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  1. Kratz is such a sleazeball that watching him makes me fucking nauseous. He's up there with Trump and Farage in terms of the boke factor
  2. Uzi

    Nocturnal Animals

    Expect to get a book from Thor in the post soon
  3. Uzi

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    Translation: no that's a sony exclusive
  4. Uzi

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    At least one post was - I wouldn't trust Stanley's opinion - that's what mods are for [end irony] But yes one post was hidden that Mr H was responding to
  5. Uzi

    Nintendo Switch

    No - as in didn't you need a starter kit? I can't remember
  6. Uzi


    Golden Whizbang is the biggest no brainer craft unless you're obsessed with ladder ranking - otherwise you get 18 golden decks for every expansion going forward until it rotates out.
  7. Uzi

    No Man's Sky

    It's all yours
  8. Uzi

    No Man's Sky

    Go for it. Happy to change author (I played the game all for 30 mins) or might be easier to link to a spreadsheet with the tags and have the link in the op?
  9. Uzi


    TotalSpend $766.79 - most of my keys are from external sources (mainly humble bundle and cd keys) so doesn't really reflect my pc gamin bling spend since 2011 or however long I've had the account
  10. Uzi

    Resident Evil 2 Remake!

    It does sound weak compared to the original
  11. Given current GPU prices and the absurd value of the One X and PS4 Pro (God of War with checkerboarding beats most things my PC can shoot out with a GTX 1080) for the visual fidelity they can provide, console gaming is definitely the best value tech it has ever been. The One X in particular is stupidly cheap. Overall you make the money back with how much cheaper games are but a modern console is both easier and much cheaper initially. But as Cav says, no one apparently cares! Back to discussing people throwing up!
  12. It's always good to freakout that the game will make you deathly ill when a first person screenshot of it doesn't even exist and the sickness comes from the way motion is handled rather than just perspective
  13. Careful - it isn't safe to discuss PC gaming outside of the Steam thread of the ATF subforum. You can count the seconds down before people say driver issues, editing ini files, being chained to a desk with handcuffs, having to hack the government to get the game to work, gabe coming and claiming your first born, growing an instant neckbeard, becoming allergic to sunlight, no longer being able to be a LAD etc
  14. How I expect it to look on base level consoles

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