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  1. ReBoot: Prepare for the Upgrade

    I couldn't stand Reboot back in the day, though it seem to attract a lot of nostalgia in the US. Transformers fans seem to like it a lot, on the basis it was made by the same company that did the Beast Wars series.
  2. Quantum Leap

    Let's not forget that Quantum Leap is responsible for our glorious president. The 2005-06 comments are a blast from the past. Forums seemed to be full of people asking for show intros in the pre-YouTube days.
  3. Quantum Leap

    Quantum Leap seems to have a good reputation in these parts. Photo negatives have been discovered for a previously unknown ending to season 5. The extra scene show Al & Beth having a discussion about Sam in the future (1999).Some fans have linked this to an unapproved/possible fan script that describes Al using the QL accelerator to leap into the past and find his friend. I'm not sure there's sufficient evidence to support this, but it's possible this material ties into these plans. https://qlnegatives.tumblr.com/tagged/deleted-ending
  4. Wow! That'll pay for 194 winks!
  5. Amiga Appreciation Thread

    I'm surprised the Amiga press didn't promote the Megadrive pads more. OK, you still have the A500 owners that can't afford a new machine or memory upgrades, but a 2-button joypad is a cheap upgrade that could be easily found in most game stores (and is better made than the CD32 controller).
  6. The Stargate Thread

    MGM have apparently made the full 1994 movie available to watch on YouTube
  7. The Stargate Thread

    I hope it's edited into a single episode at a later date. The notion of watching 10 minute episodes over several weeks seems a complete waste of time.
  8. X Files - Mulder & Scully are back again!

    I presumed Ambrose & Miller would become the new Mulder & Scully in season 10 and was surprised they didn't get a bigger part in season 11. My primary complaint with the new series is that if feels like a thawed version of the 90s series - Mulder still watches VHS tapes and is surprised that the X-Files have been scanned and indexed. It's entertaining to see Mulder's mid-life crisis over so many unexplained events having been explained and the internet producing weirder stuff than he can imagine, but it makes him seem less clever than the audience, which is always a bad idea.
  9. Babylon 5

    I just stumbled across Voices of Authority being shown on Pick. I remember Julie Musante's speechifying being cliche at the time, but it feels like a masterclass in 21st century politics nowadays.
  10. Retro Gamer 177

    It's a shame there are no Midlands-based developers for it. "The Mega Duck is mega, me duck!"
  11. The story of Mean Machines

    This seems fairly conclusive - thanks for asking him. It seems so vivid in my memory, but perhaps I am mis-remembering it.
  12. The story of Mean Machines

    I have a distinct memory of watching a Mean Machines TV commercial in early 1992 during Saturday morning TV, soonafter I got a Megadrive. It was only a short ad - a crudely animated Julian Rignall cartoon character gave a high-pitched/excited description of the latest issue. I recall a helicopter and plane from Desert Strike would move diagonally across the screen at various points, which makes me think it was an ad for issue 17. Does anyone else remember this? I can't find the TV ad online, though aren't entirely surprising, given that it'd only appear for a few weeks and is dependent upon someone randomly recording TV commercials.
  13. Doctor Who

    I'm expecting it to be a heavy handed message to the audience that the Tardis initially rejected her, but realises it's the same person and they should do the same, or something.
  14. Trip Tucker was the engineer. Do you intend to say that Reid (the english guy) was awful?
  15. It's probably only interesting to a few people here, but this is the same Marcus Berkmann who worked on Your Sinclair for several years!

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