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  1. Yeah, the extra UI layer is a cool feature. Despite the annoyances (minutes rather than seconds for server spin-up, no access to the JSON config files, some lack of options for multi session races) the stuff they do have is nifty. It will make it easier if I'm away because I can set races to start/stop on a schedule if need be. And the results pages are good.
  2. So the new server has a webpage that shows all the results of any sessions as they happen... https://rllmuk.emperorservers.com/results Server is running for Hungaroring practice now.
  3. I'm gonna try going back to the KTM and see how that feels at Hungaroring.
  4. Guys... the server will need manually restarting between the first and second races and it might take a couple of minutes to come back on-line (a quirk of the new hosts). I'll let you know in voice chat what's happening. I've sent an invite to the Discord channel to the new guys. The second session will have a short practice session just until every re-connects; then I'll forward to second quali.
  5. I was slower and a lot more inconsistent to start with... but after a couple of weeks was much faster
  6. Playing around with the second new server hosts... there are some annoyances:- Each time you start an 'event' (even if you're just restarting an existing one) it creates a new server instance entirely... so you have to enter the password every time. So bear that in mind as you'll need to have the password in your clipboard (or brain) ready. Due to it creating a new server instance each time I restart; it takes minutes to appear in ACC rather than seconds I can't edit the config files directly, and all config is done through a UI that they've created. The UI that they have
  7. Will do. I might just send a PM to league regulars with my paypal address or something... the new server hosting is a little more expensive (about a tenner a month, rather than a fiver) and while I'm happy to foot the costs up front I'd gladly accept some funds to add to the coffers. One thing I just want to avoid is having to spend time keeping track of finances and that malarky (which is why I've avoid talking money previously); but I'll get around to sorting it at some stage
  8. Morning guys. It's race day! Who's up for some fun on the mountain? Main difference from the normal sprint format is the shorter qualifying session and slightly longer race. Practice timings...
  9. Yeah, I saw Aris choose different pads for the front and rear to get around limitations of what you can do with car setup. Interesting stuff, and yeah I go with pads 2 for GT4.
  10. I'll PM you the server details tomorrow so when you get set up you can join in for whatever you fancy (practice or any racing)
  11. Thought I'd post this in here... https://youtu.be/xeryT8AeZfc I've been following simracing.gp for a while, not just for general racing (as a driver looking for events) but for the community tools. Once it comes out of beta we could consider using it as the hosting provider for the ACC league, but with the benefit that we could do Assetto Corsa races too, with one hosting package. At the moment I can't use the server we have for other games. Anyway, i love some of the features they have. Check out the video... reverse grids, qualifying on different days e
  12. Yep, it's gonna mix up the grids I think... which is the intention. If we try it for these two off season races, then put it to the vote to see if we keep it or switch back for the league. It might not work too well in reality, but it's worth a try whilst we're off season.
  13. We'll be doing 2x30 minute races each with a 5 minute qualifying session. First qualifying will start at 20:15 UK time.
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