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  1. It'll be fine then. If you've not noticed anything then it's absolutely fine.
  2. I will not "chill out". I will, in fact, "chill in".
  3. Do they pay extra for that? Do you need to do it when they're collecting it to prove its your actual piss or does performance anxiety kick in?
  4. A more relieved console there has never been.
  5. I am in a thoroughly Godawful mood today, so if we could spare me any more helpful tips about putting my console on some levitating platform in the centre of of the room or replacing my ears with ones that hear the authoritatively correct way I would really appreciate it.
  6. Aspen is a place in Colorado that is significantly more well known to me. I was grabbing at the nearest two words to your username. If I wanted to insult you I'd suggest you take your magic console-fixing rockstar Dumbo ears and flap over to my house with some acoustic panelling so we can build an enclosure for you and the console to sit in so I don't have to hear either of you.
  7. Yeah, that's a bit odd. My concerns are getting more genuine by the minute here.
  8. I was going to record it so we could compare what it sounds like, not some vague attempt at measuring the loudness. That's precisely what I'm planning to do, and I have absolutely no idea why you are so completely fascinated by my decision as to keep weighing in on it with ever more elaborate home redecoration advice.
  9. You joke but I actually considered just wearing my noise cancelling headphones all the time. My partner would leave me and my daughter would only see me on weekends but it would get Totally Aspens off my back.
  10. A DB meter will give an approximate measure of overall noise at a given distance in a specific set of circumstances provided it is done so in a controlled environment. It will be next to useless in comparing specific console noise issues. Consistent fan rotation noise is going to be subjectively less annoying than a chirping fan noise as it causes some metal component to vibrate off the main board, or coil hum from a dodgy component on the board. None of the noise is going to exceed that created by my TV speakers, but it's an annoying set of noises that not all of the consoles make
  11. It's not even remotely hot. The fan isn't even doing much work at all, it's just chirping away while whatever component causes the coil whine tuned up and down as I look at different things in Boletaria.
  12. Oh of course, the moment I see how many decibels the sound is, I will immediately cease hearing it. Why didn't I think of that.
  13. O&S is a bit perverse TBH. The fact that Anor Londo is such a PvP hotspot makes it ten times worse.
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