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  1. So far it feels more like the comic books I was drawn to in the weird corners of They Walk Among Us in Richmond as a kid than anything else Marvel or anyone else have ever put on screen. I've only seen the first ep but it was weird, funny and I'm genuinely intrigued to see where they're going with it.
  2. So I'm really really enjoying this. It's weird in that it's an open world-y thing in which you're kind of doing the same thing over and over again so is really everything I normally hate, but the way you slowly unlock stuff that actually leads to you being better against something that's genuinely impossible to overcome at the beginning is keeping me playing. I drop off most Assassin's Creedy games because you've seen everything they have to offer after 20 hours and then the game expects you to do exactly the same thing again and again with bigger numbers for another 60, but this actually gets
  3. Me and some mates have gotten back into this lately and when it sings it's just the best online game out there, right? We're having so much fun but... well... why does everyone have to be such an arsehole? Literally everyone we've met has ignored any attempts at chat and tried to blow us up. I got into quite a long chat with a guy at an outpost when neither of us had any treasure, said hellos, talked about the tall tales we were doing and said our goodbyes. He shot me in the face and they sunk our boat. We were doing a fort later on and some guys rocked up. We asked for help using in game chat
  4. That's 5 points from Leicester Liverpool and Tottenham there for a Fulham team that were relegated by many after the first two games of the season. We're still very much amongst it and have got a rotten run at the end of the year but if we can start playing like we played tonight against teams that aren't Tottenham I'm pretty confident we could have enough to stay up.
  5. I mean yeah there are a lot of people in this thread saying they don't like the cookie cutter nature of Ubi's open worlds and aren't sure if they'll be that good a fit for Star Wars which is fun and fast paced and not about unlocking towers for 80 hours. But, like, a lot of the issue this forum has with Ubisoft has nothing to do with how boring Ghost Recon Breakpoint was. You're on here making toys out of the pram posts about a company with a history of sexual abuse at the very top that's surfaced within the last six months. So if we look at your list from your post and give it a
  6. I've been here, as have quite a few of us on the forum. And unfortunately there's no advice I can give really. I think if anything having battered through all of the Souls games and loved them might make this even harder? It's just a completely different gameplay experience in a way the game doesn't really get across. I think it eventually clicked for a lot of people on the Genichiro fight but I'd given up long before then. For me it took a year of me saying it was shit and resigning myself to just watching other people play it because it wasn't for me. Over time I think I saw how others
  7. After TLJ apparently ruined everyone's childhoods I think they should just say none of Star Wars is Star Wars then just make a movie where Luke Skywalker spins a lightsaber loads and fucks for aaaages. That's my Star Wars. That's my Luke Skywalker.
  8. Mine turned up yesterday. I’ve got no issue at all with it being late it’s just bizarre how busy the website is and how little information it gives.
  9. I started a sub a few months ago and was informed that the February issue would be my first issue. Thought it was a bit weird it would take that long but there you go. I thought I'd clicked on a new sub for 3 months but nothing's arrived yet and when I look on the website it says my copy has been delivered and I have 0 issues remaining. From reading here I assume it's just a shit show?
  10. That's really interesting because I tend to lean on the handbrake quite a lot, especially in the faster cars, and am posting some pretty decent times to Autolog. I never use the footbrake. There's literally no need for it. Get into your drift early by lightly Ridge Racer-ing on the left stick (a quick tap away from the corner then into it) from a distance and just ride it through. Or if you're too late it's a very very slight tap of A to slam into the corner and make sure you use your boost as soon as you straighten up to regain any speed you've lost. It's still a remarkable thing
  11. Just wanted to pop in and say it's absolutely lovely reading that Eternal's getting a few more people on board. It took a while to click but I loved most of it after it did and while I understand a bit of the "it's different to 2016" negativity it's lovely to read that people are having fun. In fact you might have all convinced me to grab the DLC at some point soon...
  12. Rylan is a national institution and that was a really excellent episode of Taskmaster.
  13. All the way through that I was thinking “yeah it’s fucking terrible but if it had cheeky chappy everyman scouser John Bishop in it it’d be a 5 star masterpiece.”
  14. Game of the Year A1. Final Fantasy VII Remake. Final Fantasy VII Remake wasn't the best game I played last year mechanically. That pleasure goes to my number 2 or maybe DOOM Eternal, but what it did it did perfectly. It transported me back into the world of one of my favourite games of all time, and did so not in look or mechanics or in some cases even story, but in feel. It made Final Fantasy VII something strange and new and unexpected again. And it let me spend more time with some of my favourite characters in any medium ever. It was too long and bloated in places and it's definitely h
  15. Once a year we do this thread and once a year you do a post in which you say "I loved it but the majority of fans or the true fans or Star Wars fans hated it." This is still not the case. It's a fair split between those that liked what Johnson did and those that hated it. I'm a huge Star Wars fan and I deeply loved that it changed characters I loved and tried to move forward into a future in which Star Wars wasn't six people but an idea. Critics loved it, a lot of people on here who have lived and breathed this franchise for a lifetime like myself also loved it, the fact that the
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