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  1. SM47

    The Jazz Thread

    Sorry for late reply, I eschew notifications. Malcolm Catto, Moses Boyd and a stack of library musicians. Can't remember where I read that, maybe a post Gilles Peterson shared on the book of faces or some similar source.
  2. I loved the close up of the bicep.
  3. Stoked. But where's Dishonored 3: Pandyssian Kart Racing
  4. It looks like a decent action adventure set during the 'best bit' of the star warses, with tie fighters and storm troopers and all that. As long as the combat is fun and feels chunky, I'll pick it up for sure.
  5. Corbyn confirmed for voicing a benevolent escaped AI pursuing a radicaly redistributive agenda in Grand Commisioner Xarage's Sovereign Polity
  6. Surely PC/Console crossplay will be an absolute massacre.
  7. Thank God he toned this kind of shit down in later games, right fellas?
  8. SM47

    Quake II RTX

    My first ever online gaming experience was actually Kingpin: Life Of Crime on PC, I'd love to see a fancy pants version of that. Unlikely tho right? I since found out Viktor Antonov of HL2/Dishonored fame did a lot of the design work for that game, it had a fairly cool hard boiled noir/alternate history aesthetic going on that was a bit overshadowed by the OTT swearing and gore.
  9. SM47

    Doom Patrol

    If it doesn't get a second series itll be a tragedy for the human condition.
  10. Whatever happened to Meera Reed? Was she in the lords meeting?
  11. SM47

    The Jazz Thread

    That Greg Foat album has a monstrous lineup of musicians.
  12. SM47

    Doom Patrol

    Great episode this week. Low key my fave show of the moment. Gonna be incredibly sad when it finishes. Has it been picked up for another series?
  13. Can we appreciate the callous killing of Qyburn? I thought that was excellent and might be my favourite character death of the whole show.
  14. I thought it was pretty good overall. About as entertaining as any other Thrones episode. Reminded me of Children Of Men in some places. Certainly not the crushing disappointment I was expecting.
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