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  1. Dr Slotter

    Motorspot chat - No dull F1 though

    Sorry, I particularly meant in IMSA. Outside of IMSA the quality of the AM drivers is much better (as you infer about a Sunday drive!).
  2. Dr Slotter

    Motorspot chat - No dull F1 though

    This is because the GTLM cars have two Pro drivers whereas the LMP2 cars are Pro/Am. The quickest laps of the Pro drivers in the LMP2 cars are significantly quicker than the Pro drivers in GTLM but the overall distance covered by them is usually less because of the Am drivers. It exists as a separate class in IMSA because of the IMSA/ACO politics!
  3. Dr Slotter


    Perhaps because it is a Acura NSX in the US (and China) rather than Honda? Slightly odd as you suggest.
  4. Dr Slotter

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    In case this isn't obvious, this means they are a supplier rather a sponsor. AIUI they share machining data and DMG use the Red Bull factory as a kind of showroom/physical case study in return for discounted hardware, higher level of engagement with the DMG engineers etc. (I assume, because my employer has similar deals).
  5. Dr Slotter

    Cricket Thread

    Many of the Indian players on the plane already here.
  6. Dr Slotter


    Just spotted/remembered we have an IndyCar thread, and I went to the 500 this year, so I thought I'd cross-post something I wrote on Pistonheads in the equivalent thread over there: And then someone asked for a write up:
  7. Dr Slotter

    Formula One - 2015 Season

    Initial technical analysis of the new cars (scroll down and click on the tabs)
  8. Dr Slotter

    The Ultimate Burger

    Had the Bryon Holy Cheesemas a couple of weeks ago, was very cheesy!
  9. Dr Slotter

    The Ultimate Burger

    Thanks for this suggestion, went on Sunday and thought it was very good.
  10. Dr Slotter

    The Ultimate Burger

    I agree, pretty nice though.
  11. Dr Slotter

    Formula One - 2014 Season

    RaceCar Engineering's car tech overview based on what is known so far (scroll down a little bit to the second section and click on the images of the cars). According to Renault, the installation in the Caterham is different to the Red Bull and Toro Rosso
  12. Dr Slotter


    Nope, we often have shortcrust.
  13. Dr Slotter

    Cut Copy - Free Your Mind - 4th LP out Nov

    Great news!
  14. Dr Slotter

    The Ultimate Burger

    Haha 10+ years ago now Why did talking about burgers trigger that? I can understand fish and chips causing fond memories of Friday lunches at the Dunton canteen!

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