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  1. Ugh. I remember years ago (15+) at a local cricket club car boot a guy turned up wearing full nazi desert fox uniform. He was known for being a nut and an army memorabilia collector and ran a store in the local market. Still, actually wandering round a car boot wearing the uniform is pretty sick and he was very quickly asked to leave as everyone was complaining. I vividly remember one old guy before he left (must have been in his mid 80's) wandering up to him mind and loudly telling him "I used to shoot bastard's like you!"
  2. Fished out a little bargain off Facebook last night. Seller had a stack of various 30+ PS2, PS3 and Xbox 360 titles (nothing special, mostly sports and commons), 2 xbox 360's (1's beyond repair, 1's working, PS2 (dead), 3 GameCube pads, PS2 pad, Xbox one pad, centrino laptop that needs a new hdd, psp slim (faulty), a soft modded wii, Wii controllers, plus various other bits and bobs im still finding for £200. That's a big nope you'd say surely? But nestled in with that lot was Amstrad GX4000 with its pads. I asked him if he'd split it off on a whim and he said £80 the lot. I can dump most of the games / pads I don't need in CEX, the rest will be dumped on eBay or used for parts. I'll break even easily and probably make a small profit But that GX4000 is mine. Xbox one pad and GameCube probably too. Seem to be on a mission to collect failed systems lately. I've got a Jag / CD32 this year and I've got a neo Geo pocket colour, gizmondo, virtual boy and ngage for it to sit next too already
  3. Spartan

    Atari Jaguar

    Oh good god no bar one (mutant penguins). I've put the cardboard boxed ones into protective cases, 20+ year old cardboard boxes aren't gonna last without some help. Any loose carts I've made up replacement boxes using a universal game case and printed out a replacement cover. I've been hunting deals on eBay and CEX online using trade credit so I've not spent all that much really. The Jag was always this weird machine I lusted after, much like the Amiga cd32. Now I own both in the space of a year! Edit : And now a GX4000! I'd rather play them than just have them sit there sealed like a trophy.
  4. Spartan

    Atari Jaguar

    I've bought a few more...7 on the right are unboxed carts I've made boxes up for.
  5. As usual round these parts, when the Sun's out, the car boots turn to shit and get rammed with dealers and the great unwashed. Slim pickings for two weeks now. Did find an Xbox one G2 controller tho for £12.
  6. Spartan

    Amiga Appreciation Thread

    CD32 board is back and fully recapped, had to adjust the laser power pot to get to reading disks right (new laser is on the way atm) but otherwise I've finally got a working cd32 after 25 years of searching round the car boots for one. Having trouble getting the CF card configured right with whdload on the Amiga 1200 but almost there. Replaced the battery on the Turbo 1220 accelerator as it was leaking but it's working fine.
  7. Spartan

    Amiga Appreciation Thread

    I've got the CD32 I picked up a few weeks ago in with him now. He just wants the plain board so pack it well. I wrapped mine in paper and cardboard then sent it wrapped in bubble wrap in a stiff cardboard box. Got there in one piece. Cost me 35 or so and given the stupid amount of surface mount caps on it, it was worth paying someone else to do it. May get the 1200 done too. Amiga kit has come through for me though this week. They found a replacement cd lid hinge for the cd32, on £6 delivered too. Local guys too for me in Cardiff. Picked up two big box Amiga games today in my local cash gens. One was shadow of the beast 3, other was Kyrandia? £5 the 2
  8. CD32 is needing a recap, just about works but knew it maybe an issue. Should be able to do it myself, kits only a tenner or so. Played through some chaos engine last night even with the glitches. Retrobrited the Amiga today using the blazing sun here and a bottle of high strength hair bleach. Looks like new again instead of piss yellow! Edit : had to rip the harddrive out to get it to boot properly, I think the previous owner must have configured the graphics output differently or something, just got a scrambled black and white picture after a solid gray screen. Once removed it booted to the typical insert floppy screen. Found a couple of keys aren't working, should be able to sort that with a good clean of the membrane. Looking to fit a CF card in place of the HDD so no loss there.
  9. Right, on closer inspection, the cd32 is missing a lid hinge and needs new caps. Minor problems that won't affect it or are easy fixes. The Amiga has a harddrive and turbo 1220 accelerator card fitted! Woo!
  10. Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttt I paid £180 for the cd32, competition pro controller, psu, 10 games, a complete Amiga 1200 and a stack of floppies. Not even tested it. I'm insane. Still worth it even it it doesn't work...I hope.
  11. Cheers, I found one before a couple of years ago with a green CRT but I had to sell it on as I didn't have the space at the time. I managed to get the keyboard working properly last night, stripped it down and cleaned everything up. Just need a floppy disk now to test the drive. Anyone know if the access light is supposed to stay on even with no disk in the drive?
  12. Suns out and a good days bounty. Found a CPC 6128 and an amstrad colour monitor today. Both separately at the same boot sale! £10 the two, fiver each. Keyboards half working so going to have a go at fixing it. Lots of random electronics outside of the retro stuff I collect, most of that will be sold on to feed my habit.
  13. Spartan

    Atari Jaguar

    Yeah they are all over the place. Loose carts got for a pittance, even the rarer titles. Common boxed stuff is pricey. They had an unboxed flashback for £18, Bubsy for £12. They sell defender for £15 loose when in stock. Keeping and eye out for it. Empty boxes turn up on eBay to complete them. Also realised N64 box inserts with one small cut will fit a Jag cart and go in a Jag box
  14. Spartan

    Atari Jaguar

    Picked up a loose Ultra Vortek cart for £35 through CEX, they have strangely become a good little resource for cheap carts online when they get them in. I traded in some stuff I'd picked up at the car boots for pennies and had a credit note. Probably paid less that £15 cash Just defender and Atari karts I think left for me. I can make custom cases for loose carts easily enough and my games are meant to be played, not stuck on a shelf
  15. Spartan

    Atari Jaguar

    Hopefully the cart prices will come down once its out or at least stabilise. Been thinking of modding mine to 60hz, simple enough to do, just remove a resistor from the board and its good to go. You can install a switch but I cant see the point, the mod seems to improve every game I've seen running with it on youtube (Stretches the screen out to fill the display, higher framerate in some games)

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