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  1. Mugman

    Which Dark Souls?

    Make sure you guys let us know how you’re getting on as you go. Nowt better than reading people’s Dark Souls journeys. Also make sure you check out Dark Calls podcast once you’ve finished it.
  2. For someone who moans about nostalgia so much you don't half like to go over the same tired old shit again and again. They're rereleasing the games so that they can be played on new systems. Which is better than them being lost forever. I get your FFXV points, in the same way I got them every topic you've made them in like some boring old fart who peaked in the Force Awakens thread, but you've picked the wrong lane here.
  4. I love it when deKay tries to deKay but gets deKay'ed. Love it.
  5. There's a cracking $60-80million Solo film out there. Nothing to do with his origin, just him and Chewie going about weird planets having individual stories that either tie up in a neat little bow OR lead onto more adventures. Directed by interesting directors like, oh I don't know, someone who took a Spider Man origin movie and made it the most interesting individual blockbuster of the year? Sadly, Disney saw how well Force Awakens and in particular Rogue One did and decided that everything Star Wars needed to be a billion dollar grossing event movie. So they ended up playing it safe and making a movie that looked like everything else, was about shit nobody cared about, and didn't release it in an event movie time slot so that it didn't clash with Mary Poppins Returns. They also spent $250 million to do this because Phil and Chris upset the Kasdans. It's a shame. The movie is fine, brilliant in places, awful in others. Disney should pay Lord and Miller to have another crack at it with this cast in an animated venture. Let them write it, let them direct it, base it on the continuing stories of Han ByHimself and the blaster he found up his bum or wherever it was.
  6. It might be my hangover but this has left an actual bad taste in my mouth.
  7. It's Rambo-ne Alone.
  8. Counter-Counter point. Kojima was always brilliant at building these little sandboxes where weird shit happens. In MGS1 keycards got cold and you could fast travel with different cardboard boxes, guards fell asleep and you could perve on Meryl and catch guards in their pants. 2 brought first person, bottles you could shoot and fire extinguishers you could set off, lifts you could break, colds you could catch, guards you could hold up and dog tags to collect. 3 had eating animals, bosses that died over time and guards you could make hungry by blowing up food stores. I guarantee I've forgotten several from each game and you'll all be angry at me for that but I guess that kind of proves my point? He was always brilliant at taking simple, small play spaces and filling them with interactive aspects/details. The reason the spaces were small was because of the technology at the time, if you wanted the level of detail he did you needed small spaces to fill them with. On top of this he threw in these incredibly strange stories that sort of mirrored his style of game design. You can call them boring or incomprehensible, but spend a bit of time with them and work them out and you'll realise a lot of silly fun can be had working out their intricacies. Then MGSV happened. And suddenly, Kojima had the tech to take his small, detailed spaces and finally make a huge open world with them. So he did. And for my money, all of the plaudits Breath of the Wild gets for it's world's explorability (sorry), MGSV mirrors it in its interactivity. It's the most brilliant systems based open world I've ever played. Every stupid system you play with unlocks you new stuff to go in and play with stupidly. It's the using the pistol to shoot the fire extinguisher to blind the guards on a huge scale a thousand times over. There's always a new silenced sniper rifle, decoy snake or actual fucking helicopter to go and play with and the game gives you tons and tons and tons of missions to go and play with them in. It's definitely overly long, and making you replay stuff just isn't fun to the conditioned "play x amounts of missions and complete the game" gamer brains we all have. But what some see as padding I see as Kojima having a massive box of toys and wanting to make sure gamers have the time to play with them all in all of their combinations. But the nature of an open world meant that it was frustrating if you moved forward five steps and a codec conversation or a cutscene happened. So the plan I guess was to occasionally have these story segments at the end of chapters, but disappointingly Konami insisted the game be released before all of this was finished. What does this mean for Dead Stranding? Well, hopefully it means another new massive toy box full of new toys, more explorability (SORRY) and a slightly more interesting landscape, bolted on to the mad story that MGSV kind of missed, creepy children and flaming whales aside. With Sony footing the bill and seemingly letting him do what he wants, it might actually be finished this time too. And for me, that's something to be very excited about indeed.
  9. Wait, what? That can't be right can it? Please understand?
  10. I work in film advertising, so no, I don't tend to illegally bite the hand that feeds. Also, your analogy is totally wrong. It's more akin to breaking into a car lot, stealing a car, driving it around for the night and returning it in the morning. In theory what you're doing is a completely victimless crime, and as people have said Di$ney don't need the money from the £10 ticket you might have bought if you couldn't just illegally rip a copy and watch it at home. But from the tone of the above post I'm guessing JPL doesn't only download stuff he buys later and that's when you get into smaller films being nicked and it all starts to get a bit more murky. Anyway, I won't derail any further, Endgame was brilliant and I cried all the way through it so well done to everyone involved.
  11. Yeah if you wait a few months there'll be a 4k copy hitting the shops.
  12. Max Payne 3 Skippable Cutscenes. You then have the perfect game.
  13. So I'm not sure when this hit Netflix but Stuart Heritage wrote an article about it in The Guardian and yesterday I watched it all in pretty much one sitting. Tim Robinson was a writer on SNL a few years back and now writes and stars in one of the strangest, best sketch shows I've ever seen. It's 6 15-20 minute episodes on Netflix and I can;t recommend it enough. I'm already chomping at the bit to go back for a second viewing. It's incredible.
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