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  1. The New Kids A young James Spader bullies and eventually terrorises the new kids at school, a brother and sister who’ve come to stay with their uncle at his run down fun fair. Spader wears a different cool shirt for every scene. 3/5
  2. Base expansion continues... This is my work in progress farm raised pretty high above the sea bed.
  3. I dunno, episode 2 focused on them, and it was pretty boring.
  4. Lazy episodes of BCS? No such thing.
  5. I dunno, would it have killed Jesse Plemons to eat a few more salads prior to shooting?
  6. Thought this was great. And yes, I agree with several of you about it not being necessary. But it doesn't tarnish the end of BB, and that's the main thing.
  7. Bumped into a different Abyssal Horror today that made me jump out of my skin. That’s two I’ve seen now. How many are there?
  8. Yeah, I have a soft spot for the first Charlie’s Angels film. I remember there’s a twist in it that I didn’t see coming at the time. Twist spoiler...
  9. My current "work in progress" underwater base. The big tower in the middle is basically a solar power tower. Power tower close up... @DNStuff Agree that there's something really satisfying about exploring underwater. I think my last few games sessions, I've been 90% underwater.
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