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  1. Imagine being so powered by giant bollock energy that you'd argue the toss with game developers about how much games cost to develop, because you hacked the matrix and did some maths on a bunch of completely unrelated numbers.
  2. I made a simple 5% SMASH out of Maris Otter, Mosaic and US-05 last month, and let me tell you, it’s the best, simplest beer. Easy drinking, keeps out of its own way but you really get that nice hop flavour. I need to do more like that. So obviously, next up is a NZ IPA with three different kinds of hops that I’ll make with Saison or Verdant IPA yeast, then try to remake it with loads of some NZ fruit compote I had to order off Amazon because my mate says it’s great for brewing with. I’ll make it 7-8%.
  3. I don't think that's it. PlayStation hard drives are notoriously well encrypted to the point that if your console dies, you can never get the data back that was on it. I believe a factory reset cycles the encryption key to a new one so as to make it impossible to retrieve the old data.
  4. I'm up to the start of Mission 15, I think? I think this may be the best DMC. I've not played 3 in 15 years but it's got to be close. I want 6 NOW.
  5. Interesting angle from the Cyberpunk article in the intro, pondering whether unionisation might assist in making game development less of a crunchy mess. Something of an about-face from that editorial back last year hand-wringing and hand-waving in equal measure at the crunch culture in Naughty Dog and other studios. Perhaps if a game is sufficiently high-scoring then poor working practises become a necessary cost of creating AAA development, but if you get under an 8 it's a costly, inhumane way of producing sub-par buggy titles? It could be a slippery slope of course;
  6. All this is making ME want the Media Remote...
  7. There's a setting somewhere so that the remote's inputs default to go to the connected device rather than the TV, I need to press a special "AnyConnect" or something button on the remote to bring up a menu to let me have the remote control the TV rather than the connected device as a result. I'll have a look later.
  8. The Home button on my Bravia remote does the PS button.
  9. FWIW the PS5 doesn't have any IR support, it's all over Bluetooth for the remote.
  10. You should be able to control your PS5 with your normal TV remote via HDMI-CEC. You'd only need the media remote if it doesn't support it, but it's worked with every PlayStation and TV I've had since 2009.
  11. I've no idea where you are or what you've done so far in that mission.
  12. I... I want that...don't kinkshame me here.
  13. No patches or updates at all for next-gen machines. I'm hoping for a PS5-specific release that uses the triggers and vibration of the new pad, you know Kojima would have a lot of fun with that.
  14. Spacehost


    I'm pretty far along on this, I think. It's weird and I like it a lot. It has a really 90s energy for some reason.
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