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    Playing Bass Guitar, keeping track of Newcastle United FC & the Montreal Canadiens (NHL), a bit of videogaming here and there, all in between the joys of parenthood!!

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  1. Ivanho

    Your old arcade and game shop hangouts

    Just remembered that Maidstone used to have a few game shops. My Dad bought an Amiga 500+ from the ‘serious’ place, that wouldn’t have anything to do with consoles. Boots, John Menzies & Smiths had games sections during the Spectrum/Amstrad/C64 years, and I bought my Gameboy with Tetris & Mario from Boots. There was also a couple of import type places when the Megadrive/SNES took hold. All gone now with only Game left. I’m sure there were others (we ended up with two Games at one point when they took someone over). Part of the joy was just going in for mooch and seeing what was out. Great days
  2. Ivanho

    Your old arcade and game shop hangouts

    I used to love going in an Arcade, the smell of hot electronics, sticky carpet, loved it. Maidstone (Kent) used to have two Arcades at one point. The original one had fruities on one side and games on the other. Robocop, Chase HQ, Tetris, Outrun, the moving Thunderblade, great stuff. They also had a 16+ only policy cos of the fruities, but this was very dependent on the mood of the Doorman. They closed it and it became a Sports Bar which reopened with different names a few times before closing for good a few years ago The other one was only around a few years. No carpet or other niceties, just cabs all round the room. That closed down and was empty for years before becoming a Chinese restaurant. Also went to the Trocodero a few times. That was fun, mainly because they had a load of pinball tables. But my main arcade memory is of the one at Devon Cliffs holiday park, near Exmouth. Went there every year for 10 years and that arcade had everything you could want. 720, cockpit Star Wars, Gauntlet, R-Type, Indiana Jones. Wonderful. Spent so much money in that place. I’d hate to go back now as I know it’s gone and just filled with grab machines and ticket games. I might get lucky and find the new on rails Star Wars game or Mario Kart, but it’s not the same. tl:dr - I’m old & remember proper arcades
  3. Ivanho

    (Some) Streamers Are The Worst

    Now arrested according to a quick Google Search. Lets hope his new prison friends give him a warm welcome.
  4. Ivanho

    Concerts - general discussion and experiences

    Went to the Def Leppard Hysteria gig at the O2 last night. Sound was a bit bass heavy, and Joe can’t quite hit the high notes anymore, but it was a pretty good night and hearing that album in full from start to finish was pretty special.
  5. Ivanho

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019)

    I’m in!! (Not that I was ever going to be out!)
  6. Ivanho

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    Wow at that trick play by the Bears Vs Giants, great move. Shame they lost but it was a cracking game!
  7. Ivanho

    Star Wars Battlefront 2

    Might be worth double checking.. https://www.vg247.com/2018/11/29/star-wars-battlefront-2-ea-access-xbox-one/
  8. Ivanho

    Star Wars Battlefront 2

  9. Ivanho

    Star Wars Battlefront 2

    According to the EA forum, it was Geonosis only for the first 48 hours of release, now it’s a Clone Wars maps only list for the next few days. Take out the X Wing then just strafe everything from left to right. It’s still a bit hit/miss as I think there is a Rebel Troop blocked by the A Wing that is difficult to see. I was going for a Hard difficultly play through but had to drop to easy for that bit as after an hour I couldn’t get past.
  10. Ivanho

    Star Wars Battlefront 2

    I thought the campaign was ok, but utterly predictable plot wise, but I’ve been surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed the online play, even with EA’s attempts to bugger up the matchmaking. Still needs them to bring Walker Assault in properly, that was great fun and the Hoth map from the first one was much better.
  11. Ivanho

    Star Wars Battlefront 2

    Yes (from a certain point of view....sorry, couldn’t resist). For me it’s a fun diversion in my favourite fantasy universe and I can overlook the things that others probably find annoying or game breaking. It’s not the greatest game ever, but it’s also not the worst thing ever released (I’m looking at you Rise of the Robots, and your mate Superman 64) and at least EA are still supporting the game, rather than just dropping it like a hot rock like many predicted.
  12. Ivanho

    Star Wars Battlefront 2

    Hopefully they will have also sorted out the bug that has removed the selection box from the character screen, and the one that also stops you from changing character in HvV.
  13. Ivanho

    Nice games to potter around in

    The GTA series has always been fun to explore, and I loved just flying around the city in Lego Marvel, but the crown has to go to BOTW. You can spend hours playing about in that world without going anywhere near the story stuff.
  14. Ivanho

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    Bears dominated the Bills, capitalising on their poor defence. Great stuff!

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