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  1. knightbeat

    Mega Drive. Yeah!

    Are there any Megadrive box art books available or on the horizon? I've got Bitmap Book's Super Famicom book, but feel more emotional attachment to Sega's Japanese box art.
  2. That goatie is so fake!
  3. knightbeat

    Mega Drive. Yeah!

    It seems like only a few months since Retro Gamer did the 25th anniversary special https://issuu.com/futurepublishing/docs/ret182.issuu (I assume it's the 30th anniversary of the Megadrive's announcement, given the machine wasn't released in Japan until late October 1988)
  4. You can be called a Doctor in any job if you have a PhD.
  5. knightbeat

    Spectrum games

    Has anyone heard of a PD game called RoboDuck? Your Sinclair reviewed it in the Crap Games corner of their Feb 1991 issue, giving it an awful 40%, but I've always wanted to play it. I've never found a copy on the web or seen anyone talking about it, which makes me think it's a fake game invented by the YS staff to fill some space rather than one that's ridiculously rare. Does anyone know more?
  6. knightbeat

    EDGE #320

    In a world of digital downloads it is refreshing that baby Anne is delivered in physical form. Sadly the joy is short-lived as baby Anne is revealed to be severely limited out of the box, incapable of performing even basic functionality. Sloppy coding abound, often presenting buffer overflow messages that quite frankly stink. These must be resolved through regular nappy changing and feeding missions performed ad nauseam to build experience points. Tasks are satisfying in small doses, but quickly become overwhelming, forcing the player to dodge simultaneous bowel and vomiting activity, while attempting to cover the offending orifice and catch the foul flow. A future patch promises to resolve the underlying issues, but the developers warn that the player must apply it themselves, possibly several times, in order for it to work. Alternatively, players wishing to avoid the hassle can pay in-game charges for a babysitter and boarding school DLC. On the upside, we're so tired that the hard work makes us appreciate our lives and the smallest progress brings daily joy. We're already looking forward to baby Anne: the terrible twos. 10/10
  7. knightbeat

    EDGE #320

    Is that Anne? I can't recall what she looks like.
  8. knightbeat

    WTF - New Thundercats series!!!

    I was disappointed when the 2011 Thundercats and 2002 He-man series were cancelled. Both series had great writing that complemented and expanded upon their respective mythos, as well as decent cell-shaded animation that evoked the original series. We even got a Thundercats UK comic for a short while. I'm hopeful this new series will be entertaining to watch, but that theme tune is absolutely awful.
  9. knightbeat


    Season 6 has just started in the US and it's confirmed there will be a seventh next year. https://tvline.com/2018/05/12/elementary-renewed-season-7-cbs/
  10. knightbeat

    Lucifer - it's "based on the comic"

    It ramps up the biblical aspect of the story a lot in season 2, but I can't say there's anything that will astound and amaze you. I've enjoyed watching it, but the latest season has felt a chore to watch at times, as a result of the longer season and meandering storyline. Tom Ellis is fantastic throughout, but the other characters have been a bit dull this year.
  11. knightbeat


    I hope this movie gets made - I loved the toys as a kid. There's been various announcements for a movie over the years. At one stage (around the time of Transformers 4, when the Transformers writers' room was a thing), there was an announcement it would be a GI Joe spin-off that would tie into the larger Hasbroverse. I bought a few of the IDW MASK comics in 2016. The setup was good, positing that the vehicles are based on reverse-engineered Cybertronian technology, and Miles Mayhem made a great villain who walked the line between pantomime and serious threat, but the rest of the cast were dull and forgettable. I'm not sure if it improved, though assume not given its cancellation.
  12. These are some of my favourite things When did Commodore Format go downhill for you? Around the time of the logo redesign or earlier?
  13. I was thinking of the redesign & return to A4 in August 1991 - probably should have clarified that. http://www.crashonline.org.uk/91/index.htm
  14. Crash was almost a pamphlet at this point, having sacrificed its pages to the tape distribution gods, but it introduced me to so many great games via its covertape. The 1991 relaunch was just amazing. Speaking of which, someone has a £256.87 (+£7 delivery) hole in their wallet at the moment. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Amtix-Issues-0-18-in-Binders-All-Near-Mint-Newsfield-Crash-Zzap64/132543393101
  15. knightbeat

    ReBoot: Prepare for the Upgrade

    I couldn't stand Reboot back in the day, though it seem to attract a lot of nostalgia in the US. Transformers fans seem to like it a lot, on the basis it was made by the same company that did the Beast Wars series.

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