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  1. Ha I noticed that too, lovely little touch isn't it There's a "Bot" for that . Yup, but if you perhaps weren't aware then it's been released straight onto GamePass .
  2. Aaaand now it's here : https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/blazing-chrome/9n5p2152rbpm?activetab=pivot%3Aoverviewtab
  3. Yup but no sign of it as yet .
  4. womble9

    Xbox Game Pass

    Dunno, works fine from me from the app and and from on my PC. Try this link: https://www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-game-pass/games (says US but as soon as you click on the Shadow of War tab it takes me straight to a UKs download page) .
  5. womble9

    Nintendo Switch

    Saw this on Hotdeals earlier if it might be of any good to you: https://www.geekstore.com/collections/gaming-peripherals/products/nintendo-switch-joy-con-4-in-1-charging-stand-and-dock-with-led-indicators?utm_source=RakutenMarketing&utm_medium=RakutenAffiliateNetwork&utm_campaign=3001042:digidip&utm_content=10&utm_term=UKNetwork&ranMID=42629&ranEAID=hL3Qp0zRBOc&ranSiteID=hL3Qp0zRBOc-6Zpgs2gkxojy36iFzJDLIw
  6. Having re familiarised myself nicley with this I decided to just now go manual. I'm not too sure if upchange speed / acceleration is better or if it's the extra few KPH that I seem to be getting but my times are dropping nicely. Big Forest 128th with 3:12.75 and FL of 38:18 Bay Bridge 487th with 3:18.96 and FL of 38:71 Please please someone tell me that there's a easier way of comparing times other than people posting them up here? The (seemingly) lacking friends leaderboards seems so insane to me that I'm close to mailing M2 about it!!!
  7. womble9

    Xbox Game Pass

    Pretty sure they’re normally announced by now so went to take a look to see what they are and nothing. It made me wonder the same the same as you.
  8. Does anyone (perhaps someone from the development community) know / have some sort of an idea as to why this could be? I've seen it a few times before on other games and found it a bit odd as to why it'd have leaderboards but not have a friends filter on there. Sure I can see that I've moved up a few positions overall each time I get a new best time but having a friends time to aim for makes things so much better IMO. When I used to play arcade games a lot it was always far more enjoyable if when you go to one someone else had already set a decent score / time for me to have a stab at. Such a shame that this hasn't.
  9. Ok, so I've added a good few of you but I'm not seeing a friends leaderboard. Is there not one?
  10. According to the manual the L and R sticks give analogue control over acceleration .
  11. So, today has finally come!!! It might sound a little crazy, but having regularly traveled for miles and miles to pump pound after pound into this in various different arcades over the years and a couple of times coming crazy close to actually buying my own cabinet (but ideally I'd want a twin one) this is quite possibly my singularly most anticipated switch title!! The icing on this super tasty VR cake?
  12. womble9

    Nintendo Switch

    Hmmm, just seen this on the Nintendo site: Possibly a push to clear the current model to make way for the new one(s)?
  13. womble9

    Nintendo Switch

    Did you get one sorted? If not then ebay are doing a 20% off thingy that you can use at the AO ebay store. £295 for the Switch with MK8 and BOTW would be my choice / is pretty damn good though there are other deals if that one doesn't take your fancy .
  14. Hells bells that is horrendous!!! Monday is 100% D day for me. If it's no go with a replacement (I know this sounds a tad twatty but it really has become a principal thing for me now) then I'll go the ODR route. If that gets me nowhere then it won't be for lack of trying and I'll then gladly (I love tinkering with stuff) pull the poorly assembled so and so apart and breath new life into it with some loving applied thermal paste treatment! Out of interest which SSD did you pop into yours and is the transfer process of data from OE internal HDD to SSD simple enough?
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