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  1. Some great games appearing. Here are a few of my favourites this week, which all happen to be remakes. Remake of the old Nintendo DSiWare game https://madvogel.itch.io/bird-and-beans-for-playdate Remake of an LCD game https://nkorth.itch.io/yacht Remake of an old Flash game https://notpeter.itch.io/gimme-friction-baby
  2. Super jealous of the purple case! Damn.
  3. FWIW: the screen can't be backlit as it is opaque (unlike most common LCDs). It would need to be front lit but nobody in the world makes a front light mechanism for this screen. So it would need to be R&D from scratch.
  4. I have been told the next email is due to go out with Group 2 shipping.
  5. Most of the comms are on Twitter, I will ask them about sending an email update.
  6. I use SD exclusively. No such issues. Tried a different SD card?
  7. Create one or more emunand. These are clones of your internal storage, but located on SD card, and each can have different contents.
  8. The games I'm working on won't be released by then so you've still got some good stuff to look forward to.
  9. It's impossible to back light this type of screen as it is opaque. It would have to be edge or front lit, but nobody on Earth currently makes such a thing for this specific screen. So it would need to be designed from scratch, which would be a very big job. And all this talk about using it for a week and putting it in a drawer. What are you on about? You seem to be forgetting one important thing: the games. The device is just the gateway to fun experiences. As for turning it off, it goes into standby and because the screen is e-ink-like that can retain its contents using almost zero power.
  10. https://www.eurogamer.net/playdate-is-weird-and-kind-of-ace Great review, comes at it from exactly my angle, talks in detail about the philosophy and of course the screen (no complaints)
  11. I've not found the screen a problem at all in practice.
  12. Games reviews in EDGE 371 and lots of footage will be hitting YouTube later today. Anybody wanting the games to be surprises (as designed) should be wary of spoilers!
  13. For N64 on Wii I prefer to use Not64 than RetroArch. But I'd only play using that in a pinch when I have more powerful systems capable of emulating N64 more accurately.
  14. Reviews this coming Monday 18th. They'll include game footage of all 24 games. That's surprising or spoiling, depending on your point of view!
  15. RetroArch fixed the glitches in Pilotwings 64 rendering back in September 2016. Here's the details, if you're interested: https://www.libretro.com/index.php/parallel-rdp-and-rsp-updates-september-2016/ I'd hope the fix has made it into the Wii version or other emulators by now. But I don't know for sure.
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