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    Playing Bass Guitar, keeping track of Newcastle United FC & the Montreal Canadiens (NHL), a bit of videogaming here and there, all in between the joys of parenthood!!

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  1. From memory, I think it was a 6
  2. For £2, you shouldn’t have any complaints. First couple of levels are standard FPS with SW on top but then you get your Saber and you can have some fun. Some of the level choke points with enemy snipers gets annoying but nothing game breaking.
  3. UNO on the Switch is pretty good. Has an online mode, some deck variations (Rabbids, Rayman) and is perfect for a 5-10 min pick up & play blast.
  4. Eddie the Eagle Ghostbusters The Holiday Star Wars ANH Trading Places School of Rock Downton Abbey All end leaving a warm fuzzy feeling inside (well, inside me anyway)
  5. Ivanho

    Nintendo Switch

    From his post about setting up the Family account, I’m guessing either Sean or his son got a Switch from Santa
  6. Ivanho

    Nintendo Switch

    Those of you that bought Overwatch, how did you redeem the 3 months Online it comes with? Had the code inside for the game but can’t see how to get the Online code, or should it be on a card in the box?
  7. Ivanho

    Nintendo Switch

    https://my.nintendo.com/ But it is all so Nintendo. Somehow I have linked my old NNID to my sons account so when I needed the permissions email for Overwatch after he bought it today, it went to an old gmail address. Can I figure out how to change the parent account to my new one, can I bollocks. Fortunately I remembered the gmail account address as otherwise I would have had a very unhappy child.
  8. Minecraft on PS3, PS4 and PC Jedi Knight 2 on PC and Switch That’s it really. I don’t tend to sell games or consoles that often, and don’t have the time to buy, play/complete and then sell on.
  9. It is possible to do solo. I finished all the challenges yesterday and did the lot by myself. The hard bit was finding a Saber or Sniper Rifle to take them out with. (Still hoping they leave the Sabers in, they are just so much fun!)
  10. Maybe it was an exaggeration, maybe it was true. North Korea Is supposed to be skint and it’s people impoverished but has a huge army and Emperor Jong still gets his iMac’s and Bentley’s so it’s not completely unbelievable.
  11. Loved it, thought it was great. I could nitpick it to death (why didn’t lightspeed skipping cause a Hoddo incident, what was the point of the Knights of Ren, just for two) but do you know what, none of it makes any difference to how much I enjoyed it. I liked the ‘remembering that thing/time’ callbacks and by managing to go in cold I was surprised by the surprises. So, yeah, came out happy and wanting to see it again, which is a good thing in my book.
  12. Apologies to all those sick of Star Wars, but you can get a free Millennium Falcon glider from the Winterfest lodge.
  13. This needs a Sabers only Team Battle Mode. I would also be quite happy if they didn’t take them out in 6 days time, but that’s more of a personal preference.
  14. Just booked for Sat morning (21st), going to watch TFA and TLJ this week, whilst playing with Lightsabers in Fortnite on the Switch.
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