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  1. CD Projekt aren't selling custom robot arms for a grand a pop either.
  2. Altered Carbon is complete shite so thank fuck it doesn't look like that
  3. SM47

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    Sign me up for some dialogue trees. If only they'd completely jettison the inane hokum of the animus.
  4. SM47

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Some of it looked a lot like a Strontium Dog movie would look in my brain. Which is a definite positive.
  5. SM47

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    I absolutely loved this right up until the final act, which was a bit of an anti climax. Really enjoyed the focus on crime syndicates, space gamblers, general scum & villainy. Some nice performances as well, enjoyed Han & Lando as well as Paul Bettany's crime boss. Liked the period aesthetic too.
  6. SM47

    Battlefield V

    The changes to the gameplay sound fucking amazing by the way. I cannot be any more hyped for this.
  7. SM47

    Battlefield V

    I think the aesthetic is certainly a world away from every single other WW2 shooter released in the last twenty years. Wasn't Inglorious Basterds set in WW2? Was that a bad film because it featured inaccuracies and idiosyncracies alien to previous depictions of its subject matter? I don't think so.
  8. SM47

    Battlefield V

    Who's doing that? The context is two opposing armies of soldiers fighting each other. Having some of them being women or wearing a jacket or having a prosthetic arm doesn't invalidate that context. Having it become some multi team/ lone wolf deathmatch between many players does.
  9. SM47

    Battlefield V

    Or alternatively they can just focus resources on creating cool, atmospheric maps for mass team based combat rather than tacking on some pointless new mode that will most likely be done much better elsewhere.
  10. SM47

    Battlefield V

    imagine being this wrong about something
  11. SM47

    Battlefield V

    I think they're the Filthy Thirteen. I really hope it's not entirely based on the western front. It's been completely done to death by this stage. I was hoping they'd highlight multiple theatres a la BF1.
  12. SM47

    Battlefield V

    Couldn't care less about a Battle Royale mode, would rather they put the effort into creating atmospheric WW2 maps for conquest and operations. I wanna fight the Ustase as Tito's partisans or charge machine gun nests on Okinawa, not tit around with a bunch of pisskidneys. Nah joke guys. You're OK.
  13. SM47

    Paradox Strategy Games Megathread

    Stellaris is probably their most accessible game and if anything could do with more to manage, there's not as many moving parts to play with in comparison to something like CK2. It's probably never been a better time to jump onboard with the recent update, wars are actually fun to fight now.
  14. SM47

    Pillars of Eternity 2

    Anybody picked this up? I'm polishing off a run of the first before starting it. Surprised there's been no chatter about it here.
  15. It looks and sounds so terrible that I'm actually looking forward to watching it

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