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  1. @Mr Do 71 Cole's packing today if you wanted that chat. I can open up later. Night clowns, apparently.
  2. Celeste is here again, gates are open. Not much in the way of shooting stars though.
  3. Was the person who wrote this the same person who arranged my spare DIYs into a neat square?
  4. It's 9pm, Celeste is here with heavy shooting stars, fill yer boots. I'll leave the gates open all night.
  5. Could I trouble someone for a pink puppy plushie? LMK what you want in return, many thanks.
  6. You are compensated for not being able to use the ATM. HNY!
  7. You get a stamp for attending the countdown for completionists out there. It's quite a nice scene to have the plaza on in the background, whatever you're doing. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  8. Midnight in this timezone in about 15 if anyone wants an early peek. I'll be afk
  9. Anyone want to come over for party hats? Nook is selling the pointy variety in yellow, pink, green and aqua. It's about 6:30pm here, I'll keep her open for a couple of hours. Help yourself to anything, I'll be mostly afk.
  10. Yes please! Those would complete my set. Edit: actually just the candle, please. Just got the tree from a balloon!
  11. Tet


    The Google translated shop site: https://www.1101.com/hobonichiyobi/exhibition/3516.html Incidentally, they added a copy of Edge magazine in the display case. It had a load of Mother characters on it. Forgot to check the number.
  12. Tet


    I've just been. You can't buy anything in that photo. It's just a display
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