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  1. New things! New things for bunny day! You'll find out!
  2. Oh shit sorry! Did not know that would happen. Damn. Don't buy turnips from my island peeps.
  3. Nah, it's not finding you. Are you open with a code?
  4. It's weird @NexivRed, I have you on my switch, but not on my AC. Not even as a regular friend.
  5. Are you on now? What's your handle?
  6. I'll open shortly, for a short while. H2F5R This is what's in my shop:
  7. I'm also open now to all. My resident just told me happy homeroom is going to pay a visit tomorrow! ┐( ∵ )┌
  8. Haha. I got tired of waiting, so I just sent it to you. Enjoy! I'm going to turn in soon.
  9. Are we even switch friends @moosegrinder? I'm SW-6315-7839-7295 What's your handle?
  10. @moosegrinder I have a blue guitar to swop for you cute pink one. Yahaha!
  11. I have the ironwood kitchenette in my recipe list, but don't have all the ingredients for crafting it. It needs ironwood dresser, cutting board, wood and nuggets. If you have any of these, I could craft it for you. Remind me of your island name?
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