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  1. They reviewed god of war not gears of war
  2. Uzi


    Shudderwork is a surefire nerf so craft it now I reckon and you'll get your dust back in a few months
  3. Uzi


    Uhhhh You only get it for hall of fame cards - ie cards going from classic set to wild. You get nothing extra for expansion cards
  4. Don't post any boss or excluslively gameplay videos here a week before the game is even out (even without clicking them they're likely to have thumbnail spoilers). Go start your own spoiler thread and don't ruin the game for others just because you weirdly hate it already
  5. Ordered! Thank you for the spot
  6. I'm getting the PS4 version for no other reason than jolly co op with a really good friend. Will pick up the switch version later for travel souls.
  7. It's literally called free games with prime implying they are free if you have prime
  8. The Switch footage looked standard dark souls which makes sense and given it is a different dev, but those screenshots from the next gen versions look great. Will pick this up on PC or PS4 if the improvements turn out to be substantial.
  9. 28 if you have prime
  10. Steam Release = no requirement for physical distribution. No second hand sales. On sale for practically forever without having to worry about backwards compatibility. Far more of a global market than something like the xbox one and some markets are pc dominated over consoles. Lots of reasons to go PC over a console that is dead in Japan and awful for JRPG sales
  11. Uzi

    Sea of Thieves - Get Yer Booty!

    You can have fun with the most simple games in the world. People are finding fun in the basics. That's understandable. I can honestly say I had a few hours of enjoyable messing around - but I can see that's all it was. Fucking about in a wonderful ocean. The trouble is all of the land that occupies that ocean. I remember when wind waker released (in 2002) - every island I came across was exciting. What's on there? Is that an NPC? Will they have a quest or just something quirky to say? It was wonderful. 16 years later and every island I come across in Sea of Thieves made me roll my eyes. More dumb lazy snakes - more other pointless chickens or pigs - more skellies - more renders of things that could be interesting if they had any form of interaction or lore behind it. That's the huge failing for me. Every moment off the boat is futile and lifeless. The world under and around the ocean may as well not be there for me. A game meant to be about discovery with your friends (to me anyway) where there is nothing of substance to discover. I would love to see how it turned out like this - it'd be more interesting than the game world!
  12. Given there is no in game voice or text chat and messages are templated, shouldn't be an issue.
  13. And no one told me! https://www.gog.com/game/the_curse_of_monkey_island http://store.steampowered.com/app/730820/The_Curse_of_Monkey_Island/ I might still have the big box and original CD around here somewhere
  14. Uzi

    Sea of Thieves - Get Yer Booty!

    This being the first big MS release to launch on gamepass is good timing. It would get absolutely fucking slaughtered as a £50 only game. The value for money factor is near zilch. This has early access written all over it. A really good foundation - but bizarrely bare. When the main defence online is "you make your own fun! it's a larf with mates!" you know you fucked up meaningful content wise. Spent a few hours with a few friends doing fetch quests and avoiding other ships for a few hours and was dying to go play something else.

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