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  1. I wonder how insanely Kojima that mechanic will be. Give it up Sam, no man can do 14 shits in one day! I've got to try dammit!
  2. We WILL deep fry your kebab. That cafe now has a giant “as seen in AVENGERS: Infinity War” thing in the window, obviously.
  3. Fuck that, describe the time you threw your hat on a frog and became the frog
  4. That's intentional though right? By that point they were basically really extreme slapstick.
  5. Disney's business model here is people paying for Disney+ subscriptions. They probably don't give two fucks about people in Europe pirating stuff for a year when the channel isn't even available.
  6. Never saw the show but I've heard enough about the ending, one view being it works because Tony is going to be living the rest of his life in that sort of state, not knowing whether a trip to a diner could be a nice happy ending or a bullet through the back of his skull. Which sounds fucking excellent as an ending.
  7. I remain disappointed that they didn't add in extraneous additional headbutting a la the Star Wars Special Editions.
  8. Just put fucking book spoilers in spoilers the same way you would for spoilers due to episode synopses or leaks or whatever. Stop being chodes. I would rather see a book reader thread that dies on its arse and bans for anyone discussing book spoilers in the TV only thread than this pish. Jesus wept.
  9. We have spoiler tags, please use them. At least until BOOK SPOILER
  10. December 13th. Bit cheeky stealing the first four notes of the Game of Thrones theme mind.
  11. Holden is just a bit useless, bless him.
  12. The OSTs for season 2 and 3 are now up on all good streaming services.
  13. Amazon's head of marketing blabbed at SDCC that Season 4 will land in December.
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