago. EDIT: Yup, it still works: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/xbox-game-pass-ultimate/cfq7ttc0khs0/0007?rtc=1&activetab=pivot%3aoverviewtab Enjoy .
  10. Is it worth it? Hmmm thats a tricky one to answer for someone else, but I can say that I'm very happy with mine so far and have no buyers remorse. The hair triggers are a huge improvement over standard triggers IMO (I'm currently playing Hollow Knight and using them genuinely feels so much more responsive) and just popping it onto its dock (which I've left in the case) and knowing it's always going to be ready / is never going to run out of batteries is nice too. As for the buttons, well your question got me wondering (I hadn't noticed a difference) and having spent the last 15m checking them out at face level from multiple angels, jabbing them time and time again from one controller to the other I'd say there's nothing in it other than on the Elite they look like they're maybe a little (perhaps 1/2 - 1mm!) lower. The home button is nicer though with it now having a positive click to it, oh and the shoulder buttons seem more positive too with it always registering my double click to get the world map up which my old controller would sometimes miss. If you do fancy going for one then Top cashback (who are generally v reliable re paying out) have got 10% off purchases at Currys for the next few days .
  11. Yup... And jolly bloody lovely it is too!! I've literally just unboxed it / synced it to my One X (with it performing a quick update) but I've not used one of the first gen Elites before so I've nothing to directly compare it to other than my regular one X controller to which it feels much more of a solid and weighty product. I did have a quick play with the changeable bits (and was quite surprised that I prefered the feel of the dish to the d pad) and settled on a some sticks that have a wider head. Tension wise on the sticks I left it as standard (the weakest of the three) but will set that when playing as both setting two and three are notably stiffer so perhaps in play might find one of them is better. Oh and I've not had a pad with the hair trigger adjustability before either but I can see how (whilst at my age it might not make that much of a difference reaction wise!) it could well just feel nicer on games where the button is on / off as opposed to analogue. Hollow Knight here I come!! Oh and there was GamePass ultimate trial (14 day IIRR) in the box, if anyone wants it give me a shout and it's yours .
  12. Some of the lighting effects are lovely but the explosions that the small enemies produce when shot are (imo) awful / terribly generic looking. They remind me of some old phone app that I once had that let me overlay explosions and the like on little movies that I’d made .
  13. American fridge freeze (one letter, press enter, touch search box anywhere and cursor goes to end, add next letter repeat till sentence is complete) gets me my 60 a day in no time .
  14. Whilst PS+ gets Nioh & Outlast 2, ouch !! That said Game Pass never ceases to amaze me and is (IMO) the most crazilly good value / packed to the rafters with quality games service ever!!
  15. womble9

    Xbox Game Pass

    Friday afternoons eh .
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