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  1. PS4 Pro

    I wouldn't let it put you off, it seems to vary quite a bit. Just buy from somewhere that has straightforward returns in case you get a duff one, I guess? I was playing Monster Hunter last night which I would've thought would be fairly rough on it since the framerate is unlocked but it was quieter than my OG PS4 was most of the time and the noise from that was rarely intrusive in itself.
  2. vinyl lovers

    Should be worth checking Norman on Saturday too, they often have bits and bobs go up after the fact.
  3. I did finish the first Project Zero but it was the first game I exclusively had to play in daylight.
  4. PS4 Pro

    Maybe mine's broken or something but it seems pretty quiet to me, even in this weather. I'm coming straight from a fat PS4 which might affect my perception of it, although even that wasn't particularly noisy most of the time. I've got a mate whose fat PS4 could be pretty ridiculous. The disc drive definitely seems a fair bit louder than it was on the regular PS4 but obviously that's not an issue at all outside of the small amount of time it spends installing things. Thankfully the transfer all went smoothly and PT survived. I was fretting a bit about making sure things got activated/deactivated but it didn't seem to even matter in the end - I didn't think to do it on my accounts from other regions and it still let me activate them as primary on the Pro.
  5. Prince

    Much prefer that version to the one with Rosie Gaines, I've got to say. There's been a load of stuff released by the police about the death investigation (like 15gb worth of downloads) including some pictures from his vault. Disappointed that it looks like an actual storeroom rather than being tiled with gold and having shelves crafted from tortoiseshell or something. There's also an interview with Sinead O'Connor about him being violent, drug dependent and apparently also a satanist with the power to move objects by force of will. I mean, it wouldn't necessarily surprise me if there are some slivers of truth in some of that but she doesn't exactly come across as the most reliable source.
  6. Prince

  7. Football Thread 2017/18

    I always thought my memory was playing tricks on me with the Scholes hype so the last few posts feel like a bit of a vindication. I was sure he was never massively talked up beyond being 'just' an excellent player while he was in his prime but people speak about him now as though he's never been seen any other way and that it's something that's always been taken for granted. He started as an out-and-out striker, didn't he? And I seem to remember him looking decent enough, but probably the kind of big club youth player who would've been in and out of the team for a couple of years then got that move to Sunderland or wherever. He started getting much more impressive as he was gradually moved deeper, first into the more deep-lying forward area then midfield.
  8. Morrowind The Elder Scrolls 3

    I tried my best to roleplay as a thief all the way through, even though that does inevitably go out of the window at certain points due to you becoming massively powerful and sent into areas where you can't realistically avoid combat without pushing a wagon of potions around with you. When I finally had to go to Red Mountain I noticed the scrolls of Icarian flight that had been in my inventory from the beginning, saved for a rainy day, and thought 'Well.. That's what a thief would do..' Ten seconds later I was at the peak of Red Mountain, having hopped halfway across the island . Did what I had to do, then hopped back out again. I just absolutely love that that's even possible.
  9. PS4 Pro

    Yeah, I went for it. I probably would've saved £50 or so by waiting it out but I've been at it so long now that it's worth £50 just to be able to stop checking HotUKdeals all the fucking time. I didn't realise that Argos do a 12 month interest free thing which you can pay off pretty much however you want so that took the sting out of it too. Currently got my 2tb hard drive transferring to a USB drive.. Once that's done I just deactivate the standard PS4, swap the drives, restore the backup on to the Pro then activate it, right?
  10. Morrowind The Elder Scrolls 3

    This game was my white whale for years. I bought the original release and got about 100 hours in (prior to it actually having a useable quest journal) before starting to feel like I was wasting my life and uninstalled it. Bought it again after the first expansion and then one more time in the GOTY edition with the same result, so I probably had about 300 hours in total without actually finishing it. I dread to think how many times I must've played the fucking intro sequence to test out the graphics settings Earlier this year I installed it with Overhaul and finally nailed the fucker. So much of it still hasn't been bettered in a big open world game but the running backwards and forwards to hand in quests can still drive you up the wall, particularly if you favour sticking to one thing at a time over taking every quest in every area and ending up with a completely unmanageable backlog. The repeated trips to the thieves guild guy in Vivec were particularly fun. If you're willing to put up with some aspects that I hesitate to even call outdated (because they were pretty poor even at the time) it's still a fantastic experience and can be made to look really quite nice on PC.
  11. Football Thread 2017/18

    Surely a lot of Sterling's chances are down to his own pace and constantly getting in the right positions though? His finishing can be comical of course but there are plenty of fantastic wingers out there who wouldn't have scored 22 even in this Man City team. It's the Andy Cole debate all over again.
  12. PS4 Pro

    I've been waiting on a decent deal on a Pro for ages without much luck, the lack of stock seems to be keeping the prices at pretty much RRP. I passed on a white one plus SOTC from Amazon for £350 but haven't seen anything better in the meantime. That same deal is at Argos now so I should probably just bite the bullet and go go for it, shouldn't I? I'm guessing there probably aren't going to be dramatic discounts again until Black Friday at this point.
  13. You're saying it wrong!

    In the early 2000s I enthused about Deus Ex down the phone to a mate. The pronunciation was fine but he was later confused (and possibly relieved) to find out that I hadn't been really into Day of Sex.
  14. Shmups

    Nice! The Psyvariar thread is one of my better memories of hanging around NTSC-UK in days of yore.
  15. You're saying it wrong!

    Yeah, that's the thing. Ryu I kind of realised was wrong as soon as I came into contact with Japanese films so that's been corrected for such a long time that it'd feel weird saying Rai-oo. I'd feel like a twat saying Zangief properly though.

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