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  1. Sure but don't expect all out ray tracing or unrealistic resolution and framerate combos.
  2. Sound settings -> device properties -> spatial sound
  3. The ps4 collection?it's been there since launch day on the main menu
  4. They work but only a handful of games for example have native atmos mixes. The rest atmos or dts x takes the game audio and mixes it into their own formats which won't have quite the same effect as a native mix designed for the codec. Atmos on pc will even work on bog standard YouTube videos but they won't sound as good as an actual atmos track on a movie
  5. I think we're doing that thing again at the start of the new gen where people get potentially overly optimistic about the hardware inside all of these consoles. The Series S has the goods at a foundation but lacks the gpu grunt to do something as expensive as higher resolutions/higher framerates or incredibly expensive effects like RT without serious compromises elsewhere. It will likely be a 1080p-1440p 60hz machine - especially as game engines up the visual fidelity as cross gen is left behind. Forget about decent RT on Series S for the most part. Raytracing expectat
  6. This is the raytraced reflection of your post
  7. This 15 to 20 seconds of noise every hour or so sounds disastrous. My advice would be not to trawl reddit reading about a problem you didn't even realise you had. Just enjoy your hardware it's not cheap or easy to get hold of! Obviously if you notice an issue first it's a different issue but otherwise enjoy!
  8. VRR wouldn't do anything for a locked 30hz game/mode so it technically isn't all software. That is likely what that wording means. A game can't support VRR unless it is running in the variable refresh range.
  9. It will always be a choice of immersion or speed with any twitch shooter with any immersion building effects that cost the latter. On the extreme end, you get weirdos fucking the gamma on the game settings so they can see people crouching in dark corners even though it makes the game look like shit. It's more for single player only in that sense.
  10. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Audio-Technica-ATH-AD700X-backed-Hi-Fi-headphones/dp/B009S332TQ/ref=sr_1_1?crid=272VHJ0RU48KO&dchild=1&keywords=audio+technica+ad700x&qid=1605890600&sprefix=audio+technica+ad%2Caps%2C159&sr=8-1 These are an example of ones that would have a great wide open soundstage for surround sound and gaming.
  11. @Pob and anyone else. Here is a quick guide. There are two types of headphone surround sound. 1: Hardware 7.1 etc sets - these are where smaller physical speakers are built into the cans - they've never really taken off and can give very mixed results due to the small individual speakers not providing the best sound quality for a range of uses 2: Normal 2 speaker headphones that use software solutions to direct sound around the soundstage afforded by the headset. These software solutions come via a) an external means of processing to any pair o
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