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  1. Uzi


    The last time you looked was a while ago then - a 970 shouldn't cost too much 560ti has 1gb vram doesn't it? That will choke the card more than anything - modern gaming on such a small amount of video ram is hopeless
  2. Uzi


    Same but stuck with zzzzzzzz 1600mhz ram (DDR3 lolz) but a 1080ti - always paranoid that the ram fucks up minimum frame rates but way too expensive to upgrade to have it viable. Might get a Ryzen 3 setup when Cyberpunk comes out
  3. Uzi

    $500 to buy my GamerTag!

    Yep! Several times - didn't even use the 50 quid credit I had in my wallet - some snotty shit from sunderland
  4. Uzi

    An Essay For Edge And Games Tm

  5. Uzi

    Magic The Gathering Arena

    Oh I didn't see a thread for this but then I didn't search so if you made a thread for it already - too fucking bad because you let it die. Shame.
  6. Uzi

    Magic The Gathering Arena

    I fucking suck at this. Running butchered versions of the starter crap decks because I'm too stingy to use my wildcards. Good though - finally got bored of babby hearthstone
  7. Kratz is such a sleazeball that watching him makes me fucking nauseous. He's up there with Trump and Farage in terms of the boke factor
  8. Uzi

    Nocturnal Animals

    Expect to get a book from Thor in the post soon
  9. Uzi

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    Translation: no that's a sony exclusive
  10. At least one post was - I wouldn't trust Stanley's opinion - that's what mods are for [end irony] But yes one post was hidden that Mr H was responding to
  11. Uzi

    Nintendo Switch

    No - as in didn't you need a starter kit? I can't remember
  12. Uzi


    Golden Whizbang is the biggest no brainer craft unless you're obsessed with ladder ranking - otherwise you get 18 golden decks for every expansion going forward until it rotates out.

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