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  1. A recent Xbox update seems to have caused issues with SSD drives not showing up when set for media. Microsoft are working on a fix apparently. Seems to work fine with mechanical hard drives and USB sticks, but SSD and NVME drives show in the Xbox settings as having 0b free and can't be read from to load stuff.
  2. jonbd

    Oculus Quest

    Been playing Beat Saber wirelessly through virtual desktop with the kids - such a good game with custom tracks. The only regret I have is not getting the elite strap. While it works absolutely fine on my bald bonce, my kids really struggle to keep the thing on with a full head of hair! Hopefully they will come back into stock soon, or a decent third party one appears. It's such an easy thing to pick up and play as well, which was one of the biggest gripes I had about the WMR headset. No need to fiddle about to get things working, just pop it on and away you go. Even playing PC games just means switching it on and opening virtual desktop on the headset.
  3. jonbd

    Oculus Quest

    Thanks for the tip, will give that a go. I was launching them through Revive. Yeah you need both. The one on sidequest is a plugin that enables the wireless stuff. Well worth doing!
  4. jonbd

    Oculus Quest

    Got one of these yesterday and have been blown away by how good it is. I had an Acer WMR headset that I sold a couple of weeks ago, and this thing is a massive upgrade in every way. No screen door effect from what I can see, and found it a lot more comfortable to wear, even without the fancy strap. Works really well with Virtual Desktop over WiFi as well. Being able to play PC VR untethered is a game changer. Only problem i'm having now is getting Oculus PC games to run through Virtual Desktop. I have Revive installed but the games seem to run on a big screen rather than in full VR. I don't know if you can't run Oculus games that way or i've set it up wrong, will have to take a closer look when i get home.
  5. Haven't managed to finish a song for almost two years, but got cracking again last week and finally got one done nice and quickly:
  6. You can sideload the app on the shield and it works. I had to use an Xbox pad with it though as the Nvidia pad doesn't get detected by the app. From my brief play it seemed really nice. Bit low res on a big screen but going through ethernet it's been rock solid, which it wasn't on my phone through WiFi. Will have a good go on it later but initial impressions are positive.
  7. jonbd

    Nintendo Switch

    The seller was called Major 3C Store. No customs charge. Took a couple of weeks to arrive.
  8. jonbd

    Nintendo Switch

    I got 2 of these from aliexpress for that price. I'm pretty happy with them. Seem to do everything except NFC. They feel like a lighter, slightly flimsier Xbox One pad.
  9. There should be a log file in the root that might give you a clue as to why some roms are failing. I've managed to get Readream working, by opening the DC.conf file in the launchers.windows directory and pointing the executable line to redream.exe (i copied the redream folder into the emulators folder to keep it with the others) and changing the arguments line to arguments = "%ITEM_FILEPATH%" It's a very impressive frontend, and nice that it can be customized a bit. I pointed it to my DC and PSX ROMS collection instead of copying them into the coinops stuff by editing the settings.conf file in the relevant folders in collections. You can also change what file types to look for, so it picked up the cue files of my psx roms.
  10. I've been listening to a lot of Synthwave type stuff lately, so though i'd have a crack at it. Didn't turn out how I thought it would but i'm quite happy with it anyway:
  11. How does the SDE/Resolution and FOV compare to the DK2? I had one for a while and found the FOV a bit narrow and claustrophobic, and the resolution/screen door effect got a bit annoying. That and how easy it was to make me feel sick! Is it much better on the CV1?
  12. jonbd

    Rock Band 4

    Is there a cheaper way of playing drums on this than stumping up 180 or whatever for the Xbox one kit on the madcatz site? I got the guitar and game for Christmas but ive always been much more interested in the drumming.
  13. My 5 year old son is desperate to go and see this (as am I!). Does anyone that's already seen it know if it's suitable for someone that young?
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