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    Playing Bass Guitar, keeping track of Newcastle United FC & the Montreal Canadiens (NHL), a bit of videogaming here and there, all in between the joys of parenthood!!

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  1. Well, this will keep my son happy. He already has SW:BF2 but a few of his friends don’t so they will all be able to play now.
  2. Ivanho

    Nintendo Switch

    Anyone know how long NBA2K is going to be reduced for? Fancy it but the memory card in the Switch is 32GB and don’t have any larger ones around so will have to order a new one if I go for it, or can I pay and not download the game?
  3. I had a proper snorting laugh about that, which I then followed up with a Sid James impression. It was the follow up line which killed me
  4. I read about this last week and the first thing I thought was ‘You quit, you sued, you lost!’ The Wall is magnificent, and that cover of Mother is lovely, but c’mon Roger, this is the daft ranting shit that caused all the problems in the first place.
  5. My son is playing the demo of Moving Out and laughing his head off. Has anyone bought the full game and can give me their thoughts on it? It looks a bit like Overcooked which was fun but you seemed to hit a wall if you were only 1/2 players (or that was just us and we're a bit shit!) In other news, AC is lovely and will probably cost me a Switch Lite or two as my wife & daughter are now addicted! They've been on it so much that I've only just be able to upgrade from a Tent to a House.
  6. Yeah, in the films it wasn’t until TPM that the name Palpatine was mentioned, but the original novel (which is somewhere in my loft) has it here Obviously his backstory was altered to show him as a power hungry Sith Lord instead of a puppet Emperor controlled from the shadows but the seeds were there.
  7. Some are wondering if it was a mistake, or a PS+ title that was put up too soon.. https://gamerant.com/free-ps4-game-pac-man-championship-edition/ Managed to grab it and my son's been playing this morning.
  8. Ivanho

    Edge #345

    Ooooh, might have to buy an issue of Edge for the first time in years.
  9. I know there is a separate thread, but just in case people have this one bookmarked and haven’t seen the other one... https://blog.us.playstation.com/2020/04/14/announcing-the-play-at-home-initiative/ Uncharted Collection and Journey for free, no PS Plus account needed to claim.
  10. Anybody got any ideas why The Black Hole has 2 mins or so of music with a blank screen before the film starts? I restarted twice, and checked on my phone before realising it was the film not me.
  11. Maybe they will do an MCC style update where you can switch (no pun intended) from original to updated, if the system can handle running both. Anyway, love all these games, will definitely be investing in this.
  12. The Jeff Goldblum show is suitably bonkers, and Mandalorian is excellent. That and all the stuff my kids have watch over the last few days have made it worth £5.99 instantly.
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