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  1. Tetmon

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy

  2. Tetmon

    Tolkien - Biopic of some guy

    Look Who's Tolkien (Too).
  3. Did you ever get your broomstick? This just got a major update so you can now be even more lazy. There're also exclusive fruits. I don't know how they separate the fruit types, but I've got the lychees. Going cheap.
  4. Tetmon

    Pokemon Go

  5. Tetmon

    Pokemon Go

    I believe Alolan Marowaks are still in 4 star, yellow egg raids if that helps. I feel you. Still yearning for an Aerodactyl.
  6. Tetmon

    Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    This pop-up shop is open in AKIHABARA until Feb. Selling Neo Geo minis at RRP (¥12,420 about £85) and other SNK related tat like t-shirts/ coats beer mugs key rings etc. http://indor-store.jp/smartphone/list.html?category_code=neogeo-land Let me know!
  7. Tetmon

    Pokemon Go

    @Naieve That's ok. Was just experimenting, really. I would've been surprised if anyone picked up in working hours. Does the game show if any friends are online? Or is it not really a real time thing?
  8. Tetmon

    Pokemon Go

    None stacked. I'm going to have to find a quarry to hang out in.
  9. Tetmon

    Pokemon Go

    I've just reached 8/9 for the Meltan field research Catch an Aerodactyl. I'm screwed, aren't I.
  10. Tetmon

    Pokemon Go

    Use the Calcy IV app if you're on Android. I now discard my McDonald's or 7/11 sponsored or samey gifts if I have too many for variety's sake. I haven't sent you the racoon with the big baws yet. I'll get right on that.
  11. Tetmon

    Pokemon Go

    This is mental. The postponed Beldum community day in Japan. Admittedly this is Akihabara, but there isn't an un-lured stop to be seen and there are actually literally hundreds of people lining the streets to catch 'em all.
  12. Tetmon

    Pokemon Go

    At midnight on December 31, Buddhist temples all over Japan ring their bells a total of 108 times (除夜の鐘 joyanokane) to symbolize the 108 human sins in Buddhist belief. ^Copied from Wikipedia. They ring the bells to cleanse your soul of the past year's sins. Edit: and yes, probably that's why Spiritomb has 108 souls.
  13. Tetmon

    Pokemon Go

    I was all ready to rub a Deoxys in your faces when you woke up. Denied. I'm sure I wasn't the only one to take time off for it. Bloody bastards. Oh, and I've befriended your nephew/niece naieve

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