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  1. Hitman Blood Money now on BC! Haven't played this in ages, will be great to go back to it.
  2. The iOS gaming thread

    I think so. Obviously touch controls aren’t the greatest, especially for the 3D games & I haven’t actually tried the version of jade empire. I have played through the BG games though and they work well- the main downside being the need to hunt for click spots sometimes; and the fact that they’re very much 90s pc games.
  3. The iOS gaming thread

    There's the infinity engine games, Baldurs gate 1 & 2 as well as planescape torment which have good versions and last ages. Kotor and Jade empire too.
  4. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    I really wish they’d find a way to have Bakalar in more of the content. He’s so much a part of GBE, it’s strange when these podcasts come around and he’s not involved. A shame they can’t find a way to have him more formally involved.
  5. The iOS gaming thread

    Yes, but if it is the actual full game, that's the same as the full price PC game. Whether it sells at that price is another question, but I'm personally more excited for this than I have been for any other iOS game. It's perfect for bed/ plane/ quick few turns etc. Remains to be seen if it works in the endgame though.
  6. Fallout 4 - VR Coming Soon

    Only had a brief go on it on the Vive this morning before work, but it seemed fine. No obvious excessive blurriness to my eyes, but I don't expect that much from VR graphics really. Menus did seem a bit of a pain. Seemed to run well, and I did get a bit awestruck by the thought of the whole world being out there to explore; I felt a real sense of immersion in the setting even though I've played through it before. Disappointing to hear that weapon scopes aren't working yet though.
  7. South Park: The Fractured But Whole

    So I've just ordered this on Xbox going to get stick of truth with the order, as the store promised. However, Stick of Truth doesn't appear in my "ready to install" section. The store just says not currently available when I manually search for it. Anyone have any ideas as to how I can trigger the Stick of Truth download?
  8. SNES Mini

    Don't know about Unirally, but I've added both Stunt Race FX and Pilotwings to mine. Both seem to work well and are excellent; though I've only done the first few tracks/ stages in each.
  9. Thanks for approving my join request. Looking forward to it!
  10. Rock Band 4

    I got one shipped from Amazon USA in the first run- are they back in stock there? It's insane- you'd think they'd now that the people left playing are fairly keen on the game, and so more likely to want these kinds of accessories. Why not allow them to be shipped internationally? They only have themselves to blame for interest tailing off internationally otherwise.
  11. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Absolutely. I've months of my life into that game, and still playing it. I've been playing 8 years now, and in itself it's 12 years old. It's crazy - surely one of the greatest games of all time.
  12. 6th Gen. Muk Raiding - Raiding when we can be arsed

    Always up for it- though (whispers quietly) I play alliance.... and need a bit of gearing before I'd be ready.
  13. Mass Effect Andromeda

    I played the trial, and despite going in with my hopes dampened from the general opinion, really enjoyed it. Bought it on Origin, used the VPN to unlock it. Then I thought- have a quick look at ME1 on back compatibilty. I then played that for 5 hours straight. There's really no comparison; in dialogue, scene setting, the world; it's leagues apart. I really wanted to like Andromeda as the premise has so much possibility; but going back to ME1 just highlights its deficiencies. I'm now planning on a trilogy playthrough, as I haven't done that since 3 came out, and I'm really excited at the thought!
  14. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    I've got a Vive; I love it, and got it off the back of their (pretty measured) coverage. Have you used any of the headsets?
  15. Rock Band 4

    No that's fine. As I say, much as I'd love to get involved, I'm not really very good frankly and don't have a huge amount of time. So if others would get more out of the group and contribute more, I'm absolutely fine with that.

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