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  1. Don't thew grow from slabs or something? I'm sure the description for either the Demon Titanite or their weapon says something to that effect.
  2. It's not that bad, and it actually opens up another little side quest which results in some neat loot.
  3. @Plums, the engineering screen is very misleading. The small number at the top inside each circle is your current value, and the big number in the middle is the maximum. That might explain why you weren't seeing a change. iirc 55% is the maximum for jump range increase at grade 5.
  4. Ahhh, yes, if its a salvage mission you can go and pick them up again, they will respawn at the source.
  5. I think the mission would have been a bust as soon as you died, but any other players would have been able to scavenge your remains (although I don't think all of your cargo appears as canisters). For future reference, compromised nav beacons are quite unsafe unless you are looking for a fight
  6. Oh, you need to pop back to Firelink Shrine first, if you haven't done that.
  7. Another thing going to the catacombs early can net you:
  8. It's guaranteed if you kill the demon before collecting the Estus / weapons.
  9. Get yourself a Vulture, it's an awesome little combat ship. Quite cheap too.
  10. Ahhh, yes. That is a little confusing at first. The game differentiates between navigational targets (planets, stars, signal sources etc) and interaction targets (ships, beacons, canisters etc) and they behave differently. The round targets (yellow semi-circle) are things you can arrive at, these are just points in space, not things you can interact with. Everything else will have angular target brackets when selected. Another way to think about it is stuff on the navigation tab is just destinations, while stuff on the contacts tab can be scanned / shot / picked up.
  11. You can also do Meta Alloy delivery missions from Maya for mega bucks. Can't remember the station name though! Just on my way back from the galactic core now. Swung via a few points on my way out (including Colonia, Great Annihilator, and Black in Green) and tagged some nice Earth Like World's, and a system with 5 black holes too. Sagittarius A is a lovely place to get some screenshots, I love the effects the black holes cause on the surrounding area.
  12. Last time I was in the area, we had just reclaimed Mukhang, and we owned a number of neighbouring systems too (3 or 4). That was about a month ago though, might have changed since then.
  13. If your scanner is in a fire group, it will deploy hardpoints by default when you press either primary or secondary fire outside of superscruise. You can turn this off in the control options, but I don't know if you will need to manually deploy your hardpoints to use your scanner. Not sure what you mean about regular scanning. You just have to be facing your target (so it sits within your targeting area) , and within a certain distance (depending on your scanner and the objects mass) before scanning will start.

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