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  1. I've lowered pressures and kept the ducts open too.
  2. It's tricky, I'm having all sorts of mid and late corner issues (and getting the rotation done cleanly) but really enjoying the challenge of getting to grips with it.
  3. Me too, and I found it fairly easy on the default medium difficulty. The enemies in the demo (even the bosses) you can dodge really easily and you can just swipe their health down. No bother.
  4. Anyone played the Xuan Yuan Sword VII demo? Just played it through and quite enjoyed it, so might get this if the price isn't exorbitant! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1249800/XuanYuan_Sword_VII/
  5. I agree. Looks like track limits for this race are the tyre barriers and gravel traps!!
  6. Seems like it might be more interesting to be involved in, than it would be as a viewer.
  7. All drivers go out a minute apart, then do an outlap and two flying laps.
  8. Btw, I wouldn't mind us trying the superpole qualifying format sometime.
  9. The server is set up for Super Trofeo Sprint Exhibition practice. Track temp will be an average ambient temperature of 24°C, clear conditions. The first race will be at 14:00 and the second will be a night race starting at 22:00.
  10. Nah, I've already been eyeing up the G2
  11. Can we stop all talk of VR please? I've already spent enough money on my PC (which is basically just used for sim racing these days!) Plus, you don't WANT me to get any faster do you?
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