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  1. Wrestling PPV Predictions

    1. Asuka vs Nia Jax - 100 points 2. Matt Hardy vs Bray Wyatt - 100 points 3. Tag Team Titles - The Bar vs Titus World Wide - 150 points 4. Woman's Elimination Chamber Match - Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Bayley vs. Mandy Rose vs. Mickie Jamesvs. Sasha Banks vs. Sonya Deville - 200 points 5. Mens Elimination Chamber Match - Braun Strowman vs. Elias vs. Finn Bálor vs. John Cena vs. Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins vs. The Miz - 250 points Woman's Elimination Chamber Match order of elimination - 100 points James, Bayley, Deville, Bliss, Rose Mens Elimination Chamber Match order of elimination - 100 points Cena, Miz, Strowman, Rollins, Balor, Elias
  2. In the trailers it somehow looks more like Tekken with weapons than Soul Calibur to me but I think it's just the way it's edited and that it's all so zoomed in. The ten minute gameplay video looked much closer to my (by now relatively hazy) memories of playing the older ones.
  3. Football Thread 2017/18

    Klopp and Wagner would obviously team up though, dispatching the others with some high octane synchronised tag team offense. Then when they're the only two left Wagner would superkick Klopp and throw him through the nearest barbershop window.
  4. Dark Souls Remastered

    I've got 3 on PC and it doesn't strike me as a game that would scale down a great deal as is, especially for the Switch's portable mode. It seems more like one of those games you see a lot of these days where altering the settings makes a surprisingly small amount of difference. I think VaatiVidya was the one who said initially that this was going to be in the 3 engine but then he corrected himself. I always had the gut feeling that DaS would get remade that way and I wonder if it was ever on the cards.
  5. Football Thread 2017/18

    Drop ball on the penalty spot. 50% or more of the time leading to the attacker's shins getting hacked and an actual penalty.
  6. System Shock remake

    Yeah, it almost reads like one of the logs you'd find in those sorts of games. I bet if you visit their studio now it's all deserted with phrases like 'IT'S NOT OUR FAULT' and 'THE GAME JUST GOT OUT OF CONTROL' written in blood on the walls.
  7. Nintendo Switch eShop

    Damn. I'd been looking forward to it for a while, got it in Humble Monthly, started it up just to check it was all working OK and within five minutes had got a similar impression. It felt really flat. I was hoping I wasn't in the right mood or something. I'll still get around to giving it more of a go but having read that at least I won't be tempted to power through in the hope of it improving later on.
  8. Daphne and Celeste... are BACK

    Yeah, aside from the novelty of being new Daphne and Celeste tracks the songs aren't good. Max Tundra's always done my head in though so I didn't really expect anything else.
  9. Dark Souls Remastered

    Not necessarily. The standard PS4 will be targeting 60fps at 1080p and the Pro 60fps at some form of 4k so it's not just a case of the PS4 version being the same as the Pro but without the horsepower to back it up. The base PS4 version could end up being as stable as the Pro for all we know.
  10. Dark Souls Remastered

    Haven't they already said that it's 60fps on PS4 and 30fps on Switch? I'll be going PS4 but will doubtless end up with the PC version at some point down the line as well.
  11. Blanka trailer.
  12. Football Thread 2017/18

    Maybe there's some hope for us after all! We went back to basics formation-wise, no weird selections, actually played our number 10 and really pressed from the front for the first time in god knows how long. If we can carry on that way I'll be happy wherever we end up come the end of the season.
  13. Dragon Ball FighterZ (3v3, Guilty Gear Devs)

    I was on a few times last weekend after you asked! But it's tough to find ring matches if you're playing GT Sport instead, to be fair Ring matches seem to be the most broken thing of all at the moment though. I wonder how many of those early purchasers had their enthusiasm immediately cooled by how frustrating it is to do super advanced stuff like, erm, play with someone on your friends list.

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