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  1. The Day the Earth Caught Fire This film came out sixty years ago. A lot of it still feels relevant. 5 out of 5
  2. I wouldn’t say the One X is quiet. It’s why I ended up buying a separate dedicated player which is whisper quiet, barely hear a peep out of it, if anything at all.
  3. I signed up to the free trial of BFI player for this. It was the one of two holes in Cronenberg's filmography that I've not watched (the other is Dead Ringers). And yup, it was nuts. At a very simplistic level, it reminded me of Don't Look Now, but with more dwarf killers. Like Aliens has more aliens than Alien. For some reason, Samantha Eggar seemed really familiar, but a look on IMDB reveals that she hasn't really been in many films that I've seen. But... she has been in loads of one off episodes on TV shows, so maybe that's it.
  4. Cliff top pool area... Camp site... How are people designing their islands? I haven't really planned anything. Mine just seems to be growing organically (fancy word for making it up as I go along). I don't like having dead ends though and my aim to always have a way in and a way out for each area, so that you can basically just keep running forwards without having to turn back.
  5. Nope, if I build a brick path using the construction app, then overlay the custom pattern (the edging) on either side of a path, the sound changes.
  6. There really isn't enough slots for designs is there? I downloaded some edging for my brick paths and I've nearly run out of slots. On the subject of paths and edging, the ones I've downloaded look great and really finish the paths off nicely. It's just a shame that the footsteps get replaced with the barely audible ones. I'm torn. Love the look, hate the sound. If you're near a waterfall, it's like you're running in silence. Just feels wrong.
  7. I dunno, some 4k discs look amazing. Agree though that it's not always the huge leap that blu-ray was over DVD and DVD over VHS.
  8. My fave director's cut is probably RoboCop, which I watched again recently. Only adds 25 seconds to the original as well.
  9. Thread seems a bit old now, I know everyone's about the 4K and whatnot these days. But I've been rewatching Gerry Anderson's UFO on Blu-ray and wow, the picture is amazing. Well worth getting if you're a Gerry Anderson fan (who isn't?).
  10. That telly needs a sledgehammer taking to it.
  11. Yeah, she’s been a few times to my island. It’s just Redd who never seems to show up for me.
  12. Weekly episodes though. First episode wasn’t great.
  13. I haven't chatted to too many visitors or been to many other towns yet, so forgot how to use the text chat!! That's why I didn't reply when you first came in. I had to fucking google the right button to press! Thanks for the TV though!! Much appreciated!! I'm totally skint right now.
  14. If anyone's got the bells (99000), there's a 50 inch flatscreen telly in my Nooks right now. I don't have the cash at the minute. Is there any chance I could catalogue it if you buy? Dodo code: 9Y8G9
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