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  1. SM47

    Gene Wolfe, SF Grand Master, RIP

    I think TBOTNS is a great read. It can be very dense but I found it ultimately a rewarding experience. I think a lot of the world building of contemporary sf/fantasy writers like Mark Lawrence and China Mieville owe a huge debt to Gene Wolfe so if anybody is unsure and likes those folk, you'd get something out of it
  2. These SJW snowflakes have gone too far this time
  3. Yeah surprised this has been ignored. Didn't he finish the last series Edit: actually no he didn't. I'm forgetting a whole great scene involving him in the last series. It has been two years!
  4. SM47

    Bibio - Ribbons

    I'm listening to it now, I'm a huge fan of his generally. So far it's pretty great. I don't know why he doesn't tour, those live sessions he did a few years back were incredible. I'd buy several tickets tomorrow if he announced a tour. I suppose a key element of his recorded sound is a tad unachievable live, but he could still perform some great tracks and give the fans the time of their lives, even if it lost some of the grainy, sentimental idiosyncrasies of his production methods.
  5. Didn't loads of people work and contribute towards the original trilogy though? Lucas' 'singular vision' was more the prequels. And I'd rather watch the sequels and spin offs (Rogue One is the third best star wars film) than any of those awfully acted and dated CGI fests
  6. I hope it takes some inspiration from the lightsaber combat in Jedi Knight 2/Academy. I haven't realised how much I missed carving up scores of hooded dark jedi in a Quake 3 engine-rendered Cloud City until I wrote this. I might reinstall for old times sake. Also, Chris Avellone obviously wrote KOTOR 2, now is a perfect time to revisit that game with the cut content and endings restored via that superb mod released a few years ago.
  7. Luke's vision in the Dagobah Cave when he cuts off Vader's head and it's him is in slow mo too isn't it?
  8. SM47

    Android games

    Star Traders Frontiers has been out on android for a few months. Incredible open world starship management RPG set in a neo feudalistic Dune style setting. Well worth a go. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tresebrothers.games.startraders2
  9. SM47

    Sci Fi recommendations

    I recently polished off Peter Watts' Echopraxia. Nowhere near as good as Blindsight, but I still enjoyed it. Just something enormously compelling about his bleak depiction of future humanity. Are the Rifters books worth a punt?
  10. SM47

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    Is it me or was the scene with a sleep walking Alan staring directly into the camera for absolutely ages the scariest thing on UK telly since Ghostwatch?
  11. SM47

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    I've been playing this on and off since launch and I absolutely love it. Just something so balling about rolling around Ancient Greece in a boat, infiltrating Spartan forts, kicking suckers off walkways and generally having the time of your life. One thing I think is missing though is the ability to set your ship to auto sail while you walk about the deck/clamber up the mast. That's my only criticism.
  12. Always fancied a go on Conan Exiles but it looked a bit ropey for a full price buy and none of my mates would have bought it. It being free on psplus is EXACTLY the solution I was looking for.
  13. SM47

    Battlefield V

    The next game will be a modern era borefest. Surely it's inevitable now. Whereas what we all really want is an alternate history steampunk depiction of the 1973 Arab–Israeli War
  14. SM47

    Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines

    This thread is like a time capsule to mid noughties PC RPGdom. Downloading patches from fileplanet, buying physical copies of PC games. What the heck was that all about.
  15. SM47

    Battlefield V

    Dunno, based on the first trailer it seemed like they were just rejigging the release maps.

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