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  1. Really struggling with the CM in the village. I've learnt his move set, and can pretty much parry everything. But it's the red symbol attacks I can't deal with. I dunno if my reactions are just too slow, but right now it's pot luck if I go for a jump or a mikri counter, I just can't react fast enough to the wind up which is almost non-existent. Any help appreciated, this is the first time it feels a little unfair in terms of what's expected.
  2. This has finally clicked. Loving it.
  3. Ah ok. I've hardly been blocking. Maybe that's it....it doesn't really make that clear. I am making progress slowly. It feels like playing Souls for the first time again, maybe I've forgotten what that was like.
  4. Thanks that helps. But what about all other standard attacks. Should I be trying to parry everything? This is where I get confused as some enemies you can break their stance just by attacking, but some it feels like a parry is required.
  5. Yeah it's not all parrying. The ogre went down via some standard dodge and counter techniques Felt more like a bloodborne boss. In fact that's my biggest headache at the moment...knowing when it's applicable or expected to parry.
  6. Oh wow. The first proper boss is amazing.
  7. Yeah. I find that stealth killing and then escaping back to safety works well. Feels like I'm not learning the basics though. Just found a new area, so progress at least.
  8. Thanks, yes that makes sense. I figured skipping the combat will eventually leave me short when it comes to the progression curve. Really struggling with multiple enemies at the moment. Gonna put some practice in today.
  9. Finding this a bit overwhelming at the moment. Some initial thoughts - The parry combat definitely feels more skill/reaction based than Souls combat. Hope it doesn't get too much. I'm still trying to find the balance between patience and aggression. It feels like fighting an enemy with regenerating health, the need to get in and reduce the poise before it resets. And then this is combined with the usual attack and dodge mechanics, with no real way of knowing what might be best. Stealth doesn't seem to be an option for combat, and I have absolutely no idea how to deal with multiple enemies. So yeah, its different and is gonna take some time. The traversal is very different also. The sense of exploration in Souls is really amped up here. Its like if you could go through Undead Burg by jumping across the roof tops and towers. As a result, I'm not sure yet what the need is to drop down and fight. Presumably progress will eventually be gated off, and you need to collect souls(?) and items etc. So yeah it's different and I haven't quite readjusted. On the plus side this means its genuinely terrifying and new, something previous Souls sequels didn't bring.
  10. * Obligatory dispatched post * Says it will be here Friday
  11. Tears of laughter at the CPR section. Amazing.
  12. I'm in. Had a voucher for Ebay so have caved in and ordered. When it was first announced I had my doubts about the lack of RPG elements etc, but yep, this is looking like a From Software game alright. This is gonna be a very long week.
  13. Hmm. Need to watch this again as I found it all a bit flat. Not sure if it's the format. I prefer AP when he is confident and full of swagger, as opposed to the nervous and more manic side of him we saw in this.
  14. Ok cheers. I've started the base campaign so will see how it goes.
  15. Just started this with absolutely no knowledge of it, so apologies for a very newbie question - it looks like I am presented with two campaigns to start with (one is the forsaken additional one?) Should I do the base campaign first? Does it matter?
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