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  1. I play this too much. My creatures are at most level 17, but still don't ask for anything super rare, so there's Koi and Blow fish burning in my storage too. Thanks to all who have watered my flowers, shared their butterflies over the past month. Kudos
  2. I can't put this game down.
  3. Me too! Hope you don't mind me adding all of you. Here's mine: 3523 3048 580
  4. Thor: Ragnarok

    Thought the Grandmaster's enormous hologram was going to say how his goujons tasted... ...bad.
  5. Guess the film from the screenshot

    Rear Windu? (Sorry)
  6. Guess the film from the screenshot

    Haha, yep. I thought I'd thrown you off, but no dice. Your turn @papalasarou
  7. Guess the film from the screenshot

    Chunking Express
  8. Pokemon Go

    I've finally got a Mr Mime!
  9. Not a derailment at all. I haven't seen the new mummy either, but I know what you wrote up there blows it out of the water.
  10. It would be the perfect platform to reunite Keenan and Kel to play delivery men for a certain 'organisation'.
  11. Nintendo Switch

    I was talking about the Scarlett Johanssen movie @deKay. The sounds put me right off the Switch.
  12. Nintendo Switch

    The Switch's *click* reminds me of that scene in Under the Skin. What's wrong with me?

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