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  1. I find your lack of faith... disturbing (and other Star Wars puns). The subscriber cover looks great this month.
  2. New Sega magazine, anyone? https://www.sega-mania.com/
  3. New 10-part Star Wars anime series to begin on Disney+ in September 2021. https://gizmodo.com/star-wars-visions-first-teaser-puts-a-japanese-lens-on-1847226050
  4. Can't... look... away....
  5. If it's set in 1994, does that make it a Bumblebee sequel or a 2007 movie prequel? Or both. Edit: Possibly answering my own question. TFWiki's twitter feed describes it as a Bumblebee sequel. Here's the Twitter thread with details. Edit 2: The thread mentions the Terrorcon leader, Scourge may have a goatee that's on fire. That's hilarious!
  6. I just hope the movie explains why old Indy had an eye patch in the 1990s TV series. And mentions his daughter.
  7. It's now possible to boot & access Amiga disks in WinUAE, via the Arduino, Catweasel, and Greaseweazel add-ons! A preview build of WinUAE is available at https://amiga.robsmithdev.co.uk/ and (apparently) the new plugin will be merged into the official release maintained by Toni Wilen in the near future. I've just bought a Greaseweazel F7 Lightning Plus, but it's a bit fiddly to setup when I need it. The case-less Greaseweasel currently sits on my desk when in use, with the back plugged into a USB cable and the front half connected to a long floppy cable that runs into my tower PC and connects to the floppy drive. By comparison, the custom-built USB floppy drive shown in the video looks much more robust and convenient!
  8. No copy for me today. My postman delivers letters at a fast run most days, so I hope he hasn't swallowed it by accident. I visited WH Smiths for the first time in a year and notice there's a new RG Pokemon bookazine. Is this a 100% reprint of previous RG articles on the series @strider? I recognised some of the article, but a lot seemed unfamiliar (my memory is a bit rubbish nowadays, though).
  9. I thought Alden Ehrenreich did well in the Solo movie. He lacks the confidence and swagger of Ford's version, but that seems reasonable given where Solo is as a character.
  10. And still making movies. I just stumbled upon a trailer for a new comedy he's made with Christopher Lloyd (spoilered for size). It's nice to see he's forgiven the man who had his son killed.
  11. It's surprising that a Maximum PC UK edition hasn't been tried. They could just recycle content from the US edition. PC Pro is still being published, though is a shadow of its former self. The latest issue* contains an interview with Alan Sugar, where he claims to have kickstarted the PC market in the UK (or words to that effect). * Disclaimer: The issue that I browsed in Sainsburys yesterday, at least. Are there any Playstation (or Xbox) fanzines? I recently stumbled across VitaMag while browsing the Switch Player website, but every issue seems to be sold out.
  12. A new issue of Sam Revival will be released soon.
  13. Not quite free. The retail issue is £7.99. My subscription copy contained the ghost of Dobbin the Pantomime Horse. Can I return him?
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