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  1. My copy arrived from The Game Collection this morning The tutorial is pretty bare bones in comparison with stuff like Skullgirls, Guilty Gear or UNIST but at least it's there I guess. I can tell the defensive options are going to take a bit of getting used to. If anyone fancies a button mash to test out the netcode, give me a shout.
  2. Yeah, my fault for being too lazy to be specific but obviously I'm not saying they should never have changed anything and we should be playing SNES Mario Kart in 1080p (as good as that would undoubtedly be). Just that most of the more gimmicky changes (double items, double racers, flying, coin collection etc.) don't add to the appeal of the game for me and some can even detract from the experience. Things like the bikes, increased player count and point-to-point races don't really alter the actual game mechanics all that much and are welcome changes.
  3. Imagine the rage when you're out in first and get hit by someone intentionally getting lapped. It's a shame they feel the need to innovate before doing another one as to me the 'innovations' are invariably the weakest parts of the game and tend to just get rolled back the next time one comes out. It's one of the few franchises I'd be happy to be totally formulaic. Like the double item thing in Deluxe, that was obviously just chucked in for the sake of change and I thought it was a better game without it. Obviously stuff like that works better as a catchy selling point than 'we worked super hard at balancing it so it feels more fair to everyone' or 'the tracks are especially good this time', so I fully understand it, but really all I want from Mario Kart is the basics absolutely nailed.
  4. Rsdio

    Outer Wilds

    The point about the game not respecting your time is an interesting one and I'd been pondering that throughout the game. I sort of agree in the sense that it's very easy to lose big chunks of time achieving nothing but at the same time, I very rarely felt like it was a problem in practice and I'm really sensitive to that feeling these days, artificial bloat is probably the main reason I've started dropping games in recent years when I used to be very bloody-minded about finishing things. I think it might get away with it because it didn't feel artificial here and it's balanced out by the fact that the game totally respects your intelligence, which is increasingly rare these days. I don't mind slogging through a bit of nonsense if I feel rewarded at the end of it and I generally did with this, quite emphatically, even when the information it gained me wasn't useful anymore. Not rewarded in the usual modern videogame bullshit way of being given some XP or a new weapon that does fractionally more damage or something, just the satisfaction of a goal achieved and a job well done. I guess it reminds me most of Morrowind in that sense, where there was enjoyment to be had just from finding the place you were looking for, even if you spend ages wandering lost along the way, rather than just following the quest marker.
  5. Rsdio

    Outer Wilds

    Yeah, but Some tips in case they help and you want to get it done with (some obvious, no doubt): It's worth seeing through but yeah, I do fully sympathise.
  6. Rsdio

    Outer Wilds

    Contrary to the 'small bursts' thing, I finished this earlier having gorged on it over the past few days. It's fucking wonderful on the whole, but it's hard to deny that it can also be frustrating. I do think most of the weaknesses of the design would be difficult to address without eliminating its strengths. Some of the technical stuff isn't great though, it's a juddery mess even with a comfortably locked 60fps (Unity jankiness, I imagine), it crashed a few times and I had a few unintentional physics boo-boos but that part is also pretty forgivable considering all the mad stuff that's going on. I did look a couple of things up when I was finishing up the last log entries but mostly in a 'I could waste hours of my life doing this wrong so I'd better confirm it's the intended solution' sort of way than a 'I'm completely stuck and have zero ideas' sort of way. The one exception to that was when I missed an important room when exploring one of the more complex areas and the log didn't really give me enough to go on. I guess there might be other examples of things like that which I was fortunate enough not to run into but really, my experience was that they did a pretty remarkable job of keeping track of what you've done and what you still might need to do without ruining the sense of discovery and the satisfaction of figuring things out for yourself. I do have a bit of a moan about the last task though (BIG spoilers, obviously): Definitely try this game if you can. It vaguely reminds me of various things but really, I don't think I've played anything else quite like it.
  7. Rsdio


    Haha, that sounds exactly like my Cave 1ccs (Deathsmiles and the original Mushihimesama). Both times I just managed a weirdly good run to the last boss and bombed the fuck out of them with no regrets. Futari's definitely on my list to do at some point. Congrats!
  8. I'll be a little less emphatic and say that it depends entirely on if you actually want to play another 20-odd hours. I was happy enough to but opinions seemed pretty mixed on the final act (judging by Reddit etc.) so I took the opportunity to have a break and play some other stuff before going back to it. I don't regret doing the lot but I would've been quite happy with the first ending from a narrative perspective. There are some nice moments afterwards though, for sure. Gameplay-wise a large amount of the post-game is grinding both for gear and levels (get ready to hunt down a bajillion metal slimes if you've stayed underpowered through the main game like I did) and going through recycled content with slight variations. It's a lovely world to spend time in so I didn't mind that too much but it did start to feel like it was pushing it with the game being as long as it already is. I realise that probably doesn't help at all! I guess as with all things that are a bit polarising, you've just got to decide if you're curious enough to jump in and see for yourself really.
  9. I thought the guy right at the start was Lan Di for a second. It would've been amazing if, after all these years and the drama of getting it out the door, you just found him within an hour, upturned his table and threw him in the river. Shenmue saga over.
  10. That's what I felt too. It's got a generic sort of look to it, which is impressive considering it's Panzer Dragoon. Certainly won't stop me from buying it though.
  11. Yeah, I remember that was there because I changed my mind on what format to get a couple of times and went back to it.
  12. Rsdio

    This is Hip-Hop.

    On the subject of Madlib, it was news to me that he was teasing working on a new Black Star album last year. What the fuck. I'm already slightly heartbroken in advance about the possibility it might end up not happening.
  13. They've said that there's going to be a day one patch for the input lag, which is reassuring.
  14. Apparently the demo has 8 frames of input lag. I'd kind of hoped we were past that now with UE4, hopefully it's an earlier build and has been improved some in the meantime.
  15. Rsdio

    Twin Peaks

    The season 1/2/FWWM/Missing Pieces Blu-ray box is under a tenner at Amazon right now in case anyone's after it. Not in stock at the moment but still orderable.
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