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  1. Isn't it because of the pronunciation? A hard boiled New York copper would probably pronounce it differently to the privately educated Ozymandias (who was presumably making the call. I'm not sure. Maybe he delegated the making of anonymous phone calls)?
  2. SM47

    Disco Elysium

    I bought, downloaded and played like first 5 minutes. There was some kind of reel to reel tape machine in first room you wake up in. 10/10 SM47 GOTY 2019
  3. SM47

    Disco Elysium

    I am intending to buy it in a day or two. I don't think there's a tactical turn based combat component to the game a la the oridge Fallouts or the infinity engines.
  4. The Dark Knight Returns is most definitely not overrated
  5. SM47

    System Shock 3

    Dunno, there was always a body horror vibe in SS2. The cyborg midwives spring to mind. The graphics were pretty rudimentary, I'm sure they would have made it look a lot more icky than they did were it possible in 1999
  6. SM47

    Disco Elysium

    So Disco Elysium has finally got a release date. Isometric urban fantasy/new weird detective RPG. OCTOBER 15TH!!! Devs are saying it'll be 60+ hours of sprawling isometric role playing goodness. I won't lie to you, I'm pretty excited by this. There's been an absolute deluge of isometric RPGs these last few years but this one looks pretty original.
  7. I've always dreamed of an open world Terminator game set in 80s LA with you playing a resistance soldier sent back to perform missions and avoid Terminators/the police. As well as flashback visits to a post apocalyptic version of the same map. This isn't it.
  8. A Little Hatred turned up today. Forgot I'd pre ordered in and have just started Winslow's The Cartel smells lovely though.
  9. I can't see this being anything other than completely awful
  10. Are there higher difficulties for another playthrough or two? 8 hours seems a bit thin on the ground for a full priced game.
  11. Ok. To break the cycle of TLJ discussion, I offer this poem The Mandalorian by SM47 Oh Mandalorian, I hope you ain't borin' I hope your soundtrack Features prominent use of the Dorian Mode I hope the planets you visit Are Borean & Azorean I hope at some point you duel a monster that could be considered pterosaurian Is the Mandalorian being portrayed by an actor Who is Ecuadorean? Or Salvadorean? I'd prefer they'd cast a Singaporean
  12. There seems to be a crossover between people who thought TLJ was shit and people who thought the prequels were good/lament Disney's 'destruction of the expanded universe'. As if the expanded universe wasn't a much more financially lucrative ghost dad novelisation
  13. Yeah isnt it basically complete ck2 for 15 quids or something absolutely stupid. Get on that you idiots. Literally the bargain of our entire lives
  14. I was really underwhelmed watching the Pax east footage posted earlier in the thread, so gonna hold off watching anything else until release I think. The previews I've read all sound really good tho.
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