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  1. I'm really disappointed this is being hit with save wipes and doors not opening but my god when it works. It just feels electric. Bloodborne and Titanfall 2 are the only other games that feel this good to me. It's just utterly sublime. Fix the issues and whack a save feature so it doesn't hold my Playstation hostage mid run and you've got a genuine all timer here.
  2. Any news on whether saves are still getting destroyed by the latest patch? I've been furloughed today and tomorrow and wouldn't mind playing some of the game I paid £60 for last week.
  3. I don't think anyone is saying that, though? It's a complex issue and yet again the internet boils it down to a yes or no, black or white, you either want all games to be boring cookie cutter experiences that are completable by everyone or you never want a disabled person to play anything ever again. It's not that simple an issue. I was so bored of video games before I found the Souls series. Done with them. They have single handedly reignited my love of a hobby I've had since I was four, and for me a large part of that is due to the way they feel when you overcome obstacles. The
  4. Anyone got any tips for the flying robots in area 3? They've got homing missiles that totally wipe me out regardless of dodges etc.
  5. I have a question. Sometimes I swear my character is getting hit and not losing Adrenaline. I know there are shield pickups but do you generate a shield as you play? How do you know when you've got it and where does it come from?
  6. Yeah all of the Destiny cast do a great job with some genuinely terrible dialogue. The story's absolute unfollowable bobbins but the characters really shine. Shaxx especially.
  7. So this morning I was a big fan of Returnal but was unable to quite do enough to get past the first boss. I jumped into a run I was half way through yesterday and decided to mop up everything in the area before taking on the boss. I knew it was a bit of a busted flush of a run because I hadn't picked up a certain item but decided to go with it anyway as a way of practice, of learning. I have been playing the game all day, have just beaten the boss of Biome 2, and haven't died once. This is the best first impression I've had of a game since Bloodborne. I cannot tell yo
  8. Does anyone have links to the pundits talking about the protests? I'm off twitter this weekend due to the Social Media Boycott and can't find videos?
  9. Any tips for the green tree lads that throw out the slow shit? They own me every time I come into contact with them.
  10. I think I'm going to stay out of this thread but I've just finished my second run and holy fuck it's good. Got to the boss, had a genuine feeling of not really knowing what I was doing or what was going on throughout but it's all so atmospheric and so tight that I just want to keep on playing. I got to the first boss and nearly did him, learning all of his moves on the fly as I went but then got complacent and now I'm back to square one. But there was a smile on my face when I died which normally means I'm going to become obsessed with whatever it is that caused it. It's really ni
  11. I won't be posting. I'm not sure it'll do anything but it's very low effort on my part and hopefully might nudge the powers that be on twitter to actually get involved in sorting these issues out. A weekend off twitter is never a bad thing, too. Rllmuk is obviously completely different. If you're racist on here you get banned, we do exactly what twitter should.
  12. Wreckfest seemed like good fun but the load times killed it for me. Hopefully the PS5 update fixes that! As for Battlefield V, I found it a massive disappointment that spoiled most of what I loved about the series but haven't played it for a long old time. Decent multiplayer titles are also a bit thin on the ground on PS5 so maybe another try is in order.
  13. Minari - Available to rent on Amazon now. Judas and the Black Messiah - Available to rent on Amazon now. Sound of Metal - On Amazon Prime now. Promising Young Woman - Available on Sky/NOW.... now Nomadland - Coming to Disney+ April 30th Trial of the Chicago Seven - On Netflix now. Mank - On Netflix now. In fact the only one I can't find from the Best Picture noms is The Father. There's some word of it releasing in June but it's impossible to know if that'll actually happen what with the old pandemic.
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