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  1. Sea of Thieves - Get That Booty!

    There were five chests on a single island via a message-in-a-bottle map. I was hardly going to dig them up and take them to an outpost one by one. It's why the solo option doesn't make sense, given the underlying design of the game.
  2. Sea of Thieves - Get That Booty!

    The stress test/beta is open again now. There are some new features like messages in bottles which are pretty neat. Playing alone doesn't feel remotely balanced. I like it because I don't really enjoy crewing up with randoms and having to deal with competing visions for the voyage/people rushing off and digging up the treasure before you've had a chance to get your bearings etc./people just pissing about dropping the anchor and so on which was often my experience in the alpha. However the game is so clearly based around 4 player crews (per Rare's original statement) that it's not really viable to play solo. I just got killed by a crew of French players who chased me down despite my best sailing efforts and using my boats manoeuvrability (I thought the smaller boat was supposed to be faster?). They nicked four great chests I dug up on an island via a message in a bottle map. So I've essentially wasted 90 minutes because I've nothing to show for it.
  3. Secret of Mana Remake

    Christ on a bike. What's with the bizarre french accordion at the beginning? It's a flute in the original FFS. The soundtrack for SoM is etched into my head, it's beautiful. I guess I'll skip this and either wait for the Switch collection to be localised or just buy the Japanese release even though I won't understand it.
  4. Dark Souls Remastered

    They also did the initially ropey and after post-release patching less ropey Arkham remasters.
  5. @Harsin Fair enough - I watch some of his stuff, but not that often, as he frequently makes the same point about 5 times per video.
  6. I thought the video was a response to this weeks' Sea of Thieves media blowout and the swathe of website stories that have been published. Amongst the articles with interesting information about the games' systems have been a number focussed on the future MTX (virtual pets) and taking a general "hey this is positive because they're not lootboxes" tone. On the one hand you can view those articles in a post-Battlefront 2 world as simply conveying "it'll have MTX, but not the bad kind" variety. On the other hand (and I assume this is where Sterling is coming from) the articles could be viewed as quasi-cheerleading of MTX, given that MTX for this sort of thing are nothing new so why all the articles? I've only watched the video from the timecode cued up in Boozy's post, but he said he's taking a wait-and-see approach overall, so I'm guessing his beef is with the media response being somewhat "good guy MS" because he goes onto make the point that platform holders more than anyone don't have to use MTX because the purpose of first-party games is primarily to get people to buy the platform, not necessarily to make a (huge) profit. Sony have MTX in TLoU and Uncharted multiplayer (the former some people claim to have been somewhat PTW because they felt the MTX guns were overpowered) and have said they're exploring them for future titles too - Sterling doesn't seem to address this, singling MS out instead here, but again my assumption is that he's reacting to some parts of the media seeming to pat MS on the back for "only" having traditional MTX in their "AAA" game rather than lootboxes. On the other hand his "fuck MS anyway" sign-off might be an indication of him having a particular beef with them
  7. Sea of Thieves - Get That Booty!

    I think it's because 'pioneers' can still play, and have access to some/all of the shiny things mentioned in the articles.
  8. Good PS4 online multiplayer games?

    I'm too giddy from playing the game to write coherent posts that accurately convey how amazing it is
  9. Good PS4 online multiplayer games?

    Titanfall 2. <CLOSE THREAD>
  10. Nintendo Switch

    No matter. In a world where Titanfall 2 exists you do not need another Call of Duty game.
  11. ONRUSH - New Arcade Racer from Codies!

    Assuming you weren't being sarcastic, they weren't always perfect. As an example, Secret of Mana had bugs in the JPN 1.0 version that Square fixed for the USA release and later re-releases. I'm sure there are loads of other examples.
  12. PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    The new beta firmware 5.5 has begun rolling out, and... system wide supersampling has been added as an option in Settings, for those games that didn't allow it.
  13. Xbox One X

    Yeah if it's a closed-back unit it'll be sucking in the already warm/hot air it's vented that's trapped in the unit, rather than lower temperature air from the room. That in turn means the fans will be working harder and more frequently to keep it cool.
  14. PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    I tried one, it's pretty rubbish and I returned it. I did notice some very weird aim acceleration on the thumbsticks, seems I didn't imagine it. I use a Brook XOne wireless adapter. It lets me use an Xbox controller wirelessly on the PS4. Battery life is pretty short, but it charges really fast and there's no input lag or tracking issues. Having used their USB adapter for ages without any problems that's not surprising, Brook are wizards. As a bonus you can also use it to sync with the Switch, although I've not tried that yet.
  15. PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Does anyone experience skipping in game DVR recordings? All of the clips I've taken in Titanfall 2 recently skip a few seconds from time to time - usually in the best bits.

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