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  1. Sea of Thieves - Get Yer Booty!

    It's also, if you get a group of friends together to play, really chuffing brilliant. It explains itself badly, it's a little empty, there are bizarrely few enemy types but I've just played for 3 hours straight and had an absolute belter of a time with it. Working out the systems, meeting people in the wild and chatting, fighting the fortress under the big skull cloud, the madcap race back to an outpost with all our loot. God knows how long it'll be fun for but what's there is absolutely cracking once you work it out. I assume it'd be rubbish on your own, but then that's not what it's designed for. I hope the server issues clear up and that it's a success for them, because this is exactly the kind of game I want to be playing of an evening.
  2. You're not arguing this. You're arguing that people should only go and see movies that YOU will actually enjoy. Plenty of people like the Marvel films, I got more from Spider Man Homecoming last year than I did Three Billboards and Shape of Water put together. Different people have different backgrounds and tastes. Plenty of people in this thread have said they got something from seeing Tomb Raider in the cinema. For me, I know it's going to be an absolute wet arse of a film so I haven't bothered, but the way you're telling people that they're killing cinema is elitist nonsense.
  3. Surely this makes your first point all but null and void? It was released. Cinema appears to be fine. And to cater for audiences who want PR/IP branded crap and more intelligent fare. I love Lynne Ramsey's work, hell I was a very very small cog in the wheel that made We Need To Talk About Kevin, but also support people going to see what they damn well please and making their own minds up.
  4. Pacific Rim: Uprising

    Yes it is. Unlike Pacific Rim Uprising which is dreadful.
  5. Pacific Rim: Uprising

    So I saw this last night and can confirm, despite loving the first, that it's dog shit of the highest order.
  6. Noclip - Videogame Documentaries

    In this current hellish landscape of Youtubers and Gaming Personaliteeez, I'm ecstatic there's someone out there with a more laid back, less shouty style. I like the NoClip docs. They're well shot/cut and he gets good stuff out of his contributors.
  7. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    HUGE run for the mighty Fulham at the moment. Got a bit sketchy towards the end but we managed to keep Wolves out of the game for most of the 90 minutes. A great result especially considering the calibre of the opposition. I think Cardiff may be a little too hard to reach but either way we're playing great football and getting great results so I'm a very happy Fulham fan!
  8. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    Why do you care? If that's not you just make your criticisms and move on. He's not talking about you. He's specifically been asked a question about the diversity backlash. Nobody has said to him "what did you think about people who said that the casino sequence was a little ropey" for him to reply "they're woman haters".
  9. Black Panther - Chadwick Boseman - Feb 2018

    Yep, Doctor Strange for all its faults also had an ending that didn't revolve around a big fight, and was all the better for it. But then you have Ant-Man, which does end in a scrap with a fairly faceless baddy, but is really inventive and great fun. I don't think Comic Book movies ending in fights is necessarily a bad thing, as long as they're done well and bring something new to the table.
  10. Star Wars!

    Can anyone recommend a good Star Wars table top RPG for beginners? Me and a few mates were looking to have a go, but I haven't GM'ed a game since I was around 15. I'm now... older than 15... Something simple but fun to get us into it would be amazing!
  11. Shadow of the Colossus Remake (Bluepoint)

    Started this last night after a fairly emotional day and... well, it's blown me away all over again. The original is one of my favourite games and this is just the perfect way to bring it back. I got lost on the way to Colossus 3 and ended up just riding around looking at the different locations. There's something really sullen and peaceful about riding about the different environments when they don't have the Colossi there. Little snapshots of 13 years ago remembering the battles without actually seeing them. Anyway, it was incredible back in the day and it's incredible now. Looking forward to delving back into it over the weekend.
  12. The stand up comedy thread

    How come it could be Rich's last ever tour?
  13. Monster Hunter: World

    How do I see Investigations in other locations? The game keeps saying I'm unlocking new ones but I can only see Ancient Forest ones on the Investigations screen.
  14. Where Mario Kart Went Wrong

    Just a quick note from someone who doesn’t even post that much on here any more, huge walls of text and being really patronising aren’t the best way of getting your point across.
  15. Spyro remake PS4?

    Oh God more shit dumping and running from RubberJohnny.

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