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  1. Be careful with the dirty pics. This is a family forum! Have you taken a look at the internals yet? A build-up of dirt in the floppy drive can damage disks that used in the machine.
  2. I visited Nuneaton for the first time today and stumbled across a Cash Converter that had 4 or 5 'FC Compact' Nintendo Famicom clones on sale for £30 each. It came with a cartridge containing 80 or 130 games (depending upon which side of the box you read). I didn't buy it, fearing that it wouldn't work without a step down converter. The Cash Converter website mentions they're also available in Barnsley and can be delivered for £28 (I won't link to it, in case it breaks a RLLMUK rule though)
  3. knightbeat

    Edge #323 25th Anniversary Edition

    You will struggle. The WH Smiths at Euston Station had the Mario and Halo cover earlier, but they were being replaced with the new issue when I got there this evening. Forbidden Planet usually has EDGE mags for several months after they've disappeared elsewhere.
  4. knightbeat

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Chubby Checker using his signature dance moves to distract Kylo would have significantly improved that scene!
  5. knightbeat

    Galaxy Quest

    TV show on hold for moment
  6. knightbeat

    Transformers 5 - The Last Knight

    TFP Unicron is a Rock Lord in my brain canon.
  7. knightbeat

    Doctor Who

    Have we forgot the abomination that was Cyberwoman?
  8. Have you bought an art book recently? Talk about it here. I'm a fan of art books related to science fiction, fantasy, video games and movies. It's a small collection at the moment, consisting of a few Oliver Frey books, Drew Struzan: Oeuvre, The Art of Discworld (I wish I'd known about Discworld Imaginarium before buying it) and a few books on sci-fi history printed in the 1990s. I'm tempted to buy more when visiting the amazing Dark Roasted Blend website. We have a thread on videogame art books already, but I can't find anything for more general discussion. What art books have you bought or are you looking to buy?
  9. Nazis were the comedy bad guys of 1970s TV. No one thought they'd be coming back any time soon. My mum claims that spike chain maces were sold as decorative wall hangings in the 70s. They owned one for a few years, but donated it to a local church jumble sale to make the house child friendly. I try not to ask what my parents did before I was born.
  10. knightbeat

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    All of this has happened before and will happen again. Speaking of which, have the similarities between the TLJ and Battlestar Galactica been dissected yet? I was reminded of BSG's 1978 TV movie throughout the film.
  11. knightbeat

    The Emulator Thread

    I stumbled across several videos of Ryujinx, a Switch emulator. Has anyone tried it? Compatibility seems to be low, but I'm impressed by the Sonic Mania emulation (if it's real, that is).
  12. knightbeat

    Mega Drive. Yeah!

    Are there any Megadrive box art books available or on the horizon? I've got Bitmap Book's Super Famicom book, but feel more emotional attachment to Sega's Japanese box art.
  13. That goatie is so fake!
  14. knightbeat

    Mega Drive. Yeah!

    It seems like only a few months since Retro Gamer did the 25th anniversary special https://issuu.com/futurepublishing/docs/ret182.issuu (I assume it's the 30th anniversary of the Megadrive's announcement, given the machine wasn't released in Japan until late October 1988)
  15. You can be called a Doctor in any job if you have a PhD.

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