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  1. It will be an instant buy for me when it comes out. Have thought of going down the soft modded cheat cartridge route and usings CDRs because seriously, fuck Saturn game prices.
  2. Price isnt too bad. Saturn prices have gotten out of hand. I've got guardian heroes on my Xbox one now through backwards compatibility along with radiant silvergun, Daytona and a few other Sega classics. *rages and bitterly regrets selling guardian hero's and burning rangers for a pittance years prior*
  3. Blazing Chrome's a bit good isn't it?
  4. It's between this and Chernobyl for show of the year for me. The sheer amount of love for the lore, talent and skill pouring out of every episode is incredible. They appsolutely nailed it. Now have a crack at making a sequel series to Farscape, purleeesssse
  5. Another 360 day 3 hdmi consoles for £18, all working. Kinect, WiFi adaptor, final fantasy 250gb HDD, 5 games included. Empire of steel for the mega drive in minty condition £4 Xbox one kinect for £5
  6. Where did you find that SeanR? And are there more?
  7. Nice little bank holiday finds Original xbox + controller £5 PS2 fat + 5 games £7 GBA SP blue + charger £4 Shadow of war, Tekken 7 and MX vs ATV encore for xbox one £7 all 3 Ipod touch 8gb £3 Stack of 12 random PS3 games, 4 xbox games and 2 wii games (no sports) £15
  8. Anyone who says it's shit has never played on one or just tried the bare minimum. The pads fine, the N64 is much worse to use. Tempest 2000 is and always will be great, super burnout is basically super hang on, AVP, Defender, ultra vortek, iron soldier, Rayman, missile command are good. Just lots of weird, underdeveloped / prototype titles as Atari was in its death throes at that point. It had the power to really push loads of 2D sprites (look at super burnout) but they pushed hard for polygon based games which it really struggles with. https://youtu.be/_8K8yPNSW3E I've a soft spot for it, it existed in that weird spot between the 16 bit consoles and full on 32 bit consoles when loads of companies tried to make the next big console. It's contemporaries would be the 3DO, CD32, CDI and Apple Pippen.
  9. Yeah, the guy who makes the originals is notorious for producing low runs when he feels like it and dreadful customer service. Gave up and bought the clone for £60. Was hoping somebody would clone the Sega Saturn version as that goes for equally silly money. Just dont upgrade its firmware with the official ones, it will brick as the developer has locked it down to his units only.
  10. I've had a knock-off gdemu on my shelf I've been meaning to fit to my NTSC machine for ages. Seems to be the best bet.
  11. Barn attack simulator 2020
  12. A combination of heavy rain and being sick as a dog meant I missed out this weekend. Still, I dragged myself to one this afternoon as I was getting stir crazy and found a 21" Toshiba Flat CRT with dual scarts for £2. Yes, £2. Now, to sneak it pass the fiancé and into the den. Edit: It's gorgeous in RGB
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