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  1. Elite Dangerous

    Praise the Lord! So many times I've accidentally shot a ship while bounty hunting only to find done the scan hadn't quite finished.
  2. Elite Dangerous

    I decided to take a break from engineering my Corvette and headed over to Mukhang since I was in the neighbourhood to see if I could help out. Am I right in thinking that to increase the Rll factions influence I should just be doing missions for them and choosing the 'influence' reward? Is there anything else I can do to help out there? Anyone know which system we are expanding into?
  3. Elite Dangerous

    I was doing some material collecting at Dav's Hope earlier, quit out when my shopping delivery arrived, and now can't get back into to the game. I get an error every time after it spends about a minute loading
  4. Dark Souls 3

    I can drop you one tomorrow morning, if that's OK?
  5. Elite Dangerous

    You still have to click through them all to find the specific ships though. It would be good if it automatically bookmarked the systems your ships were in and labelled them for you.
  6. Elite Dangerous

    Anyone know if there is an easy way to select the systems some of your ships have been left in? It's a ballache trying to find where I left my AspX or Python etc when I want to switch ships.
  7. Elite Dangerous

    If you've been there before you'll have a marker there to land at when you get to the planet.
  8. Elite Dangerous

    Ah, that's a mistake with the pulse, that should be a beam too. Would you recommend ECM on a big ship? I've never used it on any of my ships to date.
  9. Elite Dangerous

    I just bought a Corvette thanks to the rep changes in the mission system. Doing runs in Sothis was still netting loads of cash too as there was always a time bonus for about 80% of the missions. Its been bloody expensive to buy and kit out though, and that's with the discounts from Li Yung Rui; I've spent about 450mil on it so far. This is the build I'm aiming for: https://eddp.co/u/GcmN9Z4H Not sure if it's going to be very balanced, but I just tried out the hardpoint configuration with all beams modded as efficient, and it was pretty awesome. Didn't drain the distributor quickly either.
  10. Bloodborne

    It was horrendously difficult. I ended up having to resort to using beast blood pellets to deal enough damage to kill him quickly in the second phase as I would not be able to survive for very long. Here's my successful attempt (1st DLC boss spoiler) :
  11. Bloodborne

    Dodge forward (so you end up behind him) instead of backwards. Most of the humanoid enemies in this game rush you down too aggressively for back pedalling to work.
  12. Bloodborne

    Yeah, I ended up doing all of it. The chalices were horrible. I'll be interested to see how you get on with the DLC if you decide to brave it.
  13. GTA Online: Heist Heist baby! (A new one!)

    Yep, I got that covered
  14. Bloodborne

    You know, in all of my playthroughs of Bloodborne, I've never thought to use the blood cocktails to lure BSB!
  15. 2017, the worst year of gaming ever?

    I kind of understand the sentiment the OP was thinking about (once you get past the clickbait title). While 2017 was an excellent year for games (Zelda, Horizon, loads of VR stuff, Mario Odyssey etc) there was also a lot of invasive monetization which, left unchallenged, could really ruin the gaming. Just looking at the online games I play - GTA online and Elite Dangerous, it's easy to see how attempting to push people towards buying stuff has affected the game design. ED has always been very grindy, but GTA has been stretched badly this year, with (admittedly free) updates to the game which are excellently designed but the balance of cost vs return in the in-game currency is so horribly broken its impossible to see it as anything other than a cash grab, designed to push players to buy shark cards (with real money). All the loot box and micro transactions which have bled into other games seem even more poorly considered, and it's amazing to see how badly they have been received. I myself stayed away from the new Mordor game despite enjoying the original greatly as it couldn't see how micro transactions could be implemented without adversely impacting the game design. I'm pleased that there has been quite an uproar about this kind of blatant monetization, and hopefully developers and whoever is putting in these systems will think a bit more about which games this stuff is put into, and how it is done in the future. However it pans out, I'll be wary of picking up any games with loot boxes or micro transactions. There are still plenty of games without that nonsense in to keep going.

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